Friday, December 28, 2012

New Year Resolutions

we'll say goodbye to 2012, and hello to 2013 real soon.

How was my 2012?

I would say it is rather good.

For starters, the world didn't end on 21.12.2012. So that's great news right? LOL

And best of all, Tomato arrived in our lives. ^_^

Brother settled down in July and was really happy for him.

Relationships with friends and family got better and better. Even went on a short trip to Singapore with RedSponge and Oren.  But they are some friends that I didn't have much chance to meet due to my new commitment (Tomato) like 33 and I do miss her so.

Work remain the same. Sucks. But one of my new year resolution might change this.

Ok, here are my 2013 new year resolutions.

1. Lose some weight. To be specific, I wish to drop 3-4kg more.  Hopes better diet and more exercise can do this. Which leads me to...

2. Exercise more. I miss yoga. And I can feel my body is not as fit as before. It has gotten sluggish. And I get tired really easily, even more with the arrival of Tomato. Office work + House Work. I barely have time for myself. So what I have been thinking is, if I can be fitter, I might be more alert and less sluggish and thus have enough energy left to do something else.

3. BE POSITIVE & PERSEVERE.This is something I have been stubborn-ly denying and avoiding for years. I have this problem that I know exists but denied its existence..ROFL . I give up easily. So now I decided to embrace it and face it, and also IMPROVE.  My dad calls it "hangat-hangat tahi ayam" (don't know why dad like to speak malay so much) and Oink say its 三分钟热度。 I always have ideas/ dreams/ projects. Small ones or doing it for someone I love, I always accomplished . But the bigger and more complicated ones (especially for self), I tend to give it up half way or before I even started when I realise how much effort needed and the obstacles I need to overcome. I blame it on my piano teacher. One of her comment has been shadowing me for many many years. When I was around 11, she said why you can never play a perfect piece? That haunted me. WHAT IF whatever I do, I can never do it perfectly?? What's the point then? This has haunt me for many years and effected the way I think. But I decided to save myself. Now that I have Tomato, I must be a good example to her. SEE? Her arrival is a good thing. She made me want to be better.^.^ I decided to think more positively and try harder no matter how complicated it may be.

4. Be more patient. Believe it or not, my temper was non-existent while I was pregnant. So I think its the hormone. I'll blame the hormone for all the temper 'x'

5. Learn something new. Haven't decided what will it be 'x'

6. Dare to be myself and not what people want me to be.

7. Go some place new.

8. Manage time better.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Grow Baby Grow (4-6 mths)

4 mths old
Weight : 6.5kg  Height :? Milk Intake : 3.5 oz every 3 hours

5 mths old
Weight : 6.8kg  Height :? Milk Intake :4oz every 3 hours

6 mths old
Weight : 7.3kg
Height :70cm
Milk Intake :4oz every 3 hours

Solid food intake : started on 24 November 2012 (a few days before she reached her 6 mth's milestone)

-  Her first solid food was Heinz Rice cereal. Showed great interest in the food. Although it tasted really bland to me, she accepted it well. But got bored of it after a while and cried for milk. She started her solid 2 days before she reached 6 mths old. And she got fever the very next day -_____- which lasted about 5 hours. Her temperature went down as soon as she vomited out her fever medication -______________-

- Very curious and playful.

- Smile at people quite easily.

- Last drink is usually around 10.30-11 pm. Then wakes up next morning around 5.30 am-6.30 am crying for milk.

Friday, December 07, 2012

I left my heart behind

I bought my tix to Kl (I always shop here) while i was still pregnant during aa sales.Many mths later,tomato was born. And when its getting near to the date,i get nervous.How shall I leave my precious bb behind.I read up tons on separation anxiety. I asked ppl's opinions. But all those didn't really make me feel better.

So here I am.Sleepless.Since 4 am. I thought I can sleep more while away from her.But that obviously didn't happen. Million thoughts pass through my mind. Million worries too. what if tomato got sick while I am away? What if she forgot about me? What if she felt betrayed by me for leaving her? What if people forget to feed her?What if x1584584667470.I can go on and on.

I felt really numb while in flight. All i can think about is I am getting further and further away from her. It really felt that I left my heart behind.So this is what it feels like to be a mother.

I know i shouldn't be worrying too much.Tomato are in good hands. My parents and my in laws are taking turns to take care of her when she's not at the nanny's,while we are away.

I tried reading bimbo blogs to boost my shopping mood(lol!). Sigh. It didnt really work. Somehow I associated the contents with Tomato. Oh my dear God,I miss her so much!!Even her cranky-ness. I foresee that this shopping trip will have more loot for Tomato rather for myself.

I am now waiting for 7am so that I can videocall home.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

The half day kids

I call the older kids who also goes to Tomato's nanny the half day kids. That's because they go to kindy/ play school in the morning and then go to the nanny's in the afternoon.

The half day kids are all girls. And lets call them Big Piggy, Little Piggy, and Miss Notty.

Big Piggy is the eldest, and the most talkative. She has short hair. Loves to eat so she is quite big in size but surprisingly very agile and flexible when come to dancing.

Little Piggy is the most quiet. And she always repeat what others is saying. Also the thinnest.

Miss Notty is youngest of the half day kids. Very mischievous and naughty. Likes to pull pranks and so far, cries and yells the most.

There's another little boy who goes to the nanny full day. Lets call him Ah Boy.

Now, the half day kids especially Big Piggy always say the darn-est things that makes you go LOL.


Big Piggy pulls Little Piggy over and say "Aunty, who do think is thinner??" and proceeded sucking in her big tummy. LOL! I didn't know how to answer her. Fearing I would hurt her feelings if I am honest. I just hehehe. But the nanny said, "So obvious its Little Piggy who is thinner!" Refuse to lose, she said " But I am taller!"


I was handing over Tomato to nanny and we chatted a while at the car porch. We talked about religion. And Big Piggy and Miss Notty was there kepoh-ing. Big Piggy said , "Aunty...Miss Notty is Ah Men. I am Omitofut" LOL!


I sometime wear dress to work. But I notice the other mothers don't wear as fancy as me. So one day, while waiting for Tomato to get her diaper changed. I sat down on the sofa, and Big Piggy approached me. She asked, "Aunty, why you wear this cloth to work?" (I was wearing a grey dress with V neck line, with a white tube inside) Before I could answer her, she cupped her right hand and whispered, "Aunty..I tell you hor..My mama got a sexy dress that she wear to sleep" LOL!


Big Piggy : "Aunty, why Tomato is sooooo fair?"
Nanny : "That's because her mama is fair ma.."
Big Piggy : "Aunty, I have smooth skin, do you have smooth skin?" (went and touched my skin under my neck)
Nanny : "WHAT ARE YOU DOING! Don't be so CHI GO PEK OK??"
Big Piggy : "Aunty, Ah Boy is not smooth" *POUT LIPS*

Friday, November 30, 2012


You know when people described how much they have shitted after drinking some detox or slimming tea. " I SWEAR I POOP 2kg out!"


I used to think that way too. Until I get myself a digital scale.

Just out of curiosity, I weighed myself before and after my business 'x'

I didn't drink any slimming tea/ detox tea. But I feel that my business is quite weighty. Should contribute to some weight loss. But unfortunately, I weighed the same. But if you pee, it is for sure there will be some weight loss when you weigh yourself on a digital scale.

I tried weighing myself before and after (big business) on other days . And the result is always the same. 


Friday, November 23, 2012

The journey is ending

Tomato will be 6 mths old in a few months. And I am ending my exclusive pumping journey. LOL!! What kind of journey you were thinking when reading the title?? 

It was not easy stopping. Not without feeling some pain. I started by pumping 4 times a day. Once early morning, once during lunch, once after work, and once before sleep. Then by the time Tomato turn 4 and half month old, I cut down one pumping session. Down to 3 sessions. Once early morning, once during lunch, and once before sleeping.By then, Tomato average-ly drinks one formula milk per day. Sometimes 2 formula milk feedings. 

It was when I cut down to 3 sessions that I started to feel pain. Almost everyday I could feel a lump on either breast. And every time after I wore a bra with under wire. But after awhile, the pain also diminishes.

Last week, when Tomato is 5 mths and 2 weeks old, I cancelled off another session. Leaving it down to 2 sessions. Once early morning, once in the evening. On the first day. I leaked. I pumped before having dinner. And that night, I didn't have a good sleep, I dreamed that I was leaking (a lot)  and I can't seem to assemble the pump. LOL. The next day I can still feel the pain. It was after the 3rd day, I can feel that there's no urge to pump. 

A part of me feel elated. Soon I shall have more free time. But a part of me also feel sad. Being able to produce breast milk makes me feel super. Its my super power! Its my best gift to Tomato and soon this gift will be gone. I don't know how to describe this feeling. I think it should be right to say that I have MIXED feelings. XD.

Friday, November 09, 2012

Cat Rain

My mom was not chinese educated. So last week, it was drizzling.

While carrying Tomato, she said  : “ (Tomato's name), 下猫猫雨啊!“

I was like : "What O.O!? Say it again"

Mom : “猫猫雨”

me : “猫 is cat ok?Should be 毛毛雨”

Mom :  "猫猫雨"


if my Tomato grew up speaking funny mandarin, it's her fault 'x'

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

A Wet Thai Restaurant

If you pass by boulevard to 4th mile, you will notice somewhere just a bit over boulevard, at the opposite side, there's this Thai Restaurant. A Wet Thai Restaurant.

Address here. Didn't know got so many branches at pen. Malaysia.

The restaurant. We arrived quite early. 7pm I think. Still alot people. By the time we left around 8.30 pm. It was practically empty.

What we ordered (3 of us). Tomato just look at us eating. 'x'. From the menu, I can see that there's not much variation to choose. Some don't seem very authentic thai to me even. We ordered Seafood Tom Yam soup (SALTY), Paku stir-fried (SALTY), Papaya salad (NOT FLAVOURFUL enough), and some fried squid thing recommended (OK OK) . The rice was served hot in warmers as you can see in the photo. Each table will get one warmer with rice in it. When you want to eat, just open the lid and take out the rice. That way, your rice will still be hot when you are eating it.

We decided not to go back anymore. Always judge a Thai restaurant based on the tom yam soup!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Drink milk

I've been training my dear Tomato to hold her own milk bottle since she's 4 mths old. UNDER Oink's or my supervision of course.

She seem to love it. And now, she can hold it without us supporting the bottle. But not for too long. Her little hands will wander off. LOL. But I'm already so proud of her.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Good night...

Found baby tomato sleeping like this one night on my in law's bed. :D

She must have woken up while sleeping. And as usual, once she woke up, she will try to turn to her right side. And while doing it, she must have fallen asleep again. LOL. CUTE MAX!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

No use crying over spilled milk


I spilled my milk. My precious breast milk. (T^T). I blamed myself for being careless. But what's done is done. BOOHOOHOO. Its a painful lesson.

I'm blogging this down as a reminder to self to be careful next time.

I manage to pump 7oz last night. Wanted to keep 4 oz frozen in the freezer for future use. Poured it into the milk bag, didn't seal it (BIG MISTAKE!), left the bottle still at the bag's opening (wanted to make sure most milk went into the bag - BIG MISTAKE #2! Then I opened the fridge door and I heard something dripping. Turned my head to see the bottle is weighing down the bag, and the milk is spilling onto the floor. I cried out loud enough to attract a curious Oink to the kitchen 'x'

PAINFUL LESSON! Only 1 oz left in the bag. No point to freeze it any more. HEARTACHE ahhhhh..


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Aunty Angela Sarawak Laksa @ Green Heights Mall

My SIL has been raving about a certain Aunty Angie's laksa at The Pan Tree @ Green Heights mall.

Having exhausted the ideas of where to have breakfast on my last day as 20 something , I decided we should go try it out.

We arrived to find the place quite deserted. 'X'. Were very sceptical  whether is it as nice as SIL claims to be. We went ahead and order the laksa anyway. Regular ones for each of us. RM 5 each. I think they are having promotion?The usual price should be RM6 for regular sized laksa?

Looks GOOD? First sip of the broth, Oink said its curry-ish. But after adding the limau juice in, it's GOOD. The prawns are FRESH. Beehoon and prawns are done to the right Q-ness. YUMSS

Oink was not very full after having the laksa. So he went ordering Chicken and Mushroom handmade noodle from the stall just opposite Aunty Angela's.

Doesn't look very interesting. RM 4 (also under promotion).  But it tasted GOOD. I like it. The Chicken and mushroom was tasty.

Food here IS pricier compared to kopitiams. But its clean and cooler and has less ppl (not good for their business but good news for us who don't like to fight for a table (and most of the time not clean) at popular kopitiams.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Crazy weekend...


I turned 30 last Saturday. We are required to clear our leave so I took an off day for Friday.

Before I went on leave. I was thinking Friday is my last day as 29. I should do something CRAZY. BUT WHAT? Kuching is not a very happening place. I googled. And the results I got was EAT KOLO MEE -____-, go to bako (done that  a few times)..go to the beach (done that many times too).. and the only thing I didn't get to do yet is to see the rafflesia(hmmm), but not very interested to do that now, and also not sure it is blooming now or not.

Disappointed with google, I turn to my dear husband Oink for suggestion. And he suggestion was JIAK KAU PUI PUI (in hokkien means - stuff yourself fat) -_____________________________- I told him, that is not crazy..that is a stupid idea. ROFL.

Then I turn to BFF, she suggested I go manicure and pedicure. At least her idea is better than binging. I made an effort to share to Oink how BFF has better ideas than he did 'x' BUT, I didn't feel like going for a mani pedi too...

The night before Friday. Hmm, may be the crazy thing I should do is SHOP and spend THOUSANDS. He went O.O!! AHAHA And I initially planned to have a ktv session but ended up cancelling it cos I'm too tired. WHAT?Not easy ok to be a mommy. By 11 already kaput on most days.

Friday came, we went to try this new Laksa place my SIL recommended, which I will blog later. Then we went home, watched 2 movies and went out for a late lunch. Wanted to go to my fav ayam bakar place, but already close shop! Damn soi betul. So we went to THE SPRING mall and ate KFC LOLLLL!.  My intention was to buy things for myself, but still I ended at places like Poppies, and Parkson (kids section) 'x'  Anyway, I went to Padini last. And saw some leggings. I tried them on, and I love it. I did try some tops, but I don't like the colours and how it looked on my post-baby body 'x'

black, light grey and red leggings : Total damage = RM108. The black and red ones are of thick material, and on promotion 2@rm69. The grey one is soft and of lighter material. Oink was surprised at my choice of red leggings. I said CRAZY things remember? So this is my crazy decision. Some more red colour nice what 'x' Saving the red one for CNY 2013.

Went home soon after that cos its time to pick up Tomato from the nanny's. Family dinner at night to celebrate birthday earlier with the family. Really Jiak Kau Pui Pui!

The next day, on my actual birthday. After brunch, Oink and I went to Blonde Salon at 101 to have our hair trimmed. I had hair treatment too.  I am a bit sick of my hair now. But I want to grow it longer first before doing anything major. Then just beside this Salon, there's a small boutique called E-LANE (if I am not mistaken). I am glad I went to check it out. I like the selections there. But I only see tops and dresses.  The owner Elaine ( if I am not mistaken) said bottoms are harder to sell..:D

And of course, I shopped there! 5 tops! Total damage = RM230. There's a further 20% discount for Blonde Salon's customers.

Casual tops. Love them both. Uneven hem tops are IN now. I don't usually get brown cos it doesn't really flatter my skin tone and I think its dull. But this brown tee looks good on me.

Working tops. I found that yam colour (as described by Elaine) really matches my skin tone. Love it. The white and black top are on 50% discount.

We went dinner without Tomato to The Japanese Buffet at Riverside Majestic Cafe that night. Date night, just the two of us. Like old days. :D

Also took a few family photos that day with the help of Mr . Self  Timer. Wanted to take some outdoor photos but it rained! BAH!

Sunday I didn't do anything crazy except doing loads of laundry 'x' And some tidying up here and there.

So there, my weekend, I didn't spent thousands like I claimed I would, and its more of a jiak-kau-pui-pui  celebration.

Guess I am not born to be wiiillldddd~~~oh well!

Friday, October 05, 2012

full turns..well, almost!

If you've read about Tomato's half turns. This post is about Tomato's progress. I was at the dressing table, making myself presentable. Yes presentable, as there's less time now to spend making myself look pretty. Presentable is suffice for now. I can hear her using some energy (egh egh sound), and from the reflection on the mirror, she was busy doing her half turns.

After I am done, I went over to her. And was really surprised to see she manage to do a full turn!Please allow me to *sniff* again. And she is trying hard to turn back so that she can lie on her back. Why I say its almost a full turn is because...although she manage to turn, her arm still got in the way. She was turning to her right, and her right arm got stuck underneath her. I was so overwhelmed by the whole thing, I forgot to take a photo. *deep regrets*

I made a mental note that she manage to do full back to front turn at 4 mths and 8 days old.

When I sent her to the nanny. Nanny shared to me how she turn yesterday. O.O!!! So she did it at her place first! OH MANNNNN~~~ So its 4 mths 1 week old.

By the way, she can do her front to back turns since about 2 weeks ago, when we let her have some tummy time.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Grow Baby Grow! ( 0-3 mths)

Tomato when she was born 
Weight : 2.98kg 
Height :48 cm 
Milk Intake : 1-1.5 ounces every 1.5- 2 hours

1 mths old 
Weight : 4.2kg 
Height :55cm 
Milk Intake : 2 oz every 1.5-2 hours

2 mths old 
Weight : 5.4kg 
Height :? (nurse didn't measure her) 
Milk Intake : 3 oz every 2-2.5 hours hours 

3 mths old 
Weight : 6kg 
Height :61cm
Milk Intake : 3.5 oz every 2.5-3 hours (started when she's a bit older than 3 mths old)

Notes :
- when she is younger around 1-2 mths of age, she cried more easily. As long as you carry her, she will stop.   This condition improves as she grew older. She is now adequately happy if she can see you nearby.

- Easy to feed her milk. After 3 mths old, its very difficult. Easily distracted.

- Seem to be able to recognise me and Oink and prefer us more than others.

- Doesn't poo everyday. Which I found out is normal for breastfed child. < 3 mths old, she only will poo when at home. After that, she usually poo at nanny's.LOL.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Half Turns

22 September 2012. Just before 8am. I saw our little Tomato attempting to turn.

While I was pumping, I turned to look at my precious girl. She was sucking on her hand. Both legs lifted up high and turned towards her left side. Her whole body is turned towards her left with her legs stretching outwards. Her toes (she's wearing socks) are touching her bolster, and I noticed she's curling her toes and seem like trying to cling on the bolster with her toes :D!! U know?Like how monkeys do it when they climb trees? Perhaps hoping to pull herself over? AHAHA! After holding herself in that position for a few secs, realizing that she's too tired to continue, she rolled back and lay on her back. She did the whole process for one more time before deciding to give up. SOOO CUTE! My baby is growing up FAST!*SNIFF*

SOON, she'll go off to school, meet Mr Right, get married and have children of her own *SNIFF* (okay...may be I think till a bit too far)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

You should do should do that...

I am sure everyone has been given advices that started with "You should...." or "You didn't...because you didn't..."  and  "Why didn't you.., its better".While your family/relatives/ friends, friend's friends, friend's wife or husband  might meant well, it can be quite annoying sometime.

Recently, my BFF and I talked about breastfeeding. She was having mixed feelings over her decision to stop breastfeeding. She felt too tired to pump milk and yet she felt guilty for not providing "the best" for her little one. While I understand her and supported her, others (some) got judgemental and started giving "advices". I   told her I think that its not point for your little one to have a miserable mother also. What if she got into depression?It will be even worse.

When I started breastfeeding. I was a bit depressed too. Why can't I get as much as others? Why to some people it seems so easy? And reading online about people who have like 100 bottles of frozen milk in their freezer didn't really help lift my mood either. It was a cousin in law (who breastfed her little one till 1 yr+) advice that changed my opinion and thinking. I am very grateful to her. She told me to relax. Take it easy. She didn't say "You should let her latch, will increase your supply faster!You should (do this). You should(do that)" Instead she said if you can "醒后给她吸一吸,睡前给她吸一吸,就很好了". I think about what she said. And that is when I realise. Breastfeeding is not a competition. It doesn't matter how much you can produce for a day. It didn't matter how many frozen bottles you have in the freezer ( I don't keep frozen milk for more than 2 weeks, I don't think its "fresh enough" I don't know how people can keep 100 bottles 'x'). It didn't matter whether you direct latch or pump. What matter most is your little one.  You are doing this for your little one, not to live up to other's expectations of you. Do what's best and easiest for both you and your little one. If you got the time and your little one is happy with direct nursing, then do it! If not, you can always opt to pump. And if both doesn't work for you and you are feeling dead miserable, then its ok to quit. You have done your best. I believe every mother wants the best for their child. But make sure its "your best", don't compare with other ppl's "best".

I learnt a new term from BFF today. Exclusive pumping. Click on the link. The site share wonderful tips. What I am doing now is exclusive pumping. Sometime people ask me, why don't you latch?Not that your little one don't like to latch. It saves time, its good for bonding, you don't have to warm your milk..if you don't let her latch, your supply will dwindle..yadda yadda... Its true that Tomato can latch like a pro (most of the time). But I just feel that with pumping, its more convenient now that I am back to work and I feel less stressed. Some of you may think what's so convenient about it. You still need to wash the pump, the bottles etc.  But the thing is, I don't mind washing them. If I am lazy/ tired, I still can get Oink to help wash. Thank god I have a good supportive husband. Why do I say its less stressed? Its because when you pump, you have milk that is ready. Imagine this.

Case #1 : Your baby is hungry, she started to you carry her up to your (.), you adjust her position so that she can latch (may be takes you 3-5 mins). She found it! Proceed to sucking mode. But the latch is not complete, she is sucking in air. You pull her away, and adjust again (another 3-5 mins?). And lets say its another incomplete latch, and you re-adjust. Your baby starts to get angry, her cries went off like a siren. And she is furiously kicking and waving her arms. and refuse your (.) And you have no milk with you except a can of formula nearby. And you are alone in the house.NO Maid.  You get stressed up. I am sure you will end up making formula milk for your baby (and its doesn't fit the purpose of breastfeeding already right?) Baby drinks formula milk with tears in her eyes, all sweaty from the kicking and shouting. And you still ended up with pumping the milk out.

If you pumped out your milk, the milk is ready. You keep them in fridge first. When Baby shows some signs of hunger/ or when its like almost time for her next feed,  You just warm it up. Twirl it. And feed your baby. Baby is happy. You are happy 'x'

Case #2: This will happen when you start to have more yield. You manage to get a good latch for baby.  Baby happy. But you are not very happy. Why? Because your other boob is dripping milk. The precious milk you worked so hard to make it into the quantity it is today is DRIPPING and its WASTED. You feel heartache. You can get a bowl/ cup to contain the dripping milk if you want. After baby gets her feed. You pump the other boob to empty out the milk. To me this is double the work. *Take note that if your don't work and you take care of the baby yourself, You don't need to pump to clear out the other milk. You just need to give a different boob to your baby for each feeding.

Uses less time if just pump straight away.

Case #3 : Baby is latching happily. Baby getting drowsy. Baby fell asleep. And you can still feel some milk left in your boob. You ended up with pumping out to clear.

Again, less time needed if you just pump. 'x'

If you are wondering why am I obsessed about emptying the breast. I kinda believe it will protect me from Mastitis. And its also a way to ensure my supply doesn't dwindle but slowly increase or at least maintain the yield. Cuz your boob is like a factory. It will only supply enough on demand. So its best to empty your breasts each time.

What I said in this blog is mostly my OWN opinion. You may disagree with me. I am not saying exclusive pumping is best and direct latching is wasting time etc. Its not applicable to everyone. Everyone has their own lifestyle preference. I chose exclusive pumping, because it suits our lifestyle and routine the most.

Happy Mommy, Happy Baby. Don't you agree?

I might get Tomato to latch one of these days, preferably on a holiday/ weekend, when both of us have the right mood. That is if she still know how. :D

Monday, September 10, 2012

Our version

I posted the lyrics for Itsy Bitsy Spider. But as soon as I got home. I forgot the lyrics again. So we made our own version for Tomato

Oink's version :

Itsy Bitsy Spider walking down the street!
jumping jumping jumping around..
looking for a sweet (sometime I changed it to Tomato's name)! 

And she loved the song. :)

Thursday, September 06, 2012

itsy bitsy spider

I am at awe at myself. The shy me, who seldom sing in public, is now daring enough to hum a lullaby to pacify my crying precious tomato after she got her jab at the clinic.

My tomato loves nursery rhymes. But I am constantly mocked by Oink for only knowing how to sing the important verses of all the rhymes and know none completely.

HEY! what to do?I don't even go find lyrics of popular songs.  And I don't sing much. But for Tomato, I actually put some effort to look for the lyrics.

Before that, I can only sing,

Twinkle twinkle little star, 
how I wonder what you are,
like a diamond in the sky

ya, that's how it is, I use LA LA LA for parts I don't know..AHAHA

the actual lyric for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is:

Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are.
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!

And that day, while in shower, I mix up between 2 Chinese nursery rhymes (小老鼠 & 三轮车) .

I sang...

小老鼠 跑得快

And it was followed by Oink's laughter. He said "POOR TOMATO! your mummy don't even know how to sing nursery rhymes properly! How could a small mouse carry a granny!(WAHAHAHAHA)"

 'x'!!! (&^$!@^!$%^#!@!)


Tomato's favouritest song now is Itsy Bitsy Spider. And even that I don't know the complete lyric.

I sang..

Itsy Bitsy spider...

The actual lyric is..

Itsy Bitsy spider climbing up the spout
Down came the rain and washed the spider out
Out came the sun and dried up all the rain
Now Itsy Bitsy spider went up the spout again!

I am delighted to know the whole lyric now. BUT there's a problem, I don't know how to sing the last half  'x' AHHAHAHA. So now I have to find the song!

But Tomato doesn't seem to care whether if I can sing the whole thing correctly or not. She is still happy and giggles with the NA NA NA NA NA 'x'..awwww...such an angel right?

Monday, August 27, 2012

Tomato development: Probably training for a 6 packs?

Being first time parents. We are constantly plaqued with uncertainties. Thank God for the internet, and thank God for friends who became parents before us (LOL)!

There's a lot things we didn't know. And a lot I learnt by reading on the net on what should we expect and baby care.  And we are constantly surprised and amazed by Tomato's development. Every time something  new came up, I will google it up/ consult my friends. 

She lately found a new "activity" to do while on the car seat. She used to love listening to me singing/ talking to her.  But now, she don't even hiu (bother about) me! *Sighhhhhhhhh

first photo of Tomato in this blog!

A week before she turn 3 mths old. She started to do "sit ups" when strapped on the car seat. Throughout the entire journey, she will do that. She will rest for a while then do it again. When she first do it, I was a bit freaked out. WHAT IS HAPPENING! MY POOR TOMATO MIGHT HURT HER SPINE!OMG! But she refused to stop doing it even though I tried to push (gently) her body down/ nagging her (I tried). 

But then I figured, if its hurting her, she would probably cry already. So I let her be. But I won't let her sit up straight yet.Not at least until she's 4 mths old.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tomato's development (12 weeks old)

- at her 2 mths follow-up check-up, she weighs 5.4kg. Now I weigh her, she is 5.6kg (only gained 200g.What happened?? LOL).

- Around 10 wks old, she has found "the hand" to suck on. I was quite taken aback by it. I heard the sucking sound one day, and when I went over to look at her, she was happily putting her fist in her mouth and sucking hard. LOL. She can now do it on either both hands now. But when she is fussy, she will cry for her pacifier.

- doesn't enjoy lying down much when she's awake. She likes to be hold in a reclining position. She loves being in the car seat.

- recently changed her feeding at 3oz per 2.5 hours to 3.5 oz per 3 hours. Soon will increase her intake to 4oz.

- Drinking habit : drinks hungrily at the beginning, then when there's a bit milk left, she will slow down, and play with the teat..hmmm

- burp easily (when she's awake), if you take too long burping her while she's asleep, she will "grumble"..AHAH

- Start to love "talking" before she's even 2 mths old. Now when you smile at her, she will smile widely back.   Loves to ang gu..ahh..and sometime can yell quite loudly

- knows how to sigh...tsk3..

- I can feel her trying to sit up at times.

- can sleep through the night (8 hours without feeding)

Friday, August 17, 2012


Tomato (my girl's nick) is now almost 3 mths old. I'm applying scheduled feeding for her, cos its the most convenient for all of us and its good for her to follow a routine. Now, usually she will wake up around 4-ish/ 5-ish in the morning for her feed.

I will wake up to warm up the milk as I am the closest to the warmer, and pass the warmed up milk to Oink so that he can feed Tomato since he is nearest to her. And I have told Oink before, after the feed, put her on our bed to sleep. Tomato easily sweats even with aircon on. She's still too young to turn.

SO..this morning, while I was sleeping (I went back to sleep after my warming duty is done..LOL). I heard sounds from behind me. "ang guuuuurrrr...grrr...uak...ahhhh". And the sound awaken me. I turn over to see Tomato wide awake and babbling away. AWWW~~~ SO CUTE LA 'x'

I wanted to record her cute baby talks, but as soon as I took out my phone, she got quiet at the sight of light.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Like I said in my previous post, what was most unbearable for me was my Confinement Month. What is that you say? We Chinese actually have this custom where you stay indoor the whole month to recuperate after giving birth. You are not to be exposed to wind. (But I still on aircon. Come on la, it was May. In forever summer Malaysia its like one of the summerest months of the year). Its even "better" if you don't bath at all. And you are advised not to wash your hair for the whole month. Yup. ONE whole month. 30 days. And you are fed with special confinement food that has either alcohol/ ginger/ pepper/ sesame oil/ or ALL mentioned.

Anyway. I am sure you can google/ read up what's chinese confinement is, elsewhere. Today I want to talk about my very own experience. This year being a dragon year, there's a lot of dragon BBs. Good confinement lady is hard to book. Our 1st choice was actually not available, she was exported to Taipei to do confinement in May. See how laku it is?So was our 2nd, 3rd, 4th....sighhh..Anway, ended up we still manage to book one, recommened by Oink's friend's cousin..'x'

1st day - Was tired cos didn't get much sleep the previous night.  Remembered mom came over to see me and bb but was too tired to get up. Ate "ang zhao" chicken for dinner. But didn't eat much, cos still not much appetite. And heard from Oink that the CL tidy up and organized stuff in our kitchen.

3rd day- I requested for bath. Instead of a bath, I just wipe my body with my bath mix.

4th day - I took a bath with the special bath mix. Covered myself up for my follow up visit to the gynae. After the visit. I felt cold and something is not right. Ended up having fever 'x'.

1st week - Not much breast milk. Pump to stimulate my milk production whenever I can  and feeling better.Pumped whole hour only can get a few drops. SIGH. And even more discouraging is what CL keep saying. #1 I don't think you will have much milk. #2 Direct latch better! Sit up straight while latching, else how the milk will flow?? ( how to sit up wei when your ahem is in PAIN? And later I found out online that I can actually breastfeed while lying down. SIT UP straight my FOOT). Found out she didn't use the Anakku bottle cleanser I bought to clean the bottles after each feeding. Didn't even use the brushes I bought! She just rinse with water. And didn't even bother to sterilise my bottles. What the! Didn't dare to post on all these on FB cos found out some of my either mine/ oink's friend is also friends with her daughter. Kuching is so damn small. All these stuff make me damn stressed. She even refused to use lampin although we keep asking her. She said difficult to wash. Got washing machine ler. Every night she brought bb downstairs to watch TV. By the end of the week, I think I can pump out about an oz?

2nd week - Still struggling to make more milk. Not giving up. Tried nursing more frequently to increase production. Ended up with a grumpy newborn. HAHAHA. But what to do? I pump when she is in another room with the CL. I think got increase to 1.5 oz? Can't remember. I let her drink my bm first then topup with formula milk. This is the most depressing week for me. I was practically wilting. How much longer do I need to endure my oily hair?AHAHA. I terribly miss McD then. Finally got the CL to use Lampin, use my bottle cleanser to wash my bottles and sterilise my bottles and pump everyday.

3rd week - Can pump more. And the session between each time shorten too. CL was amazed. I think I need to thank her. I was somewhat provoked by her to produce more milk. LOL. Don't want to get looked down at by her.

Last week - Oink let me use his laptop every night. I think he pities me.'x' . I was counting down to the day I can wash my hair!

After confinement, I think I am still pretty weak. I get tired from carrying Bb for too long and my milk still consist more of foremilk than hindmilk. But by 1 week after confinement, I am quite pro at breastfeeding while lying down. I secretly scolded myself for not trying that earlier. Its so easy. BB can continue sleep after she is full and I can continue sleep/ rest.

And today, for 6 days straight, I manage to fully breastfeed my baby (I use my pump to express the milk nowadays, since I started working after 2 mths ML). And before that, she only gets max 2 FM each day. The rest are all my BM. :) But I suspect that once she gets another growth spurt, my milk might not be enough again. So I have to continue to work hard. Hehe. But trust me, BF is worth it. There's a sense of achievement after each time your BB drinks your milk eagerly and finishes it.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

What happened after the CL left

In case you guys haven't notice or read any news, there has been a lot negative news about evil nanny/ babysitters/ bad nurseries. Enough to spook me out of my sleep. Since I have a 2 mths maternity leave, we decided to take care of my bb (nicknamed Tomato) for as long as we can before sending her to the nanny we picked. Oink took 3 wks leave to help me. First week we were a bit "kelam kabut" ahaha. Cos we were inexperienced parents. I remember our first night without the confinement lady. We couldn't sleep well. Cos we were told that by CL that she kept waking up for milk / diaper change. And guess what? we waited and waited till 2am still no cries.A lot went through my mind. Why is she not crying?? Is she hungry till fainted??So I told Oink to feed  her milk, don't wait. So from then onwards we set alarms to feed her at night. Yes, we were paranoid. But she usually can't finish her milk. Around 2 weeks later, we were told that we do not need to feed her at all if she didn't wake up and ask for it. HMMMMM. So we tried. Found that she can sleep through  max 7 hours without milk! Her last feed for the day usually is around 9.00-10.00pm. So she usually wakes up for the next feed around 4-5am.Sometimes she sleeps around 7pm and didn't want to wake up for her next feed. Paranoid me will still feed her some milk around 11pm if that's the case.

We are still trying to settle into our new routine, and so far we are doing quite well! We are improvising our routine from time to time to make it better and better. And we feel really blessed cos baby Tomato is quite easy to care for. And she smiles ALOT. She seem to LOVE to have people talking to her. And she will "award" you with her cute little pouty smiles and reply you with these cute little ang gu gu sounds. Occasionally, she will be cranky. But its seldom. But its hard to capture her smiles and laughters with camera/ or my phone. When she sees my camera/ hp. She will freeze and study it. So I have to get someone to make her into her happy mood to take the photo. But most of it turn out to be blur. GRRR. But I did manage to take some short videos. :-)

I have been breastfeeding bb Tomato. Most of the time I pump the milk out for her cos sometimes she can't latch properly and will grumble(LOUDLY). LOL. But when she can latch on properly, she is a happy bb and will fall asleep after she is satisfied. I try to get her to latch on for at least once per day for the guaranteed freshness, straight from the source!LOL!If that doesn't work. I do keep some milk in the fridge. Another thing I felt blessed is my bf-ing journey so far is quite a-ok. Well, at first it was stressful cos my supply was low, and it made me VERY depressed. But a cousin in law said I must not stress up. Must relax. I took her advice, and my supply is gradually increasing and I am very happy at my level of milk supply now. LOL. Although its not as much as some ppl, but its adequate for bb Tomato to last through the day, supplementing with max 2 feeds of formula per day. And I still get to keep some backup supplies in the freezer for her to bring to the nanny/ backup. I've heard horror stories of how nipples cracked, bled and etc because of latching on. But luckily I only heard those stories AFTER I started my own bf journey. I just do it and it went well until now. :)

We sent her to the nanny when she is 7 weeks old. My heart felt so heavy, I felt so sad leaving her there but I have to do it! Soon I'll need to get back to work also, which I really dread since I know BIG PILE OF SHIT is waiting for me back at the office. After I left her at the nanny's, I dreaded the thought of going back home to an empty house and wondering how is she coping at the nanny's. So I went shopping, lol and ended buying her stuff. LOL. and got nothing for goodness.LOL. So this is how it is when ppl upgraded to Mommy!

Ok that's all. I want to go check on baby Tomato. And if she's awake, I want to ang gu gu to her.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

My labour story


This is my labour story. I know some people are interested to know. I am typing this story now as I serve my inprisonment, confined in my room confinement. 10 more days to go. I can't wait! I can't wait! Confinement is killing me.I don't know how people can lie down most of the time for 30 freaking days. I did most of the forbidden stuff already. I played my psp. Watched Korean series even. 'x' *AHEM* let's get back to the story.

26th May - I attended a wedding dinner of Joshua and Patricia. I was secretly praying that I am allowed to have one more wedding dinner before I go into delivery. I have mixed feeling then. Cos some people said I look like I might overdue from the shape of my belly.

27th May - THE DAY

I woke up feeling pain in my belly. I thought its pain from withholding my urge to pee 'x' So I woke up and went to pee. You know after you pee, you will look back to see at the hole right. And lo behold, I saw blood. I was awaken a bit. But still feeling sleepy. I tried going back to sleep and told Oink what happened. He woke up a bit, but also went back to sleep. How I wish I can go back to sleep. I feel something like period pain.Throbbing pain. It was so intense I was kinda shocked. IS THIS CONTRACTION?? I remember that I should time it. So i took  out my HP and time it. It was not consistent. Sometime 5 mins apart, sometimes 6 mins apart, sometimes 8. So I try to rest.I tried. God knows how sleepy I was. 6am man! I was sooo sleepy. But it was so painful!Every time I am almost asleep, the pain comes. GRR.. Oink was however snoring away beside me.I timed myself for 2 hours while folding clothes. Oink woke up. I told him not so fast one la.. no need to go hospital so hurriedly. I ask him to bring down the laundry basket. I repack my labour bags. In my heart I keep thinking could today be the day?

I took bath, scrubbed myself clean, since I don't know when my next bath will be 'x'. I went down and load all clothes into the washing machine.I was thinking may be when its done, we can come back to dry them. But it so happen that once I got to the hospital, we forgot about the laundry. LOL

10am.I remember everybody's advice. MUST EAT FULL before go into labour. But I really don't have much appetite anymore. I still told Oink i wanted McD brekkie before I go into labour. But at that moment, anything near to the hospital seem to be a better choice. We arrived at Foody Goody Cafe but I really don't have appetite to eat anymore. I ordered myself a big cup of milo O kosong. And ordered beef noodle. I even saw my ex classmate EW and her husband there. I find it hard to swallow my food. I had to wait for the contraction pain to be gone and quickly shove the spoon into my mouth. I told Oink I can't finish my noodle. We then walked over to the nearby shop to get some 100+. Then we slowly walked to KPJ's emergency unit as the clinic is not open on Sunday. I even saw my colleague Shadow and his family while I was walking slowly towards the hospital!

11+am.The nurse led me to the delivery suite. I went to the toilet first to relieve myself. I was given the hospital robe. SO THIS IS IT I told myself. I can't believe today finally arrived. I tried to breathe away the pain by using deep breathing. It works a bit. The nurse told me that my gynae is in that day. She is downstairs performing a scheduled C-sect and will be up to check on me soon. She came up just before 12pm and checked me. I was 3cm dilated. But my water is not yet broken. So she told me she will break it manually. I expected more pain. But she was surprisingly gentle. I didn't feel much. So from there the waiting game started. I tried walking around but my water keep dripping and it stained my socks so I went back to lying down. I brought my mp3 with me and inside I had this ocean waves mp3 and rainbow birthing soundtrack (used in hypnobirthing)with me. But I find it hard to concentrate on the words when I am in pain but nevertheless its a good distraction.

I tried to sleep. But the contraction pain is killing me. 'x' Oink came to my side every 10 mins or so to straw feed me my water. I keep myself hydrated by sipping some.

1pm+. I vomitted. YUP. I think the nurses was shocked 'x'. Oink was unlucky, he was beside me at that time. I told me " I feel like vomitting." and I turn my head to my right and UWEEEKKKSSS 'x' Remember I  had a big cup of Milo? YUP! there goes the milo and the noodle. And some of it got to Oink's shirt. Oink called his parent's place asking them anyone can accompany me? He wants to go home change. I panicked, I suggested to him to ask them bring a shirt here instead. I can't do this without him.

After cleaning up, I went back to the bed. I keep tilting my head upwards to look at the clock at the wall behind me. And got caught by Oink. He asked me not to keep looking at the time.

3+pm. My gynae came in again to check on me. She said I should be 5-6 cm dilated by now. She checked and said I am only 4cm dilated. And suggested to use pitocin on me to speed it up, or else my labour could go well into the night. I was in so much pain I agreed, I don't think I can tolerate the contraction pain till night fall. OMG. I told her its so painful. She suggested to use pethidine. I agreed because she said it will make me drowsy and I can sleep. Well, she lied. I didn't sleep a wink! How to sleep when the contraction pain is killing me. But it did make me drowsy and less concentrated on the pain. Next time, if I have the courage to go through it again, I won't get pethidine though. The pitocin works straight away. I can feel the contraction getting more intense. I keep scolding myself. WHY???WHY I HAVE TO GET PREGNANT??WHAT DID I GET MYSELF INTO??HOW DID MY FRIENDS GO THROUGH THIS??OH GOD PLS HELP ME..

YUP! That's me, I've heard stories of wives scolding husbands, but not self. I guess I am one of those odd ones? After the pitocin get into my system, I have no more energy to tilt my head to look at the clock behind me. I totally loss track of the time. I can only feel the THROBBING PAIN getting longer and more frequent. 'x' I must say, breathing really helps to relieve the pain a bit.

My mum did come in to see me, but I can't remember is before I vomit/ after. I remember telling her I can't talk much cos I am in so much pain. And I remember seeing my mum's eyes, they are red and watery. My mum, she is one emotional being. Now I feel like crying pulak.

I don't know what time is it, but Oink suddenly tell me he is going out to have dinner for a while. He keep repeating that he will come back ASAP. I told myself to be brave. The pain was sooo intense that I MOANED. Yup. I pulled on the sheets and moaned. I remember 3 super contractions and Oink is back. He must have swallowed his food instead of chewing properly. The my dr came in and she said, OK YOU ARE FULLY DILATED! ITS TIME TO PUSH!

I WAS LIKE WHAT??@@!!  Kind of cannot believe it. I don't know why, I am expecting a 10cm dilation contraction SHOULD be pain till want to die (as described by many of my friends) but it didn't. From then onwards everything happens very fast. I was surprisingly calm, I can't believe ITS TIME, but I was calm, not panicky. But my poor husband was not. Dr ask me to put my legs on the bar thingies and to grab my things with both hands and push. PUSHHHHH she and the nurse say. SO I PUSHHH..Oink was supporting my back with his arms and panic-ly reminding me to breathe. I can smell KOLO MEE in his breath..LOL!! At first I didn't know how to push, I only remember my Kegel exercise and I was actually doing that..LOL!! And the malay nurse keep say "push macam berak" and I didn't know why at that moment, my brain cannot register what she is saying. Dr strap me with the bb heartbeat monitoring device, and she said the BB heart is dropping, if you still can't push baby out, i need to use vacuum on you. She went away to prepare the vacuum. She came and say let's try again before I use vacuum on you. Then she said the magic words " PUSH  LIKE KEK SAI" AHA! BINGO! THIS I KNOW..LOL!! SO when the next contraction comes, I take a deep breath, and KEK SAI!LOL!! Half head is already out. Another kek-sai-push, her whole head is out. ONE MORE kek-sai-push her whole body is out. You can actually feel something warm coming out of you. It was magical. It was wayyyy easier than I thought it would be. I was proud of myself cos I was pretty calm, even though when dr said her heartbeat is dropping, i was amazingly calm. I only yell at Oink once cos he keep repeating BREATHHHHHHHEEE. I told him, 我上气接不到下气了!Once our daughter is out. I remember the dr, the nurse, Oink all exclaiming happily BB is out!BB出来咯!And I leave this part out when telling my labour story to my friends. Actually at that moment, when Oink was saying that, his voice was actually cracking up. He later told me he felt so touched he wanted to cry. He then lean over and gave me a kiss on my forehead. AWW

I turn over to the right where the bassinet is, to look at my girl. She's soo PINK! I remember showing Oink photos of newborns I found online to him and he ask me why are they PURPLE?? I said you watched too much tv, not all babies are going to come out pink, clean sweet smelling! But she was soooo beautiful, she's so pink and looks pretty clean to me. I only saw some blood on her. Oink said she poo-ed and its black, and came out like gel. LOL. After she is cleaned up. The nurse put her on my bare chest. I tried to make her latch to my breast but all she did was cry. LOL.It was soo cute.  Oink and I were sooo happy. So I played with her instead, I touched her little fingers and noticed she has fine hairs on her shoulders and back. We were so happy, Oink almost forgot to take photos! It was the dr who reminded him. LOL. We played with her while the Dr did her stuff "down under". She was pretty quick with whatever she's doing.

So here's my tip on natural birth :

(1) Use deep breathing technique to ease contraction pains. How? Breathe in slowly and fill your stomach with air (its good for your bb too) then slowly breathe out.

(2) Try to be calm, if you panic, its not going to be good for you, people around you and the bb inside you.

(3) When its time to push, PUSH ONLY WHEN YOU CAN FEEL THE CONTRACTION. Contraction is actually your body pushing the BB out, so that's when you push to help speed up the process.  PUSH LIKE you had constipation for days. Yup, you get the idea. That's why some people had "extra stuff" coming out beside the BB. GROSS but its true! I didn't cos remember earlier on I vomited. Everything is already out 'x'

I had requested for BB to be sent to me every time she needs a feed, because I was keen on breastfeeding. I was really energetic after the delivery. I didn't feel tired or sweaty 'x'. It was when My MIL and BIL left, and I tried to sleep, then, I felt the throbbing pain again. Feeling something is amiss, Oink called for the nurse, and they said I was bleeding alot. It was around this time that the nursery nurse brought in our BB for her feed, she was crying but I can't do anything. The nurses are busy washing me and clearing the blood and POKING ME on BOTH HANDS because they can't seem to find the suitable place to put in the saline drip. Luckily my mum was in, so she tried to calm my BB. After all the huh-hah, I finally can breastfeed my girl, she was a pro-sucker I tell u. But her mouth is so small, it was painful.LOL. The first night we were there, she is satisfied with what she's getting. But not the next morning, the frequency of the nurse bringing her in, increased from every 4 hours to every 2 hours. I know she's grumpy cos she's hungry, so I requested the nurse to feed her first.

The hospital was pretty under-staff during that period. It was near Gawai too. And I can only check out at 3pm! I was tired and grumpy, and pretty unhappy with the service. But I can't blame the nurses, I see alot of them actually did double shifts. When I got back home, I went straight for the bed and sleep. LOL. With my BB swaddled, sleeping next to me. I didn't sleep much at the hospital, everytime I hear a BB cry, my eyes will open wide.

Overall, the whole labour process, I think pushing is really the easiest part of all. The contraction pain is the scarier one.

But now that I am in my confinement, I think confinement is the worst. More on that later (in another post)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My bag. Our bags.

At first I planned to only pack ONE BAG. The hospital is really near to our house. I think less that 10 mins trip on smooth traffic days? If we really forgotten anything, Oink can just drive back to our house and get it. But after careful thinking, would I want him to leave my side and miss memorable moments? I want to minimise that. And after looking at the check  list Jaqq gave me, I think I can't possible fit all the stuff into just one bag.  :-p

My almost exploding bag

So I took out a backpack, washed it. I repacked everything. Oink stuff are mostly inside the backpack. Baby and mine in the grey bag. I will also bring along Kitty (the pillow) 'x' Kitty was the best thing I brought back from my Ho Chin Minh trip.

Things I've packed:

For me : 

Packed :

- A hooded jacket. I didn't want to cover my head with a cap/hat/ malay-looking head cover. So I'll just use the hood. Plus the jacket can keep me warm.

-  Disposable panties

- Towel

- 2 pairs of socks

- I think around nine pieces of sanitary pads and maternity pads (I never use a maternity pad before, so just in case I don't like it, I will switch to my usual sanitary pad)

Yet to pack :

- Kitty!

- Cup/ mug. My friend advised me to bring own cup/ mug as all you'll get there is a hot flask, and the cap as a cup 'x' . 

- extra set of clothings

- nursing bras

- some gadgets (mp3 player/ my psp for some distraction) or some magazines

For Baby :

Packed :

- 3 cloth diapers

- a set of mittens and booties

- a button in front top

- a cloth diaper fastener from Anakku

- A hooded receiving blanket as I don't plan to bring a hat for BB, I don't think her little head will feel comfortable in one.

- A towel, I do not know how my CL plan to swaddle her, so just in case, I will bring along a towel.

Yet to pack :

- Can't think of any now. Any ideas?

For Oink:

Packed : 

- 1 hooded jacket, the hospital is COLD

- 1 pair of socks to keep my baby daddy warm 

- comfort kit from Air Asia (LOL!!) - consist of a blanket, a sleep mask (I doubt he will use this), and a pillow (manual inflation needed)

For Us : 

Yet to pack : 

- toiletries

- 100 plus (my gynae said I am allowed to drink it, SO I SHALL BRING SOME)


- a set of cutlery so that I can stir my Milo, and Oink can use it to eat tapao-ed food.

- chargers

- some snacks for baby daddy? 

OK! That should be it. For now.

Friday, May 11, 2012

what I want to eat before D day

I have been thinking long and hard about what I want to eat before going into labour. I will be in "jail" (confinement) for a month after that, and there's be a lot of food that I will miss. But deciding on what to put into the list is a bit tricky, I do not want to list down all those junk food that I like, cos BB is still inside of me, I have to think of her also. So after careful thinking, these will be in my list (to be finalised, LOL) :

1. McD- I just love the fries.
Had Big N' Tasty lunch set, and the burger turns out to be not that big and tasty 'x'

2. Pizza hut - not for the pizza, I love the sweet and spicy wings
Was really sad when I can't find sweet and spicy wings in the menu, till I almost cried 'x' oink suggested we try the New Orleans Drummetes instead. And what do you know, the Drummets tasted JUST LIKE sweet and spicy wings. HAPPY ME!

3. Raja Ayam Bakar - love the sambal..omg  Just had it. *BURP!*

4. Taugeh mee (sweet) - I just love how its sticky and sweet..hmm, sounds so wrong  Ate! With fried egg on top! 'x'

5. Steamed corn - people who know me well, knows HOW MUCH I LOVE corns had it multiple times already 'x'

6. Ice Cream - you guys are lucky you can eat them any friend told me she ate alot  of ice creams during her last mth, and end up gaining 3kg! I was so mortified, I refrained from eating one of my favourite thing in the world (for as long as I can).

HMM, I think that's all. Not too much right?

Coming soon

very soon... 3 wks  or less?I can't believe how time flies. Soon, our lives will like change forever. But this is a change we have been anticipating. :-) We still haven't agree on a name yet. It seems to be the most difficult decision of all, knowing what name we chose will be stuck with her forever 'x'

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

2 more months or less!

I can't believe how time flies! Soon we will get to see our BB! Ppl keep asking me, are you nervous? I think I am lo, since they reminded me by asking me this question. Other than that, I try to survive my days since its SOOO HOT HERE. Was suppose to go to Melbourne, but end up we canceled our flights and get refunds(not 100%). But i really envy my mil and bil lo, heard its cooling there. And I am stuck here with hot weather which makes me dizzy and a bit grumpy.LOL

My belly also starts to itch now. Which I think is the most difficult thing to endure in my pregnancy. I can stand the nauseous feeling. I can stand being heavy and walking like a penguin. I can stand having pimples on my face. But itchiness is something I find really hard to endure. I bought Palmer's oil to relief the itchiness. It really reduces the itch, but sometime it still itch, especially when I sleep. GRR..

I'm getting restless at work. I think I am getting stupid. I can't seem to think properly. I am either too sleepy to think/ feeling no mood to think.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Just a bit more to go


I am now at my LAST,FINAL semester. And it felt a bit like first semester again, only I feel heavier 'x'.

On my scan during my 29th wk, my bb is estimated to be 1.29kg. Compared to 373 g at 21st wk. My my, how my bb grow. And Dr say, its possible for bb to gain 1 kg each mth now when I am at my final trimester. So I am watching what I eat 'x'..OK TRIED TOO and succeeded most of the time 'x'.

ok, gtg now. BUSY with stupid work.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Nesting Syndrome

As I progress towards my 7th mth, I suddenly have these strong urges to get ready my baby room. But I still have so many doubts. What brand of bottles should I buy? I plan to breastfeed, but what if I can't produce any milk? We didn't buy any formula. What are the things that we need?? I know we need a baby cot, that's a start. But what else?? I've been asking around my friends who are mothers. And thank GOD for my sister in law. She already has most of the baby stuff and is willing to borrow them to me. But even that, I still wanted to know exactly what she has so that I will know what else to get. I've been making Oink bring me to places to check out baby stuff and to survey on car seats. 'x' which he willingly obliged. And I have told my SIL that I will drop by her place this weekend to check out the stuffs and mayb bring back some of it.

chirp chirp chirp

I also attended the antenatal class exercise and was delighted to know we can still do leg lifts, but must do it slowly and only 1 leg is allowed to be up at one time, and not forgetting to push your spine to be aligned to the floor while doing it. But poor me, I don't have the time to do it yet. I am so busy with work, and when I don't have the mood to do my office work, I release the tension by going through by BB check list and planning on the BB room. And i even started to read up on baby solid food recipes 'x'.Although I may sound stressed from the way I describe my nesting instinct, its actually a "happy kind" of stress, it actually make me warm and fuzzy inside. Besides, by getting ready, I feel more calm and prepared and assured that my BB will come back to a more organised home.

Since we already have a built in cupboard in the BB's room, I don't plan to buy any storage drawer thingy for the BB room. With a bb coming, I am more strict on how we spend. BB is high maintenance you know.:D. Instead, I took some hamper baskets from my in laws, they usually get alot of hampers on CNY. I plan to wipe it with towel soaked with hot water, let it air dry. And I plan to wipe the inside of the cupboard and start organising stuff inside the cupboard.:-) *happy*

However, we won't be doing anything to the walls in BB room, as my in law stressed that we shouldn't be doing anything, moving anything. Its like a "pantang". While hubby said, as long as we don't do it in our own room should be ok. But I already made him promised we would decorate our BB room properly in the future. For now, I will be happy enough to make sure our home is cosy and comfortable enough to welcome our little bundle of joy. I'm too heavy, busy, sluggish and tired to do any heavy furnishings anyway.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Normah's pregnancy forum (18 feb 2012)

I was informed by a medical representative friend of mine that Normah is having a forum on 18th. I kept forgetting to register until the day before and luckily there's still seats available.

Oink has high expectations of what will happen in the forum. EG. How to bath a bb.

Anyway, the forum was suppose to start at 1.30pm at level 9 crown tower. And we went to the wrong Crown Tower, we thought its the one at Riverside. Actually its the Crown Tower NEXT to Crown Square. Anyway, we made it, late however, and missed a good front part of Dr. Suria's forum. She made the forum quite interesting. And how spousal support and TLC are important. And I keep looking at Oink from the corner of my eyes to make sure he doesn't fall asleep. How wrong I was. I am proud of the man, he listened really attentively. After Dr Suria's forum, it was Dr George Ting's turn to talk on the Guide to the first year of your child.

He talked about breastfeeding and encourage people to breastfeed and the many goods of breastfeeding. And from his talk, I learned that Jaundice is unavoidable, its only the matter of how serious it is. Then there's alot of topics on vaccinations. By the time Dr George Ting is done, Oink said he has a headache, so many info to digest, it more difficult than his work he said. LOL. I said nvm, I registered ourselves to KPJ's antenatal class that will be 2 months from now. He can refresh what he learned today there 'x'

But deep inside my heart, I am happy he is so willing to come to the forum with me. And didn't even fall asleep!

Normah is having antenatal exercise class on the 25th of Feb at Normah. I might be going. Anyone else interested?

goodies received at the forum

I am most happy about the food 'x'. Actually I was happier with the New Parent booklet. The food will be processed and come out after a few hours, but the booklet answered so many of my questions. I love it! I shall treasure it and write my name BIG BIG on it to make sure its not lost.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


found!!finally.not perfect.but location and price wise is good enough for decision down.547347796 more to go.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


We can't find a nanny! OMG!

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Quick update on my pregnancy (again)

Before I forget

(1) I think I have some water retention on my feet. BOOOHOOHOOO..

(2) Last night Oink talked to my belly, and ask BB to response if she can hear him, and she gave me a mighty kick that made Oink very delighted and happy.

Friday, January 27, 2012

The 1st Trimester vs 2nd Trimester

Its my 2nd post of the day.WOW!Break record liao 'x'

I manage to post a 2nd one because :

(1) I want to post it before I forget all about it

(2) Am still in CNY mood, hence the laziness to start working although I am at the office now..SSSSSHHHH..and since I have no mood work, might as well use my precious time to blog right? I'm kind of being productive here 'x'

OK, lets move on.


I feel the time passes really slowly. I feel tired all the time. I feel like a sloth 'x'. Everyday I feel like puking and I felt COLD. I cover myself up, and some people actually come ask me, ARE YOU THAT COLD? I stole a blankie from a certain China airline, and when I watch TV in the living room, I cover myself with that blankie. I hate SEAFOOD. Hate steamed fish. HATE plain water. The safest food that I like to eat are fruits and veges. I hate BREAD SIDES, when Oink made me sandwiches , I will ask him to cut off the sides. If he forget to cut them off, I will tear it off 'x' I find myself hard to concentrate on work. I mean how can I concentrate and think of codes when all I was trying to do is try hard not to puke while at work. I stock up on plums and candies. But feel so sinful taking in all those candies (sugar) and plums (loaded with sodium)..but what to do?anything to get rid of that awful bitter taste in my throat. And when I feel depressed, I crave for Cola/ sweet orange.

My skin peel around nose and lips. And sometime my colleagues will ask me what happened to my face and I get really annoyed, cos I feel ugly 'x'

At first I thought to myself, may be I'll be lucky enough to be one of those people who won't vomit at all during the first Trimester. Baby, I was soooo wrong!

I first vomitted when I was about 6 wks pregnant. I took a piece of chocolate at work. Felt soo awful after that. Went home and went straight to the loo and vomitted water and chocolate 'x'

And another time was after I ate cheese cake + take fried food. But the record breaking case was after I ate Ding Bian Hu, I think in less than 30 mins, its all out again 'x'

If you think only rich food can make me vomit, think again.

Once, we went to Petanak for porridge. Oink decided to take the short cuts to go there. With all the winding and turning. I was green-faced when I got out from the car. And one look, Oink ask me, You need to Uwek? I can only nod. And we both hurriedly look for the nearest toilet. Once I close the toilet door, I turned and do my business. 'x' The toilet was the squat type. And the thing with public toilet in Malaysia is, the shit hole is damn shitty. 'x'

Let me illustrate with my drawing.You get the idea 'x' And the shitty hole made me vomit even more 'x'

So beside rich food, car sickness, dirty ugly stuff also can make me vomit 'x'

I came out from the toilet as white as paper, Oink claimed. He got so worried, he enveloped me in his arms and touched my forehead and cheeks, and said I felt cold. I was all wobbly and jelly-legged from the vomitting and had to depend on Oink to make it to our table..LOL

Every other day, I would whine to Oink when i feel depressed, why is this happening, why i feel so dreadful?Why time pass soooo slowly?I even told him, may be one baby is enough. I feel so terrible everyday. I feel so unlike my old self.

Towards the end of my first trimester, my skin gets oily, and I get lotsa zits! DARN IT.

I need to wake up to pee at least once every night. CIS!


I still feel nauseous in the beginning. But as time passes, I feel more and more normal. I feel like my old self is coming back to me. Except that my figure has now changed. My belly is much bigger, and my thigh getting fatter 'x' and I need new bras.

Just before CNY, my skin suddenly cleared up and I was damn happy to get my old good skin back, but now its all oily and full of pimples again.. GRRR

I can take some seafood. Still hate crab. I love beef, but don't dare to take too much. I can survive longer without Cola. Am ok with bread sides too. Appetite is getting normal.

I feel hot almost everyday. What blankie? I don't need it 'x' It was washed, folded and tucked into the cupboard 'x' The only time I felt cold was when I went for breakfast at King Centre before going to KKIA. I can sleep without my quilt at night, with the aircon on, while Oink will need to cover himself up with the quilt up to his neck 'x' I get leg cramps now too, always on my right leg. As painful as it is, I am amazed at myself on how I can continue my sleep despite feeling serious pain ^oo^

NO MORE FEELING NAUSEOUS. HALLELUJAH! I can take cheese cakes, chocolates! And occasionally on super hot days, I treat myself ICE CREAM..ohhh~~

Some nights, I don't even need to wake up to pee. SWOON~~~

I drink LOTSA plain water now. Feeling hot everyday now mah! I feel more energetic and like my old self, except for a big belly and fat ass. :D I try to move more, and get enough exercise. I do Kegels when i remember about it.

Hmmm, I wonder how would my 3rd trimester be? Halfway to go :)


Some of my friends started to ask me whether I can feel any movements few weeks ago. Frankly speaking, I don't know how to feel for it. But I started to feel more evident movements, with the strongest starting from CNY eve. I can feel the BB kick and push now and then throughout the whole day. Now I can recognise the feeling of BB moving, and I can feel it everyday. When I am hungry, after I eat, before I wake up, when I want to sleep. But everyday between 5.30pm-7pm. My BB for sure will move. Its a magical feeling :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

First visit to KKIA (9 Jan 2012)

I consider myself very lucky. My best pal is also pregnant, and is 5 wks behind me. And we decide to go visit KKIA (Klinik Kesihatan Ibu Dan Anak) together gether so that we can accompany each other. Kuching has 3 of such clinic, one is Klink Jawa, somewhere near hopoh? KKIA sekama, and KKIA Stapok. The nurse might want to check some docs as proof that you live near the area before you can actually visit the clinic.The one we went is KKIA Sekama (based on our home addresses). For KKIA sekama, only Monday is designated for first time registration.

We were suppose to wake up earlier, so that we can get an earlier queue number. But it was raining, and the weather is sooo nice to sleep in. Anyway, I still woke up at 7.30am la.Got ready and left the house before 8am. Since I am pregnant, I spent less time on making myself look pretty. I think Oink now spend more time making himself look good than I do.

Traffic was jam everywhere. We stop by King Centre to have breakfast. It was really windy, and for the first time, I felt really cold.

We arrived KKIA around 8.30am. Our number was already 20 by then. Jaqq and Jee arrived minutes later and they got no. 23. The clinic was full of ppl since the previous 2 mondays were public holidays. Then the waiting game starts. tik tok tik tok...that's why I said I was lucky to have Jaqq, without her I don't know if i can wait so long or not. The process is taking so long. So Jaqq briefly explains to me how the process goes around in the clinic. I was feeling nervous about the blood samples extraction part. We ask the husband to leave for work, its no point getting them to wait together with us. We will call Oink to pick us up after we're done.

After registration, we are given a container to pee into 'x' And we are to keep it, and bring our pee for the each future visits.

It was already 10 something when I finally get my turn to go into the first examination room. I know this is not the room where the syringes were so I was quite relax. I know I know, I am such a chicken. I didn't know what to expect once I go into the room. The nurse tested my pee with somekind of kertas Litmus. I was kinda worried, cos I drank Cola the night before. But luckily my pee test result was alright :-p. Then she measured my height and weighed me. What do know, I was 3 cm taller that day, it must be from all the calcium I have been taking.LOL!The nurse asked me a few questions. Like is this your first pregnancy? Any miscarriages before? Did you use any method of family planning before?Then went on talking about breastfeeding. She was really taking her sweet time, no wonder I waited so long to come in 'x' Then she instructed me to lie down on the examination bed. She wanted to check my tummy and BB's heartbeat with something shaped like a box. She record down BB's heartbeat rate and told me that my BB is strong. What I didn't expect was her next instruction : SHOW ME YOUR BREASTS. O.o!!! HUH???? I asked for what? she said to check if mine are suitable for breastfeeding and to check for lumps. So after she's done molesting examining me. I asked : so how is it? She said Ok! Suitable.AHAHAH. The we sat down, and she filled in some form, she wrote quite long, don't know what is she writing. And asked me to sign some consent form for the blood test, and to sign in acknowlegdment that she did explain about breastfeeding to me.

And then, its time for room of terror (blood test room) 'x' . I dropped my clinic card into the box in front of the room, and took a number (again). Jaqq is still in the examination room. I waited alone, trying to persuade myself and telling myself I have to be brave. If I can't bear this little pain, how can I bear the actual pain of labour right? When it was my turn, I walk in bravely. But once inside, the chicken in me can't help but telling the lab workers that I m scared.AHAHAH. The lady said Jangan Takut. I turned my face away, the pain felt like i was pinched, and before I know it, the guy said OK, siap! I was like WAH! I didn't feel any pain at all, it was really tolerable. I was happy and proud of myself. :-p

And then I went out, and waited for the last room (dr's room) but I didn't know for this I have to drop my card inside the box again. I only took the queue no. (again!) And when the on duty nurse saw that I didn't drop the card into their box, she gave me a scolding. 'x' Nothing happened much in the Doctor's room. She didn't even bother to scan me when she knew that I also did my checkup at a private clinic. She just copied some info from my private clinic card which I brought together (just in case) -__________- . When all these was done, its already 11.30am! And I was already hungry. :D