Saturday, August 30, 2008

Two Trees and A Flower

One day, after work, there's this conversation between Oink and Me.

There's 2 baby "money trees" <- direct translation from mandarin :-D. And we were looking at it.

Oink : *Chuckles* The one full of leaves represents me.

Oink : .. and this one that is balding is you

me : O.O What?? Why? Why do you say like that?

oink : *chuckles* cos you always go shopping, all the money "shed" like the leaves on the tree..


oink : *laughs louder*


Anyway, another flower bloomed. Ohhh..makes me happiee

purplish-pink beauty

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cola is out!

And I saw him. Awww.. he's so cute and tiny! Cola has quite alot of hair, nose like the mama and the fingers are loooonngg. Oink say next time can hold on a basketball with the hand.

I told Oren I will buy balloons yesterday so that I can give to Redsponge when BB Cola is out..but I forgot! AHAHAH.. and so ngam and so chun that Cola is so punctual, really come out yesterday!

And today, I went to look for balloons here and there. But all shops not open on Sunday O.O, I even went to GH to look for balloons. But they don't have the type I want.

OK, that's all the update on Cola.

I go back to work liao..SIIIGGHHH

Friday, August 22, 2008


I'm bogged down with TONNES of work.

On top of that, recently, there's a series of unfortunate events that happened.

In fact, I'm soooo busy, I can't even bring Mango back to my house for the weekend. *sad*

There's no point bringing her home while I will be stuck here in the office, OT-ing *pulls hair* She'll have better company with my parents.

Physically tired, Emotionally drained, stressed... sigghhhhhhhhhh

I need a miracle to finish all this work in time!!!S-O-S

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I Can't Resist

to take this photo..*grin*

I bathe Mango every Saturday. As she will always try to run away, I had to put her in a pail and bathe her.

This photos was taken after her bath and before I towel dry her. She was trying to free herself while i got upstairs to get my camera.

And when she saw me with the camera, she froze. Aiseh! not bad , now pandai POSE liao.

Poor her, have to stay wet while I take photo of her. :-p

Monday, August 11, 2008

I want LG Scarlet

My birthday is coming...


come, I want this for pls vote for me?

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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Simple things...

that makes you happy, makes you smile

We planted this rose plant weeks ago. I thought it wouldn't make it..but its blossoming now..


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Kuching Day Parade

Wanted to post this last night. But then the internet is down. AGAIN. Not sure what's the problem though. So now here I am blogging from office during lunch break.

This year's parade is an interesting one. Its the first time I see a dogs' parade. And also first time go with Jaqq. Jee is parading.

Don't go away, I got photos of SYT (sweaty young thing- not sweet young thing) 'x'

When I got there, the dogs are just getting ready to move.

Manage to take photo of Oink's favourite breed, a Husky.

Look at these cute toy dogs! So lucky, don't need to march like the bigger dogs.

OMG! Got baby strollers some more, not for babies, but for these furry cuties! Its not easy to take these dogs' photos, I had to run to catch up with them! Run- find an opening- jump in to the opening, SNAP! On a hot night!

The German Shepards, looking grave and gay.

Mr. Adams, posing for me. Its so good to have a DSLR. People will pose for you.

Not forgetting Mrs. Adams, posing for me, although I think she looks creepier and scarier. Must be because not happy Mr Adams walk so fast ahead.

Eh, talking about this, so chun now is the 7th mth in lunar calendar hor??:-p!!

Oink said these group reminded him of "Red Flower Society" from Wong Fei Hung movies. HAHAHAH!

Zorro's Fanclub? They really reminded me of Zorro, and I love Zorro. Ok la, actually this is the SMK Green Road band.

The recyclers. They recycle rubbish to make clothes and accessories! But please hor, don't follow their trend.

A bit more and you'll get to see the SYT.

First I have to move my way pass this VERY HIGH, DANCING CROWD.

They are truly enjoying themselves, dancing, taking photos, videos.

See, I didn't bluff you. Got SYTs.

The SYT standing in the middle. She had this nice smile on her while dancing. Very professional.

The SYT standing on the side. I can feel she's not very comfortable with people gawking at them.

Yes, people in this photo ...

Look at their expressions..I think look a bit 'ham-sap'. Notice the uncle in yellow shirt?I caught him looking at the side SYT very intently. And when he saw that I am taking photos, he turned away!

The parade was interesting but then I think its too short. Shorter than what we had on previous years.

Oh well, after that we went to the food fair and chomp away. I ran a lot, and was super hungry by then.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Streamyx is back!

I looked through the photos I took of the Parade, and plan to post a lot of it.

When I open them with adobe photoshop, JENG! my PC hang..STUPID @&*#%@# PC. Time to change perhaps?

Anyway, I will post them up tonight. :-)

Monday, August 04, 2008


thus cannot blog!

streamyx sucks!

The lady we called said that the switch at our area is not working or what. At first is both the phone line and streamyx is down.
But now the phone line ok, but still streamyx is still DOWN!

can't blog, can't surf, can't watch youtube!

Lucky thing got my PSP!


I wanna blog about itu Kuching Parade ler...