Thursday, August 14, 2014

Mama,where are we going?

I am flying to kl with sils,selina and jaqq today for some shopping and relaxing. I have been packing discreetly so that tomato won't find out. But this morning,she woke up earlier than I expected and saw me lugging my luggage and immediately in her bright little mind,she thought we are going somewhere together. I felt a pang of guilt. She pushed my bag,which is bigger than her, towards the door.She then hold my hand with her little hand and led me into the store where her stroller is. She then tried to pull it and ask me 这个?(how bout this?won't we be needing this,mommy?) Awwwww...i was working how should i break the news to her. Inside the car,she demanded for her shoes. It was then i decided to explain to her,the cold hard truth. Dont't know if she can understand me or not,but at least she didn't make a fuss when we left her at nanny's. Mommy will miss you heaps and bunch, Tomato ;-(p0

Monday, August 11, 2014

Simple Happy Things

I bet you have them. If you don't, you must be a grumpy, bitter person 'x'

I get happy at simple things. Like buying a great item at discounted price. Like eating a delicious meal. Like eating ice-cream. Like a call or a hi from a friend.

Like eating hot piping rice with crispy luncheon meat. But now that I have a kid, I get happy with her eating what I cooked, giving me nods of approval (literally), finishing the whole bowl of soup. I didn't get less happy even when my rice got cold when I ate it with luncheon meat (didn't give her luncheon meat, lied to her telling her its spicy.. LOL...I did cook other dishes FYI)

I get proud and happy when she can utter new word, or short phrases. I get happy when she is happy.

ah, Tomato, you gave mommy so much joy and happiness. :)

Friday, August 08, 2014

Grow Baby Grow ( 2+ years old)

Tomato is now about 2 year 2 mths old.

Height, about 90cm ( she moves alot), hard to get her measurement.

Weight, about 12.8 kg (together with clothes and diaper)

She drinks less milk now compared to when she's younger, mostly about 5-6 oz (when she was around 1 yrs old, she could drink 8oz) . And she loves milo now.

Compared to when she was younger, she eats less now, because she is more interested in playing (and the tablet, sighhhh) and she is more picky nowadays. But then, she still likes vegetables.

I prepare her breakfast and cook her lunch everyday to bring to nanny's.Usually its soup with rice. Sometimes porridge, and sometimes stir fried pasta. And my mum will stir-fry some vegetable for her, which will be in a separate container and covered when its cooled down. I can't put the vege inside my magic cooker, as it will turn yellow.

eg of Lunch : soup (can't remember what soup, from the look of it, I think its fish soup with tomatoes and onion 'x') + rice (cooked with millet) + stir fried vege

eg of Breakfast : Mashed sweet potato and potato

I sometimes also add mix quinoa into her rice. 

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Melbourne : Queen Victoria Market

After Hobart, then Sydney, we are back to Melbourne. And our free and easy days commences. LOL! Well, you see, we are here for a wedding, and everyone is busy preparing for the wedding. And uncle's house is quite far from the city center( I can't remember the address 'x', but I remember it being really near to the airport).

but lucky for us, another aunty is coming down to pick up his sis from the airport, so we tumpang her car down to QVM.

Its much like our Kuching's Sunday Market, but is much more organised, with sections selling different categories of goods. But less crowded as it was a weekday. We picked up most of our souvenirs here. I bought shirts for the kids and my parents for 5 AUD each, only to find another stall selling for 4 AUD each #facepalm :/.  I love how they have a section selling organic fresh produce. LOVE IT!

Got lost while trying to find the food court. After walking around a bit, we manage to find it! Finally!  I got tired of fried food, but apparently Oink don't 'x'. Manage to find a Malaysian food stall and got Tomato porridge, which I thought was too salty and I suspect there's msg :( Oh well..And I had mediterranean potato salad.

After lunch, we walked a bit around the fresh vege and fruit section and got some pumpkin, sweet potato, a big bundle of fresh grapes for only 3AUD! and also a small box of strawberries for 2AUD! CHEAP! And all the sellers was super polite.:)

SWEET SWEET strawberries, this is when Tomato starts loving to eat strawberries.

We wandered around until around 3pm when they start closing and decided to leave. But how?ROFL!

We then found out we need to take the tram till the last stop towards the airport, and in order to do that, we got to have MyKi card, you can't purchase single tickets : /. So we walked around trying to find a shop selling the card and manage to find one.  And its about an hour ride back to the last stop, in which Tomato slept through. When we reached, it was sooo windy and cold, and Tomato was still sleeping, we decided to go to Westfield Airport West for some shopping. When we are there, only I shopped, Oink instead babysat Tomato at one corner. HAHAHAHA. But I end up didn't get much. Now another problem, how to go back? No one is at home because they all went up to another uncle's house for the preparation. My wise husband luckily had copied down the address of the house before we left this morning.

We walked to the taxi stand, and waited. And waited. And waited. WTH. Where's the damn taxi?! There's a young mother with her tiny baby and a shopping trolley full of groceries also waiting. And she told us she has waited for 3 hours. My God! This cannot do. I told my husband lets go back to the tram station. I bet we'll have better luck there. And what do you know, we manage to catch a taxi in less than 5 mins. I gave myself a pat at the back for being wise 'x'!! Worth braving the cold wind for it. While inside the the taxi, i told him about the young mother and his tiny baby still waiting at the taxi stand and tried to make him go back to pick her, but he seem reluctant. I really hoped he did. Poor baby, its cold and they have been waiting for 3 hours.

For dinner, we cooked instant noodle, and it devoured it, it seem like ages since we last had instant noodle and it was oh so good. LOL. Of course tomato didn't eat the instant noodle, she had porridge and mashed up pumpkin. We then had the sweet strawberries.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Melbourne : Rest & Relax

Before we went to Tasmania & Sydney, we actually rested one day at Melbourne first. With a toddler around, I thought its better we just stay in and rest since we didn't manage to catch enough z on the plane.

After a few hours nap, its already afternoon Melbourne time.

We stayed at Oink's uncle's house. And he has a hen. And tomato is fascinated in animals. Everyday if we are there, she will request to look at kok-kok-kei (chicken) 'x' And since I was there too to watch over her, I noticed something different about ang-mo-kei (foreign country's chicken). Our malaysian chickens run like no tomorrow when sight us, but this chicken, was very curious, and tried to get closer and look at us back instead. LOL

The weather was good, and I wanted to walk around the neighbourhood. It was quiet, with not much people.

And we chance upon a playground much to Tomato's delight. And it was empty. Where were all the people??!! O.O

The sky seem blue-er at Australia, and also vast-er.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Korean Vegetable Pancake

Saw this at and immediately felt that I should try it.

However, ahahaha, I have altered the recipe a bit. I halved the salt, used cucumber instead of zucchini, and omitted pumpkin & capsicums. And I think I messed up the dipping. :p

But still, I think its a good try. I will definitely make it again.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sydney Day 3 - Manly Beach, then to Melbourne

Our last day at Sydney. How I wished we stayed longer. It was also the hottest day we every had at Australia.

After breakfast, we took the free shuttle bus from George Street to Circular Quay again. Since its free, it was really packed. 'x' It took a while to go to Circular Quay as its making stops to pick up more people. 'x'! 

I really regretted boarding the free bus LOL. It was near 11am when we arrived 'x' And our plane to Melbourne is 3+pm 'x'!!!  we missed the 11am ferry to Manly and had to wait till 11.30am for the next one. I was so worried about how much time we have.  

It took around 30 mins to arrive Manly. All throughout the ride, I keep praying that we could arrive earlier. 'x' But look! The water is so nice, the sky is so blue!

It was HOT. Really hot day. Some random church I guess which I didn't get the name 'x' We only had limited time on Manly and there's no time to find out names. *ahem*

Obligatory tourist-y photo. SO SO HOT. But what nice beaches they have. Anyway, even with the little limited time we had, I still insist on having Ben & Jerry. LOL!! Its too hot, ok? I need to cool down.

With less than an hour spent there, we took the ferry back to Circular Quay, and this time we are smarter, we decide to take the train back to Central. I then came out with a master plan. Oink is to rush back to the  hotel to get our luggages while I will buy the train tickets to airport + buy lunch.

Anyway, we were in time. Thank God. Sydney Airport look so nice and huge, I regret we didn't have time to explore it, should have checked out earlier and just come explore the airport 'x' LOL. Didn't get to check out the airport when we landed a few days ago because it was already late night when we landed.

There was a guest in front of us who was too late for check in, he kept face-palm himself 'x'

And because we were last to check in, we got the last row seats 'x' which was window-less, and I pity the person who sat next to us, cos Tomato was as excited as usual when in the plane. I said person, cause till this day, I am not sure its a SHE or a HE. I thought its a HE because erm, the person was big, had short hair, wore like a man. Oink insist that its a SHE because of the higher pitched voice. Oh well, whatever 'x'

When we arrived at Tiger Airways's terminal at Tullamarine, we had the shock of our lives 'x' LOL. This, ladies and gentleman, is the terminal, do not doubt me. Oink said look like some kind of factory. LOL. He can't stop laughing, and I think he posted this photo in FB 'x'