Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It's Your Game!

Today, after work, i went here (see below) to become a public judge, with my dad n Jaqq.

I bought 3 (Rm1.10 each)tix for myself to see if I'll have any luck...

The draw starts at 7pm sharp. And i have found out how they decide on which numbers get 1st prize, 2nd and 3rd!Its based on the number on horses that wins on a race! OK, if u already know this, please ignore me. :-p

Its like this, there's 5 transparents boxes. The 1st one will have the horses' number, starters balls and consolation balls. The rest of the boxes will have numbers for the 4 digits.

The one in the 1st box will determine whether the other 4 digits is a winning number/ starter/ consolation number.

So then, after the numbers appear on the screen right, you got to record it down lo.

As the numbers appear, my heart sank deeper n deeper...:-(

NONE KENA! NONE of my CHOSEN NUMBERS KENA! NOT even CONSOLATION PRIZE..but then expected la...i always don't have luck one..SIENZ

But at least i didn't go home empty handed lo...

They gave us a BIG umbrella. See how big is it compare to the Orange? I wanted to compare it with Mango, but she keeps running around...since orange is abundance i used it instead..HAHA

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Belaga : Driving Through the Hills

I watched sunrise from inside the bus. Its beautiful.

It took 12 hours frm Kuching to Bintulu in bus. I didn't have a nice sleep. There's always interruptions (stops, custom checkings, ppl getting down half way), grrr. To make it worse, i had a back ache and a butt ache after sitting for too long..

From Bintulu to Belaga, its another 3 and a half hours. O.O more 15 and a half hours on the road in total!

But i survived! I was glad to be in Belaga after that. I was a bit nauseous frm the long journey.

Belaga is a small place with a few landmarks. Dad say its good to come here if u want to relax. But i am not very used to it. And started to miss Kuching and the people there.:-p and of course i missed mango as well.

CNY at Belaga is a bit quiet. Since most of the Chinese went to Miri/ Sibu/ etc to celebrate their CNY.

The actual visiting i did was on first day only.

Luckily Belaga still got leng chai to see..mmm..

See, leng chai bor?

leng chai @ belaga

On the 2nd day of CNY, we went to this place called 'long ang mo' ??, not sure the actual name though.

Its like Matang, only the water is murkier. And there lots of insects that were feasting on your blood. My legs were so itchy. I had to surpress myself frm scratching them, so that i won't leave any ugly scars.

But soon it rained. :-D! It was funny for us to walk under the rain, towards the car. With mum squealing, asking me to cover myself.LOL.

My cousin, not willing to let me take her photo because she was soaking wet. :-D

And soon, its time to go home..

Its almost 10am, but still foggy.
My lunch at Farley, Bintulu.

Its Beef mee, but the 'beef' is white color and DO NOT taste a bit like beef, i even questioned the cook, and she insists its beef. hmmm *rub chin*

BTW, it wasn't nice at all.

The ang tao peng (red bean with ice) tasted much better.

Oh, how i missed Kuching's food. I think its the best in whole Msia, I've been to Penang and still think Kch has the best hawker food around.

Friday, February 23, 2007

desktop tag

Tagged by pinkcotton, last week, but only do it now.LOL! I was busy since i came back.

Since i am in office now (working half day today), i shall post up my the wallpaper on my office's monitor.



WAHAHAH!..i know its CNY now, but i still keep this wallpaper, since its red red also ma..

Got ppl say santa cannot celebrate CNY meh?


Thursday, February 15, 2007


Happy CNY to all.

I will be away. Taking bus tonight to Bintulu. Why bus?Cos parents say can enjoy..i don't know what to enjoy since its so dark, cannot see view even. So tonight I sleep in bus. :-(

And from there we will go Belaga. My grandma (mum's side) is there.

Luckily we will fly back from Bintulu to Kch on 3rd day CNY.

Till then, see ya.


Dong dong dong chiang~dong dong dong chiang~

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

We decided to celebrate valentine a bit earlier, so that we won't be overcharged by set dinners, which I can't finish also.

At first, we wanted to go to Mr. Ho, but its booked! Only left those teeny weeny tables by the bar. I want to order so much, how can that small table fit all. So we left.

Eventually, we ended up at Living Room.

The staff there are very friendly. We sat at the pillow section. Where u have to take off ur shoe, and sit cross legged, on pillows and bolsters.

Here, you can order food from either The Junk/ Bla bla bla, which i think is good!

His Order : Fish and chips

Mine : Lamb shank which look like a pile of 'something' but tasted really good

This is one of the vday gift i gave Oink.

Wahaha! OK, my handwriting is a bit not pretty. But its hard to write such small letters ok?


Thursday, February 08, 2007

5 things Ah Boy don't know about me

(1) Ah boy ah ah boy, I was born on the doggy year ler. And i like dogs. But I also like other cute animals like cats la, rabbits la, hamster la...

(2) This is my favourite flower lo. Pretty ma? Its calla lily, i like it best in white. So ah boy, next time see this, must pluck for me..LOL!!

(3) Ah boy ah, that day hor, I had a really sweet dream. I dreamt I married Brad Pitt.WAHAHAHHA..:-D~~woke up happy la..LOL

(4) And hor, i like english oldies music but don't really like chinese oldies except for "Moon represents my heart" (direct translation from the mandarin name,LOL) by Theresa Teng. My dad hor, every Sunday 7pm, will tune into don't know which radio channel and listen to chinese oldies with the volume loud enough to entertain our neighbours too. -.-" I also like other music la, like pop la, R&B la, sentimental la..etc etc.

(5) Lately I have become more like panda lo, cos lack of sleep. HAHA!So tonight must sleep earlier liao. So nite nite ah Boy~and sweet dream~ may u dream about siew pai kuat, and i dream about Brad..LOL!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


While we were away, we left Mango with Vivian. Vivian has a really cute shih tzu.

Meet Maggie...

Before that, we brought Mango to visit to let her social social with Maggie a bit. Who knows in the end, Mango bullied Maggie. -.-"

After we came back from the trip, we brought Mango go visit Maggie again. Vivian told us how was Mango during the days when we are not there. Mango didn't even dare to bully Maggie. She was actually 'stoned', blurred on her whereabouts. Mango usually get 'stoned' when she's scared. So on her 1st day, she was like a statue.LOL

But on 2nd day onwards, she started to friend friend with Maggie liao. HAHA!Guess she knows who is the real 'pet' in the house liao.

Maggie is an adorable Shih Tzu. She likes to be pet. She has this fluffy 'hair' on top of her head. :-)

But she can be naughty too..

bubble's content translated to english :Where are u looking huh?

I guess Maggie is Mango's 1st female canine friend. :-)

Friday, February 02, 2007

Uniquely Singapore

After Genting, we took the bus and went to Johor and eventually went to Singapore.

Merlion at Sentosa Island

Its really is beautiful here in Sg during Xmas time. There are plenty of beautiful trees.


And my very personal favourite tree...

Diamond tree sponsored by Soo Kee jewels at Bugis

But only the star on top of the tree was consist of diamond. I was thinking if all those diamonds are mine, WAH! rich-lah aku!

And we went down to Sentosa Island, and enjoyed the breeze in the Beach trams.

And also also monkeys with big, red ass. LOL.. they are cute and clever.

This monkey for sure can sit long2 one because of his "natural cushion". Not like us, sit a few hours at office, already feel butt-ache. LOL

For xmas eve dinner, we went to Seoul Garden at Bugis. MMM.

We enjoyed dinner there. My friend joined us for dinner. And we ate and ate and ate till we are FAT FAT.LOL

When we ate half way, there was group of youngster hopping from one shop to another and did carollings. WAH, so chrismasy-lah.

I had a fun time in Singapore. :-)