Thursday, September 29, 2005

Just a Photo

This entry is nthg long-winded. Just to show a photo i took.hehe

This is the bougainvillea (spelled correctly?) aka "Bunga Kertas" at the back of my house.

Before i took the photo of the flower, I took photo of my neighbour's pet.

Meet "Lou Bong", he was named by my creative bro..."Lou Bong" means old yellow in hakka. So we call him Lou Bong, when my friends saw him, i will intro him as lou bong.

Lou Bong will bark at anything, if you act suspiciously (like taking a photo of him), he will bark, if got ppl pass by he will bark, if my bro practice his kung fu, he will bark, when he saw a caterpillar, he will bark n whine at the same time. Funny dog, fearless towards human but scared like what when saw a lifeform a hundred times smaller than him..haha

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I'm terribly sleepy this monday. I'm beginning to suspect its because i've missed my usual zzz-until-noon sleep on Sunday. And partially because i spent most of my time shopping for steambot materials on a very hot Sunday afternoon.

I was so relunctant to wake up on Monday. Eye lids so heavy. Even after washing my face, i still feel sleepy. So there i was, so sleepy but still need to go to work. So i decided to listen to mp3 while work to make myself more awake.

I was starting to nod when this particular song (Aerosmith's I don't want to miss a thing) was playing. My eyes were abt to close when he sang "I DON'T WANT to close my eyes~~ I DON't WANT to fall asleep~...." and it woke me up..LOL..i chuckled, and at the same time i still feel sleepy. SO i've decided to listen to another round of the song. And it works, I'm 80% awake after it! Lame eh...but works on me..:-P

Monday, September 26, 2005

Friday Nite - Oreo Cheese Cake

23rd Sept 2005, 6.30pm, i received a call from an ex colleague.@@!! ok la..nthg surprising la...actually her sis got 2 vouchers for cake and tea/ coffee at Holiday Inn, she can't go so she offered it to me. I brought along a friend whom i've known since primary school. I brought her cos her house is nearest to mine so i don't need drive too far to pick her up..:-P..keke..

So when we were at Holiday Inn, they are still quite a number of cakes that both of us can choose. Blueberry cheese, Oreo Cheese, Tiramisu, baked cheese, some nutty-choc-cake(forgot the name)..n etc..

I chose Oreo Cheese. Mine looked a bit weird.LOL

my fren chose Tiramisu, her fav.I don't really like tiramisu. Hers look nicer hor...

The taste of the cakes are ok lar...there's a slight presence of lime-y taste in it. Both are cheese based but i tasted more lime....but bey tang hiam lar..its free wat..we treat it as a girls' nite out lor...drink free coffee, eat free cake and keng kai lo..hehe

But after that we went too travilion to con't our nite out. Planning to go The Crib (got comfy sofa bar) but the sofas are fully occupied :-(, so as Frappe, lazy to walk so far until Mambo King (actually its not far, but I'm getting sleepy..hehe), so we settled for Point One. We didn't chat for long as we soon got sleepy..LOL! So abt half hour or so, we headed for home..~The End~

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Whats the 4 most important elements for this day?

(1) Full Moon
ok la, in the photo its not really round la...shaky hands wat. But the photo was not taken by me.:-P

(2) Moon Cake

Got this from Selina. I like the packaging. nice eh..:-) the jelly mooncake is wat i planned to buy but owes i got one, so happy...

3) Tang Lungs/ laterns/ watever u call it..

Some of these we bought it last minute before the shop closed. Then we hook up some string and put up the tang lungs. Nice ler..

An artistic photo taken by me.Ok la..i tinks its artistic ler

4) spend time wif ppl close to you :-)
Dad's not in Kch though, he went KL for training, bro also at KL studying, so only mum and me, and also him..:-) Mum and me had a simple dinner together.

But we had a great time, putting up tang lungs, eating mooncake (ok, its i forced them, cause i don't want all those moon cakes get mouldy if we don't eat it soon, :-p), watching TV, taking photos, etc etc...

Overall, its a nice nite for me despite a short rain in the beginning of the evening.


Nobody is perfect is all i can say. I can't please everyone. So I decided to stop wondering & start ignoring. What's the point of friendship if the person can't accept you for what you are. The good together with the bad. I totally hate it when ppl suddenly gets hostile towards you out of the blue and you just don't know wat caused it. Mayb its a misunderstanding?if you don't say it out no one will know. So i chose to ignore. Time will sort things out. I still have a life to go on, friends that can accept me, laugh at my pranks, n jokes..never taking it 2 seriously, who is willing 2 help when i'm in need of them. Even i break up, i'm still friends with my ex wat, cause no 1 is perfect.Its juz a r/s gone bad, not that cannot b normal frens anymore. Life goes on, its not that i never been misunderstood b4. Most of them end in happy endings, with stronger circle of friends. Those that cannot be resolved are those who cannot forgive and forget, who might be narrow-minded as well.Well, i forgive them and i forget also, in fact i totally forgot the whole thing

But in the end, as time passes, the truth will surface and wat goes around comes around. ~THE END~

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Dinner at The Junk

It was some1 special's birthday. And we were going for dinner and wanted to try out new Ittalian place next to Little Saigon.

So we went there happily, the ambience was okie...the place was quite full, business looks gd to me, so we went in. We ordered 2 iced teas, a beef steak (4got the italian name), a type of pasta, and a salad...ok, i 4got alll the italian name for those food...hehe..the iced teas came in a short while...

so while we wait for our food, we chatted. But soon we ran out of topic, and realise we have waited for almost an hour. We notice a family came later than usm had their food already...we r getting irritated...we frowned....we called the waiter, "Where is our food??!!" we asked...he excused himself to the counter...and the ang mo waitress came back and you know wat she said " I'm sorry, some1 forgot to pass the order to the cook.." how can they forget to pass the order??? don't they suspect anything when we were sitting there, looking hungry?bo ko neng we go there just for 2 iced teas??? which cost rm3.80 per glass n tasted nthg special to me??!! Well, their service i will refer to that place at Italiano Bella Suxo ..i added the Suxo in...

We left the place angry, could they do this to us...ggrr..

i was so hungry liao at that I decided to go The Junk instead..I was planning to give the birthday cake after dinner when we go some place and have tea. But it was getting late...i decided to bring along the cake to The Junk. As soon as we sit there, the waiter (actually i dunno he is a waiter or one of the owner, lets say he's a waiter) offered to store the cake in fridge for us. This is a sign of good service. We were given their menu, the menu does not state any price on it. I didn't think much and ordered lamb shank and Banana Crush cos i was starving already..and my bf ordered Fettucine Carbonara and Blueberry & Raspberry Crush. We chatted a while abt Italiano Bella Suxo. I dunno how long is it, but it was a really short span of time between our order making and food serving. Our food arrived sooner than i expected.

Here is my Lamb Shank. It was actually quite a big portion. But it was served so fast..will the meat be hard? I tried to cut soft...put it in my tender n juicy..n the sauce was just nice....*heavenly* There was mashed potato under neath the lamb...i juz loveeee mashed potato.

He had fettucine carbonara..of cos i got a few forkful of them..keke.. i oso got give him some of my food wat..

I like the fettucine carbonara as well. mm..cheesy enuf...yet not too cheesy until make u kau uwek..

NICE. You can also see our drinks in the photo. hehe

The plates thats been used is actually quite big...its bigger than wat u tink you see in the photo...i dunno the exact measurement. you go there find out urself lo

Here is the cake. Blueberry cheese cake. I designed it. Nice ler... But we are too full to eat it liao..each of us ate a small piece only.:-)

So, we gestured for the waiter to bill us. This is the bill:

lamb shank : RM24
Fetuccine Carbonara : RM 20
Banana Crush : RM4
Blueberry & Raspberry crush : RM 7

We were so happy cos its a really reasonable price. They didn't cincai tai charge. I cant remember got tax o not though. But i think got la...cos the total amt got sen value there. Total is RM 51.60 i tink...cant remember liao..

Anyway, i was so happy and satisfied after eating at The Junk that i have forgotten abt Italiano Bella Suxo... :-)

if you want to bring anyone to dinner, i definitely recommend The Junk. Tasty food! Gd Service!Frenly Staff...

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Black out at the movies

Merdeka was suppose to be a holiday..but after having breakfast, i went to work. Got some coding to finish. From 9am I worked until 12.30. Then was thinking of watching a movie at nite...relax2 a while. So went to buy tickets lo. After that, i had lunch, then go back office work. The movie is starting at 7.15. I was working until 6++pm, then realising i might not have enuf time, i quickly drive home 2 get ready. Not even have time to eat dinner.

So when we arrived at the movies. They don't have electricity running. So we waited. Our movie was suppose to be starting at 7.15. We waited until arnd 7.40, and the electricity came back. So we moved to our seats..thinking that we will be able to enjoy our movie...the movie was fine until 15 mins later there is yet another black out. Siennnn...ok lo..we waited again....electricity is back again...then a few mins later its gone again..then its back again..then its gone again..ggrr..that's it..we went to refund....sud have better use for the ticket money....

by the time we reached the counterm there were already ppl waiting for their refunds as well. So we waited there in the dark....without any aircon, without proper air ventilation and soon different combination of ppl's perfume is making me dizzy *yucks*