Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Tomato's progress at 2.5 years old

I am so proud of my girl. She now can button up her own PJ. Even though its taking longer when she does it herself. She has always been interested to do the buttons herself, but we always help her with it. Sometimes I would left one for her to try.  Once, I remember, after her night bath, she insisted on buttoning herself. She ran to a corner on the bed and sat there, and I told Oink let her be. Lets see how long will she try it. For about 30 minutes she sat there, trying and focusing so hard on that one button. After much sweating, she DID IT! You should have seen the look of satisfaction on her face. She was sweating, her bang was wet and sticking on her forehead. But she looked so satisfied, like she has won the olympics. And I was so proud too, just like my kid had won the oylmpics : D. What made me so happy was how she didn't give up. Its not the result that is important, its the process of getting there. And last night, she manage to do 4 buttons (all the buttons on her PJ) BY HERSELF, in 15 minutes!

Another interesting thing happened the other night. She was sitting on her daddy's lap, when she farted. And it smells. She covered her nose, and sat there for a while, seem to be thinking about something. She then suddenly jumped down, waver one hand behind her while turning her head back to her daddy, and say "hmpmpphh!! daddy 放屁!臭臭!" AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! She farted herself and so pandai and accused other people of doing it.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Melbourne after the wedding

Everyone is quite worn out after the wedding. LOL. So we didn't do much the day after. Just hanging around. It was a nice day. We went to the garden for some photo-taking session. Oink's uncle has a very nice garden. Every morning, a few kangaroos would hop in to look for food.  But they are really shy of humans, and would quickly run away when you get near.

Tomato saw me blowing dandelions. So she also wanted to copycat me. But she tried blowing at it with her pacifier on. *facepalm*

Love this shot.

The next day we went to Mount Dandenong. The weather was warm but not too warm. 

Look at the blue blue sky. How I miss the blue sky and the very blue sea of Australia.

Yellow standing out. 
 Someone is very busy pushing around her own stroller. :-s

Where else can you lie down on grass without worrying about dog poop? LOL. Tomato happily rolled around.

Then we had tea at Miss Marples Tearoom. Glorious food. Look at that sundae. YUMSSSS. Tomato only ate the strawberries 'x'

Friday, November 07, 2014

My baby girl's progress

My tomato is now 2 year, 5 mths old.

We have enrolled her for school (Pre-K). She seem excited about school. I wonder when she really goes to school, will she change her mind? hmm.

How time flies *SOB*..LOL

Potty Training

In preparation for school, I speed up her potty training. Our mission to train her was a hit and miss. She at first very willing to use potty, but that is also out of interest for new things. After that she refuse to use it :-s Although the teachers at school did mention that they will help us potty train our kids, i still feel uncomfortable about the whole idea. 2 mths ago, she does not go to the potty willing, keep say  "不要!" or run away. She seem to prefer to do it on her diaper. I was worried. So then I started to take off her diaper every other morning and make her sit on the potty 'x'. I told nanny about how I train her. So she also started to train her. Sure there are times when she got too excited at playing until forgot to go to potty for her business. But now, I am proud to say, most of the time, she will tell you she needs to go. We keep her potty inside the toilet, hoping she will do it inside, but she now carries it out every time she needs to go, and put it in front of the TV :-s. We still put diaper on her during her nap and sleeping time though. And if we go out, I also let her wear diaper just in case. And now, even though she is wearing diaper during day time, she will tell you when she needs to go, and can take off pants and diaper by herself, and you will find her diaper is dry. :-) However, if we are at kopitiam, I don't dare to let her use the toilet, you know la how 'clean' is our malaysian public toilet. I will tell her its ok to pee on diaper.


Recently introduced her to colouring. Just as a healthy past time (better than keep watching TV). She can't colour well yet, but at least she enjoys it. And she the first colour she learned to say out, was green colour, I do not know how and why she can remember green the most. Green is my favourite colour beside white and pink.

Food Intake

She has grown to be quite a picky eater. When she is younger, she will willingly try new things.  Now? *sighhh* she also doesn't eat as much as before.


She can count 1-20 in English. But still to work on the pronunciation.

Weight & Height

She is 13.2 kg, and 90 cm tall.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Bullying issue

Recently we brought Tomato to a weekend at the beach, we booked a chalet for a night. We asked along Oink's sister and her brood and my in laws.

It was quite pleasant, it was  not as crowded as I expected it to be.

The first day at the pool was fun. We met alot of familiar faces.

The second day, after brunch, we decided to spend our remaining time frolicking in the pool. Our nephew joined us. It was alright until a boy suddenly came charging at our nephew. He was taunting him, pushing him with his float. My nephew was helpless, he was not taught to be mean. So he did what he could, that is to paddle far far away from him. When the bullying boy, can't reach my nephew, he targeted tomato instead! Even though he was told off by adults whom I assume are his parents, he didn't show any sign of backing up. What Oink and I could do was shielding Tomato with our own body. I placed both my arms on Tomato's float and I shot the boy angry looks. Soon, my nephew came back, the bully lost interest and started to chase my poor nephew instead.

After that trip, I can't get the incident out of my mind. It made me worried. What if my tomato is bullied at school, and neither Oink or I is there to protect her?

When the time is right,I think we need to start educate Tomato on how to protect herself.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Mom can read me

Don't know if you've noticed. There are a few people in your life, that seems to be able to connect to you. Who can finish your sentence, who can sing the song playing in your mind. It almost seem like they can read you. YES? YES? YES?! There's is at least one right. And usually someone (or more) who is(are) very close to you.

I have 3. And I have a rank for them.

No. 3 : Dear fat bro

We only have each other to call a sibling. So you can say we are pretty close. We play together, and also fight quite often 'x'.

We are quite opposite him & I. But yet, sometimes he seem to be able to read my mind when he start singing the song I have been thinking about. He should be no. 2  but since he is now residing at Penang, he has dropped rank to no.3, cos we don't really spend much time together liao mah! My fat bro grown man dy, now has his own family :)

No. 2 is of course the man in my life, my dear husband, Oink. But we are more tuned in, in terms of food 'x' LOL. You know usually when ladies are ask what they want for lunch or dinner, usually they will say "dunno leh..." then when men suggest where to go, ladies will say "don't want fattening/ hot/ etc" AHAHAHHA...sounds familiar?  I am like that sometimes, 'x', but most of the time, I do feel strongly about going to a certain place, and Oink most of the time, gets it right. Not 10/10, but may be 7/10.

No. 1 !! My great mama!

This, while enjoying my maggie mee kari, *sob sob* Tomato pounced on me, and my bowl of maggie mee drop to my lap and it was hot! I was so angry I raised my voice, but worry not, I did not lay my hands on her. And to make matter worse, I went to the kitchen, and got my finger burnt while trying to move the wok ( I was steaming corn).

Proof! #Painlikehell #ouch 

I am not the type that stay in anger for long, but the pain fuelled me on. And my voice was not lowered until we got into the car 'x' So after dropping Tomato off at the nanny's, I wallow in self pity in the car, about what bad luck I have. I was surrounded by negativity. 

Then came lunch time, and I opened up my bento made by mama, and wah! Fried Chicken! You must be wondering what's so good about fried chicken? Its sinful, fattening and certainly not a healthy choice. My mom would agree with you, she always lecture us about fried food. That is why I am so surprised, I usually tried to avoid fried food, but I need this today, its my comfort food and it taste so good, I feel so loved! It totally lifted my mood significantly.

My Humble bento. Don't seem like a lot right? Thanks to mom, I don't gain weight much 'x' 
#loved #food #homecooked  #momthebest

Even after I married off and not living with her, she still seem to be able to read me. I remember sometime around 1-2 mths ago. I was craving for cockles. And what do you know, went home for dinner with fat juicy cockles waiting for me! How did she know? My God, its un-believable!

Really 世上只有妈妈好!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Melbourne : The Wedding

Hello blog. Its been a few weeks. I didn't notice I didn't blog for so long, few weeks seem to pass by in a few blinks. So I feel sorry I neglected you. *Ahem* 'x' But I promise, I will blog more often, for my own good since I plan to read you and relive the sweet & bitter memories when I am old. The more I blog = the more I get to read right? 

24 March 2014, The Wedding Day.

Woke up early to get ready. I let Tomato sleep in until the very last minute when we needed to get her ready. We didn't shower, it was wayyyy too cold.

Everyone was busy preparing food in the dining area. Me? my job is to take photos only (and to look after Tomato of course)

My love and I. Do we look pretty or what?

Food waiting to be eaten. Can you spot hot cross buns? They are only available on Easters.

Tea sets for the tea-serving ceremony. And Oink and I was served tea, and we get to give the newly-weds 'ang pao'.

Mother in law personally decorated the bridal car. She spent hours on it. It was nice, I really wanted to take photo from the front, but sorry, it was way too cold for me to bravely go out and take the photo 'x'

And afterwards, we were driven to the church which I can't remember the name for the church ceremony. I got no quality photos to share there as it was dark inside 'x' But the ceremony, was intimate and touching. Mother of the groom serenades and I was suddenly moved and felt so touched, I almost cried.

We then lunched at a Chinese Dim-Sum place. And we only get back home, around 3pm. O.O! Tomato fell asleep in the car before we even arrive.

The dinner reception was very interesting. It is somewhat different than what we have back home. I found Australians, are more open at sharing and humorous. There were speeches which are not at all boring, since they are such a funny couple. There's even a flash mob! And the mother of the groom actually was in it! Funny games, proposal video, the groom and pals even made a music video exactly like One Direction's MTV (can't remember the title, I am NOT their fan).Sorry, not much pictures, as I only brought my phone 'x' and I was busy getting entertained. *Ahem*

Here's a photo of the couple dancing. 

Here's one of the photos taken at the photobooth. Only get to play 2 times. Sigh.. was popular with the guests.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Mama,where are we going?

I am flying to kl with sils,selina and jaqq today for some shopping and relaxing. I have been packing discreetly so that tomato won't find out. But this morning,she woke up earlier than I expected and saw me lugging my luggage and immediately in her bright little mind,she thought we are going somewhere together. I felt a pang of guilt. She pushed my bag,which is bigger than her, towards the door.She then hold my hand with her little hand and led me into the store where her stroller is. She then tried to pull it and ask me 这个?(how bout this?won't we be needing this,mommy?) Awwwww...i was working how should i break the news to her. Inside the car,she demanded for her shoes. It was then i decided to explain to her,the cold hard truth. Dont't know if she can understand me or not,but at least she didn't make a fuss when we left her at nanny's. Mommy will miss you heaps and bunch, Tomato ;-(p0