Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I have decided..

not to colour my hair...


which is good right? Save money. Save time.

Monday, September 21, 2009

to Colour or not to Colour

I have a sudden urge to do something to my hair.

I did short before.
I did curls before.
I did Aaron Kwok before (High School, don't ask)
I did highlights before.
I always got rebond my hair ( at least nowadays to the hair root).

There's one thing I have never done to my hair. OK, two things may be. The other one is becoming bald WHICH I HOPE WILL NEVER EVER HAPPEN TO ME. *touch wood*

Ok, this one thing that I had never done to my hair is to dye it whole. I KNOW...people do it when they are 17/18, as soon as they left high school. But back then, I really love my jet black hair. Somemore my ever so strict dad drop hints at us to never colour our hair. BLA BLA BLA. But when I started to work. I felt ADVENTUROUS. I totally forgot dad's warning and did HIGHLIGHT. But he didn't say anything ler. I guess he FORGOT also?'x' OR may be he couldn't care less, because at home I am the one with the fashion fashion thingy. And I am the stubborn one.

BUT NOW, I feel like dyeing the whole thing. I see what colour did to others. Coloured hair people look younger and more radiant. If I don't like it, I can still always dye it back to black right?


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Frienz N Family

What do people first think of when Jalan Song is mentioned? Yes, its the FOOD. Every night, Jalan Song comes alive. We have almost everything here, spoilt with choices. From street food, to korean, to Pizza Hut and (not long ago) Starbucks.

I think its both lucky and unlucky for us to live in this area. It depends. When I'm lazy to cook, we can always walk for food. But its hard for us to resist the temptation when food is so easily accessible.SIGH, expanding waistline..

Anyway, from time to time, I shall share about what we tried here. The good and the bad. What we love, what we loathe. :)

And for today, its Frienz N Family Semi Fine Dining Restaurant.

The signboard sure caught our attention.

The walls are painted in shades of pink. I think Pink Cotton and Red Sponge will like this place. The dimmed lights made some wall appear red.

Now, we went to this place twice. The first time was like 2 wks ago.

1st visit:

Mushroom soup. VERY TASTY and FLAVORFUL. I forgot the price. I think its about RM5.90. I enjoyed it very much. But don't really like it when I found bay leaves in the soup. In my opinion, I think it should be removed.

I ordered pasta for myself. I forgot the name, I think its Carbonara. Presentation is good, but its not one of the best Pasta I have ever eaten. Its creamy, but the taste is quite bland. I won't order it again. Price should be around Rm12.90.

Oink ordered Lamb Chop for himself. I think the presentation of the dish is very nicely done. The taste? yummy! I definitely like this dish more than my pasta. Price should be between RM13 - Rm14.90.

2nd visit:

Our drinks! Oink had Teh Tarik and I had Watermelon juice (RM4.80)

Oink ordered Lamb Stew. DELICIOUS! RM 16.90.

I ordered JohnDory Grilled Fish. YUMMY! But its a bit cold. May be because of the aircon. RM12.90.

Overall, Frienz N Family is a good place to dine. The price is reasonable. Most of the food I tried is good (except for the pasta). I will definitely go there again. :)

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


It was Aden's birthday on the 23rd August. And redsponge and CCW threw him a BIRTHDAY PARTY!

And the proud parents ordered Thomas & Friends cake and cute cupcakes, which Oink and I was given one each *happy*

I was getting ready to the party. I tied up a pony tail. And was thinking it looked a bit dull. So I open my drawer to look for a hair band, and something caught my eye. So I use it.

Its a bra strap.AHAHAHA! I seldom use it anyway. At least it has another use for it.

Last weekend, the in laws decided to celebrate Oink's birthday earlier. I wanted to surprise Oink. With a cake! So I asked Selina's help. I had to lie a few times to Oink, telling him I go out with another friend but in actual fact, I was out shopping for the ingredients with Selina and making the cake.

The blueberry cheesecake.

Now putting all the cream nicely on the cake is x2 more difficult than the baking and mixing and all.


The cake done with all decorations and stuff. Although its not very pretty, but I did it with love. In case you are wondering, the letters are made from "agar-agar" ahahaha!

and today, is Oink's Birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAREST!