Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Nobody is perfect is all i can say. I can't please everyone. So I decided to stop wondering & start ignoring. What's the point of friendship if the person can't accept you for what you are. The good together with the bad. I totally hate it when ppl suddenly gets hostile towards you out of the blue and you just don't know wat caused it. Mayb its a misunderstanding?if you don't say it out no one will know. So i chose to ignore. Time will sort things out. I still have a life to go on, friends that can accept me, laugh at my pranks, n jokes..never taking it 2 seriously, who is willing 2 help when i'm in need of them. Even i break up, i'm still friends with my ex wat, cause no 1 is perfect.Its juz a r/s gone bad, not that cannot b normal frens anymore. Life goes on, its not that i never been misunderstood b4. Most of them end in happy endings, with stronger circle of friends. Those that cannot be resolved are those who cannot forgive and forget, who might be narrow-minded as well.Well, i forgive them and i forget also, in fact i totally forgot the whole thing already..lol..

But in the end, as time passes, the truth will surface and wat goes around comes around. ~THE END~

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