Monday, March 19, 2012

Just a bit more to go


I am now at my LAST,FINAL semester. And it felt a bit like first semester again, only I feel heavier 'x'.

On my scan during my 29th wk, my bb is estimated to be 1.29kg. Compared to 373 g at 21st wk. My my, how my bb grow. And Dr say, its possible for bb to gain 1 kg each mth now when I am at my final trimester. So I am watching what I eat 'x'..OK TRIED TOO and succeeded most of the time 'x'.

ok, gtg now. BUSY with stupid work.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Nesting Syndrome

As I progress towards my 7th mth, I suddenly have these strong urges to get ready my baby room. But I still have so many doubts. What brand of bottles should I buy? I plan to breastfeed, but what if I can't produce any milk? We didn't buy any formula. What are the things that we need?? I know we need a baby cot, that's a start. But what else?? I've been asking around my friends who are mothers. And thank GOD for my sister in law. She already has most of the baby stuff and is willing to borrow them to me. But even that, I still wanted to know exactly what she has so that I will know what else to get. I've been making Oink bring me to places to check out baby stuff and to survey on car seats. 'x' which he willingly obliged. And I have told my SIL that I will drop by her place this weekend to check out the stuffs and mayb bring back some of it.

chirp chirp chirp

I also attended the antenatal class exercise and was delighted to know we can still do leg lifts, but must do it slowly and only 1 leg is allowed to be up at one time, and not forgetting to push your spine to be aligned to the floor while doing it. But poor me, I don't have the time to do it yet. I am so busy with work, and when I don't have the mood to do my office work, I release the tension by going through by BB check list and planning on the BB room. And i even started to read up on baby solid food recipes 'x'.Although I may sound stressed from the way I describe my nesting instinct, its actually a "happy kind" of stress, it actually make me warm and fuzzy inside. Besides, by getting ready, I feel more calm and prepared and assured that my BB will come back to a more organised home.

Since we already have a built in cupboard in the BB's room, I don't plan to buy any storage drawer thingy for the BB room. With a bb coming, I am more strict on how we spend. BB is high maintenance you know.:D. Instead, I took some hamper baskets from my in laws, they usually get alot of hampers on CNY. I plan to wipe it with towel soaked with hot water, let it air dry. And I plan to wipe the inside of the cupboard and start organising stuff inside the cupboard.:-) *happy*

However, we won't be doing anything to the walls in BB room, as my in law stressed that we shouldn't be doing anything, moving anything. Its like a "pantang". While hubby said, as long as we don't do it in our own room should be ok. But I already made him promised we would decorate our BB room properly in the future. For now, I will be happy enough to make sure our home is cosy and comfortable enough to welcome our little bundle of joy. I'm too heavy, busy, sluggish and tired to do any heavy furnishings anyway.