Monday, December 26, 2005

Lovely Breakfast

This entry is especially dedicated to my bf. Whom, after I complained a few times that he never cooks for me, made brkfast for me one day!:-)

He wokes up as early as 6.15am on a non working day to make me American Breakfast!With Ham, egg, hotdogs, toast, tomatoes and cucumber slices.

Look at how nicely decorated it is!

Another nice shot

Inside the toasts, there's tomato and

I'm pretty impressed. For that I give 100++ extra bonus mark for my BF..:-D Hope for more home cooked breakfast in the future..:-D *hint*...LOL~~

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Be Yourself

Recently, while having breakfast at King Centre, i notice some1 wear a T-shirt bearing the words

"Be Yourself......
only better"

i tink its very meaningful and want to share it here.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Discovering my Secret Wish

I was looking for fragrance that i like which is light n unique. While browsing through sasa(s), notice the 's'? i visited lots of sasa, thus sasas..LOL..i keep looking at Secret Wish by Anna sui, the smell is light, i LIKE..but it was at KLCC when they show me the bottle cap, it was an ANGEL,sitting beutifully on top..i MUST have it~~

EVEn the box is pretty....LOVE it!!

The Box

Where the angel sleeps

The bottle cap..pretty isn't it?:-)

Monday, December 12, 2005


Things i regret about the past:

  1. I stayed at home during new yr's eve of millenium year. I had strict parents and NO date at that time..*sob* That's explained why i dun want to stay at home now during new year's eve..even if it means i need to go SOHO..i dun really like going there, its crowded and full of smoke..i hate smokes...i hope this yr i wont need to go back there AGAIN!Its not really my kind of place.:-S

  2. I said things that hurts ppl. Bo pien..i'm 2 direct bah....

  3. I am not open enuf when i was younger..owes keep to myself..some ppl tink i'm tiao kei wic in reality I am not..(luckily now i have great frens!I really appreciates it)

  4. A bit regret taking up IT last time...aizzzz

  5. I didn't exercise more to be come yoga came so late...aiz

  6. Cut my hair ( when i was small, i used to have straight long hair, after cutting it, my hair got wavy n its better liao..not so wyry but still a bit wavy..aiz

  7. Didn't use spf product when younger....which results in annoying freckles...ARGGHHS

  8. I didn't play with my cat one nite when i was in F4, i was bz studying for add math's test, then he went out 2 play alone, and got knocked dwn by a car...(T_T)..i cried until i fell asleep late at nite...i still fail my test the next day..*sob*

ok lah..i'm lazy 2 think wat else for all these, i will “let it go” and look into the future liao...