Monday, December 26, 2005

Lovely Breakfast

This entry is especially dedicated to my bf. Whom, after I complained a few times that he never cooks for me, made brkfast for me one day!:-)

He wokes up as early as 6.15am on a non working day to make me American Breakfast!With Ham, egg, hotdogs, toast, tomatoes and cucumber slices.

Look at how nicely decorated it is!

Another nice shot

Inside the toasts, there's tomato and

I'm pretty impressed. For that I give 100++ extra bonus mark for my BF..:-D Hope for more home cooked breakfast in the future..:-D *hint*...LOL~~


Anonymous said...

hehe.. so sweet the story of an American Breakfast.. So jealous.. next time I wanna put this kind of things in my blog if I got time.. too bad I still don't have the time to discover this blog thing and it is still new too me... hahaha.. you watch and see.. hehe.. just kidding.. hope get your red card soon enough..!!! :P

13th Panda said...

AHAHAH!!if got red card pun si you 1st lovey dovey...

here's anonymous's blog, sud say more accurately is her bf dedicate the blog to her: