Thursday, January 22, 2009


真是岁月不留人啊!一转眼又是新的一年。猪猪和我已经把屋子打扫得7788 了。今年的摆设也比去年来的更有过年的feel.不知道为是么, 今年好想多多去拜年。最近经济不景气,我也不敢‘青菜’乱花。虽然我的新衣很多,可是大多数都是我在2008年的时候,走走逛街偶尔买的。有的是上网买的。有的是去玩的时候买的。所以聚少成多。嘻嘻!


Friday, January 16, 2009


I nearly had an accident. It was oh-so-close. I nearly had a heart attack. I was on my lane, when there's a pajero wanting to cut into my lane. This uncle is polite, he raised up his hand, I let him through and i can read his lips, he was saying Thank You. I proceed ahead, when there's this SILVER SAGA TRYING to cut into my lane and he was FAST! He just stepped on his accelerator, luckily i hit the brake in time you know?SO RUUUDEEE, no signal, no anything, I can't even see the FACE of this *&@^@^#@ driver, the window is very heavily tinted. And he had the gut to just drive pass to the right of my lane after I hit the brake.Ignoring me! And after that, i notice him, cutting back to MY LANE without putting any signal again! Cut just like that! I drive close behind him when I had this idea of snapping a photo of his car. I am sure its a HIM because I can see his head from the back, apparently his back screen is not as heavily tinted as his windows'.

So there! I took this blur photo with my HP. QS 5700, PEOPLE LIKE YOU are the ones that causes unnecessary accidents! But I bet people like you don't go online! So if any of you know the owner of this car, please hor, advise hi
m. *roll eyes* Like what Oink always say,

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Raining spell

it keeps raining and raining since last weekend. And thank god today it got less. It had been a miserable weekend. Didn't get to go out much.Don't really feel like going out even. We stayed in.The day maids came in to clean the house on Saturday. Don't think they did a very good job for the amount we paid. But at least they did most of the dirty jobs. All we need to do now is to beautify it before CNY. :D The long hours of rain made most places flooded and also made people sick because its kinda cold. I myself feel tired more easily now. The good thing is i sleep earlier now. :D

Its two more weeks till CNY! So soon! It felt like we just had christmas! I didn't do much to welcome CNY yet. All I did was put up the the cherry blossom tree. HAHA. But this year I want to do lots and lots of visiting!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Goodbye 2008, SAY HELLO TO 2009

As the new year came along, I can't help to think how fast time flies.

lets recap what I did in 2008.

I went to HK, Guang zhou, Macau, Shenzhen, Guilin in March.

I climbed KK in June.

I went to Brunei in July.

Krabi in September.

Sg and KL in December.

Got closer to my new family and made new friends. :-)

My plan for 2009 is pretty simple.

Stay at home more. Beautify the house. Learn something new. Be a better cook, be a better wife, be a better person to my families. Be a better friend. Make some more new friends. Find Mango a husband. YES! mango is 'ripe' enough. Any candidate to intro?HAHA

This NYE we kept it simple. Previous years I would want to go out. But this year, somehow i feel like staying at home. We cooked a simple dinner. And after dinner, we snuggled up and watch DVDs. Its kinda feels warm and cosy. :-)

This is a special drink Oink came up with. The bottom layer is honey, the middle part is milk, and on top is the apple banana juice. A bit similar to teh c 3 layer hor? :D See the fruit pieces decorating the glass?Oink made it, he spent quite a long time on this. And did a great job! And it tasted yummy too..