Friday, December 28, 2012

New Year Resolutions

we'll say goodbye to 2012, and hello to 2013 real soon.

How was my 2012?

I would say it is rather good.

For starters, the world didn't end on 21.12.2012. So that's great news right? LOL

And best of all, Tomato arrived in our lives. ^_^

Brother settled down in July and was really happy for him.

Relationships with friends and family got better and better. Even went on a short trip to Singapore with RedSponge and Oren.  But they are some friends that I didn't have much chance to meet due to my new commitment (Tomato) like 33 and I do miss her so.

Work remain the same. Sucks. But one of my new year resolution might change this.

Ok, here are my 2013 new year resolutions.

1. Lose some weight. To be specific, I wish to drop 3-4kg more.  Hopes better diet and more exercise can do this. Which leads me to...

2. Exercise more. I miss yoga. And I can feel my body is not as fit as before. It has gotten sluggish. And I get tired really easily, even more with the arrival of Tomato. Office work + House Work. I barely have time for myself. So what I have been thinking is, if I can be fitter, I might be more alert and less sluggish and thus have enough energy left to do something else.

3. BE POSITIVE & PERSEVERE.This is something I have been stubborn-ly denying and avoiding for years. I have this problem that I know exists but denied its existence..ROFL . I give up easily. So now I decided to embrace it and face it, and also IMPROVE.  My dad calls it "hangat-hangat tahi ayam" (don't know why dad like to speak malay so much) and Oink say its 三分钟热度。 I always have ideas/ dreams/ projects. Small ones or doing it for someone I love, I always accomplished . But the bigger and more complicated ones (especially for self), I tend to give it up half way or before I even started when I realise how much effort needed and the obstacles I need to overcome. I blame it on my piano teacher. One of her comment has been shadowing me for many many years. When I was around 11, she said why you can never play a perfect piece? That haunted me. WHAT IF whatever I do, I can never do it perfectly?? What's the point then? This has haunt me for many years and effected the way I think. But I decided to save myself. Now that I have Tomato, I must be a good example to her. SEE? Her arrival is a good thing. She made me want to be better.^.^ I decided to think more positively and try harder no matter how complicated it may be.

4. Be more patient. Believe it or not, my temper was non-existent while I was pregnant. So I think its the hormone. I'll blame the hormone for all the temper 'x'

5. Learn something new. Haven't decided what will it be 'x'

6. Dare to be myself and not what people want me to be.

7. Go some place new.

8. Manage time better.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Grow Baby Grow (4-6 mths)

4 mths old
Weight : 6.5kg  Height :? Milk Intake : 3.5 oz every 3 hours

5 mths old
Weight : 6.8kg  Height :? Milk Intake :4oz every 3 hours

6 mths old
Weight : 7.3kg
Height :70cm
Milk Intake :4oz every 3 hours

Solid food intake : started on 24 November 2012 (a few days before she reached her 6 mth's milestone)

-  Her first solid food was Heinz Rice cereal. Showed great interest in the food. Although it tasted really bland to me, she accepted it well. But got bored of it after a while and cried for milk. She started her solid 2 days before she reached 6 mths old. And she got fever the very next day -_____- which lasted about 5 hours. Her temperature went down as soon as she vomited out her fever medication -______________-

- Very curious and playful.

- Smile at people quite easily.

- Last drink is usually around 10.30-11 pm. Then wakes up next morning around 5.30 am-6.30 am crying for milk.

Friday, December 07, 2012

I left my heart behind

I bought my tix to Kl (I always shop here) while i was still pregnant during aa sales.Many mths later,tomato was born. And when its getting near to the date,i get nervous.How shall I leave my precious bb behind.I read up tons on separation anxiety. I asked ppl's opinions. But all those didn't really make me feel better.

So here I am.Sleepless.Since 4 am. I thought I can sleep more while away from her.But that obviously didn't happen. Million thoughts pass through my mind. Million worries too. what if tomato got sick while I am away? What if she forgot about me? What if she felt betrayed by me for leaving her? What if people forget to feed her?What if x1584584667470.I can go on and on.

I felt really numb while in flight. All i can think about is I am getting further and further away from her. It really felt that I left my heart behind.So this is what it feels like to be a mother.

I know i shouldn't be worrying too much.Tomato are in good hands. My parents and my in laws are taking turns to take care of her when she's not at the nanny's,while we are away.

I tried reading bimbo blogs to boost my shopping mood(lol!). Sigh. It didnt really work. Somehow I associated the contents with Tomato. Oh my dear God,I miss her so much!!Even her cranky-ness. I foresee that this shopping trip will have more loot for Tomato rather for myself.

I am now waiting for 7am so that I can videocall home.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

The half day kids

I call the older kids who also goes to Tomato's nanny the half day kids. That's because they go to kindy/ play school in the morning and then go to the nanny's in the afternoon.

The half day kids are all girls. And lets call them Big Piggy, Little Piggy, and Miss Notty.

Big Piggy is the eldest, and the most talkative. She has short hair. Loves to eat so she is quite big in size but surprisingly very agile and flexible when come to dancing.

Little Piggy is the most quiet. And she always repeat what others is saying. Also the thinnest.

Miss Notty is youngest of the half day kids. Very mischievous and naughty. Likes to pull pranks and so far, cries and yells the most.

There's another little boy who goes to the nanny full day. Lets call him Ah Boy.

Now, the half day kids especially Big Piggy always say the darn-est things that makes you go LOL.


Big Piggy pulls Little Piggy over and say "Aunty, who do think is thinner??" and proceeded sucking in her big tummy. LOL! I didn't know how to answer her. Fearing I would hurt her feelings if I am honest. I just hehehe. But the nanny said, "So obvious its Little Piggy who is thinner!" Refuse to lose, she said " But I am taller!"


I was handing over Tomato to nanny and we chatted a while at the car porch. We talked about religion. And Big Piggy and Miss Notty was there kepoh-ing. Big Piggy said , "Aunty...Miss Notty is Ah Men. I am Omitofut" LOL!


I sometime wear dress to work. But I notice the other mothers don't wear as fancy as me. So one day, while waiting for Tomato to get her diaper changed. I sat down on the sofa, and Big Piggy approached me. She asked, "Aunty, why you wear this cloth to work?" (I was wearing a grey dress with V neck line, with a white tube inside) Before I could answer her, she cupped her right hand and whispered, "Aunty..I tell you hor..My mama got a sexy dress that she wear to sleep" LOL!


Big Piggy : "Aunty, why Tomato is sooooo fair?"
Nanny : "That's because her mama is fair ma.."
Big Piggy : "Aunty, I have smooth skin, do you have smooth skin?" (went and touched my skin under my neck)
Nanny : "WHAT ARE YOU DOING! Don't be so CHI GO PEK OK??"
Big Piggy : "Aunty, Ah Boy is not smooth" *POUT LIPS*