Saturday, December 30, 2006

You are Special

Hello! I am back!

Got miss me ma?

:-p kidding

I'm still recuperating from my travel. Walked almost 12 hours everyday. HEHE. And today i had NICE LONG SLEEP. :-p

So this post won't be so long. Just something nice to share.

I bought this at Genting Bus Stop.

PLAIN?wait till you see wat we will do with it.

:-) YES!It comes with paints and paint brush (red one is my own).

After a bit of work, and deciding on wat color to use.




I decided on what colors to use. And we worked together to paint it. A bit hard to paint as there are many angles which is hard to reach. After a coat of gloss, the work is done. And Panda and Oink are very satisfied.:-)


We love it!

Like the words carved on it, "YOU R SPECIAL"

YES! YOU, YOU and YOU! Everyone is special in their own ways.


Saturday, December 16, 2006

We'll be away...

from 17 Dec till 26 Dec.

Mango has to stay back Kuching alone. :-(

Vivian has agreed to puggysit her:-)

I've prepared everything for mango.

Her breakfast 'cereals', Denta Stix, her dinner (canned food) and a big chewy bone for her to chew on so that she won't be bored. Big Brother is still being dried after washing, so its not here in the photo.

I'll miss mango.

Since I'll be away on xmas day. I take this opportunity to wish you all..

P/S : I can't post comments! Don't know why?mayb i need to upgrade to beta version? HMM...i'll upgrade when i come back. See ya all soon.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


AH! Its towards the end of the year. And 2 of my close buds' birthday is just around the corner.

After i photoshop-ed this photo, i realised i miss out "," after the "Happy Birthday". LOL!

But then, the girls will forgive me right?HEEE *SHOWING INNOCENT LOOK*

Who are these pretty gals?

Lets start with the older one.

Yup, its her birthday on 20th Dec.

Next is....

What better to represent her other than a plate full of her favourite fruit!!:-D!

Her birthday is on the 29th Dec.

We celebrated their birthdays earlier, which was last night.

And we had...


MMMM, bells' favourite. Also my favouite and this girl's favourite.

Of course we had other dishes also. But the crab, was the main dish. Everyone was quiet when eating crab.KEKE.

And this is the crabs I had last Saturday, with Oink, his aunt, and his aunt's friends from Australia.

Its funny to watch ang moh try to use chopsticks.:-p OOPPS. But they enjoyed the crabs very much. Its very expensive to have them over there.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


:-) Really short post!

The mangosteen are yummy!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

乞丐雞 (direct translation= Beggar Chicken)

Those who ever watch 蘇乞丐 movie will know about this dish.

Sorry the photos are so small.These are the ones I found in google.

The real way to cook is to wrap the chicken in earth and somesort like bake it. I am not sure myself la..HEE

OK, the ones we had at Mei San Restaurant, Holiday Inn is like this:

Wrapped with flour and baked?

This is first time i had beggar chicken. The captain was cutting a hole on the chicken.

The rear view

Inside was whole chicken cooked with chinese herbs. MMM, yummy~ And yes, those 2 things are real eggs. Real raw eggs. Props.LOL

By the way, do u guys notice anything wrong with the dish?

I give u 5 secs to think and look carefully. Scroll down after 5 secs for the answer.


How can rooster lay eggs?AHAHAHHA

By the way, here's a better photo of Logan. I missed this photo at my last post.

Monday, December 04, 2006

The One

One Sunday morning, Princess Mango decided to go to a show, hoping to meet new friends. And who knows maybe find a suitable partner.

At the show, there's....

The Big Lazy One

Too in-active, not suitable to be a partner! Whole day just sit there.

The Happy One

This one is ok. But too small and skinny. Mango's so fat.:-p

The Coward One

This one was trembling all the time. Shaky legs. Mango pitied him.

The girls

Wah! So adorable, Mango like! Maybe they can teach mango how to be more lady-like.

The little one

Look at those eyes! How can u resist from saying "AWWWW.." and go hug him?

The Obedient One

Hans, who is very obedient. Obeys your every command. Obedience is one of the important qualities when seeking life partner. *EVIL SMIRK* But Mango don't like!


Will Mango found The One?

As Mango was leaving the hall. She saw.....

The ONE!

Meet Logan! A handsome, well built pug. Who was sitting by the entrance door. Mango can't resist and gave him a kiss on the nose. :-)

Aiyer, Mango so hiao! No face see!

Did love bloom?

Will they meet again?

I am not sure myself! LOL! Leave it all to fate lo.

Saturday, December 02, 2006


I was sick! Actually now still a bit coughing. I was feeling freezing cold last night and had a terrible headache. It effects my mood, and i became very moody and short tempered. Poor Oink, kenak my bomb a bit.:-p

I think i got sick because:
(1) Tuesday i went out dinner with frens to Happy Valley and had BBQ Lamb(HEATY!!) for dinner.
(2) Thursday i kenak rain. :-P


While on the road today. We saw this:

I don't really know what happened. But this guy, suddenly walked out from his kancil which is in front of us and started talking with the Kembara's driver. Then he opened the door, and started to pull the driver. Why this driver so ngong, should lock the door when driving ma. From what I see, i don't see how the Kembara's driver could have offend the guy. He was in front wor. And this happened at the traffic lights there. So when the light went green, we could't get through lo. We had to wait the right lane's queue to clear first, before we can cut into right lane. But by then, the light already go back to red. GRRRR. -.-"

We went to this shop to window shop. I was taking photos because it was a pretty sight. But the tauke neo said "paiseh hor..we don't allow ppl to take photos here"

HUH??why not?

I don't understand why cannot ler?

I wonder if i am tourist, would she dare to say so?

No wonder we were the only ones in the shop!

You can see the name of the shop on the label.

But I still preferred Green Gallery at RH Plaza, it has similar stuff there, and much much more! And certainly more friendly staff.

Enough with the unhappy stuff.

lets eat something nice.