Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Relax~~~its just me and my super long hair..trying to scare you..

did I?

AHHAHA..jgn marah..bu yao shen qi

and this is Mango

trying to scare you...


P/S. I'm going to cut my looonnnggg hair soon..its getting too heavy long liao...but then, I always say cut my hair, end up only trim 2-3 inches..LOL!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fel, Do you miss this?

:D !!

Besides durians, we got these selling at certain places as well. Its more rare. I didn't buy mine. My uncle's family gave it to me. They know how much i love these. Sweet and yummy. Last 2 years, I gave some to RedSponge and some to Fel fel....HAHAA..and Fel even ask for more after she finished the ones I gave her. This year, the tree bear fruits again. And again I gave some to Redsponge. But fel, fel is too far Perth.
So Fel, I help you eat over here. WAKAKKAKAKA...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Sore Throat...

because of this...

had this on Monday night...yumm..

but my throat felt really sore, "heaty" after that..

have to take these..ahaha...felt better now..

Say hi to Mango~

Friday, October 17, 2008

Wukui and Me

I bought wukui sometime in August. And I went to pick her at 2.9.08. Which is Oink's birthday and Mango's birthday. Now I drive everyday to work. And its safe to say that Wukui and I have been through a lot together. AHAHAH

I wanted a car that is small, not $$, easy to maintain, saves on petrol. Perodua Viva was my choice. Its looks like a turtle hence the nickname. wukui=turtle in mandarin

We flew over bump together. The next day we are smarter, and crawled over the very same bump instead.AHAHA

We went through bad rainy days..

*its so jam when its raining*

And we watched sunset together.


We went shopping together. Now I don't need to rely on *ahem* someone to bring me shopping anymore! Freedom is sweet! Car installments is not. 'x'

This morning I saw a road kill. I am not sure its a dog or cat. Cause the only thing that I can identify was what appears to me as a thigh ripped off from the body. And I noticed it when the car beside me drove over the thigh and it flung. @@

I tighten my grip on wukui's steering wheel. Trying to calm myself. And I did.

I'm glad I got wukui now. From time to time, I shall share more adventures of wukui & I.

stay tuned~

Monday, October 13, 2008

Roses for My Birthday..and others

I always love pretty flowers. Oink's family celebrated my birthday earlier on Sat. And my mother in law gave me these really gorgeous roses.. she planted these roses herself , arranged it nicely and made this bouquet for me. I really love it, I like this shade of red. Its a very pleasant surprise.

When I brought it home, Mango is very curious of the bouquet.

see..haha..she's captivated.

She keep sniffing the roses whenever she got the chance.

Even when I put it on the TV cabinet, beyond her sniffing limit..she still looking at it, standing on her hind feet just to take one more look at it.

Oink gave my baby d40x a flash (sb800). He asked me rajin sikit take photo..@@

San gave me a book on Healthy Enzyme DIY.

Mil & Sil gave me perfume.

Jaqq gave me a bling-bling HP string and a bear bear tissue box cover in which the bear bear I think resembles her..ROFL

Then there's dinner treats...I am getting fat liao...Eva at first wanna belanja me dinner also, in which i suggest we go watch movies instead, can protect our waistline, in which she happily agrees.ROFL

And there's all these wonderful bday smses..some I am surprised that they still remember!

Thank you all..

Thursday, October 09, 2008

My Yesterday

was great was time to go home..

I was quite happy..who won't be happy when its time to go home?

It was drizzling, I was walking towards my car. Then there this myvi, don't know why the rush..drove fast through a really shallow puddle, and THERE! I got SPLASHED. BAHHH!!!! Although its not very serious, but I was pissed. The myvi didn't even slow down after that. hmmphh..

Then at night, I went to Taichi class (I just joined early this month). There's this one pose for stretching, we are required to bend down and get up. When we got up, this uncle in front of me farted..=.= luckily not smelly.

I wanted to laugh. But i think it will be rude.