Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'm becoming so aunty

As usual before CNY, Boulevard is packed with humans. Us included. We went there to stock in for CNY.

I was at the vegetables rack when I saw that the oysters mushroom are selling for so cheap. I was picking some of it when an aunty older than my mum appear next to me.

Real aunty: how much is it?

me : 98 cents.

Real aunty : wahhh so cheap. Rm1 cheaper.

me : ya lo.. ya lo....

(continue selecting..)

Real aunty : Why are you selecting?

me : I want to find some fresher ones.

Real aunty : ohhh ..(proceeded to selecting some for herself)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

dong dong dong chiang

I wonder if anyone still reads my blog :-p But still I will pen my entries here from time to time. It will be wonderful to read back what I wrote in the distant future.
The CNY mood seems not as happening compared to previous years. Maybe its too near to christmas?

Anyway, its a very happening CNY for me. I recently bought a 50lt brand new elba oven. And I promised myself that I must put it to good use. So I won't buy any cookies at all this year. I shall bake them! Of course with the help from my mum. :-p I don't have the confidence yet to do it all by myself. Usually every year I will buy 2-3 types of cookies. But this year, I made 3 types of cookies with mum! I feel proud.

They ain't pretty but they are all home made.

We also started to clean the house last weekend. Starting from upstairs. I discovered some pest (don't want to mention here or else you guys will ewww at me) starting to treat one of my drawers as their home. URGH. I have this habit of keeping my old receipts and now it has become their nest! URGH. OFF WITH THE OLD RECEIPTS!OFF WITH THE DAMN PESTS. and I am very happy that the drawer now is clean and pest-free. While I am sorting through the drawers, taking out stuff from containers and boxes and wipe/ vacuum the containers and boxes, wiping surfaces, wash bed sheet and quilt cover, vacuumed the floor, my dear hubby is wiping the windows and the window frames. For 6 hours 'x'. He wants to clean it perfectly. He even uses the free toothbrush you get in hotel rooms to brush the unreachable corners. AHHH, that's my husband, when he's onto something, he wants it to be done perfectly. That's one of the traits you can find in a Virgo.

And this weekend, we shall do downstairs. By just thinking about it makes me tired already. But then, that is what you do before CNY right?

Happy Chinese New Year everybody. May the new year be prosperous and joyous. GONG XI GONG XI!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Farewell my friend

I lost a special friend today. She was 38. Farewell, Diana.