Thursday, December 30, 2010


I am in such a good mood now. Thank you PM najib for declaring tomorrow as a PH. I am so happy that I've decided to blog 'x'.

I have been meaning to blog about this since afew weeks ago. But I got lazy, then a string of events happened.

26.11.2010 was our 3rd wedding anniversary. I can't believe we are married for 3 yrs now. 3 yrs of ups and downs, mostly ups :)

Of course to celebrate the important dates, we always do it by "MAKAN". This time I suggested we go to Raintree at Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK). Jackie raved about this place to me. How great the wait staff was. How great the food was. And since I have never been there, I think why not?

After we pan leng leng, we left for BCCK. Along the way, we got lost a few times (it was a rainy night), but end up oso manage to arrive safely (THANK GOD) 'x'

Hi there! *wink wink wink*

Jackie didn't tell me got live music too! What a surprise. The lady can sing really well. While waiting for our order to arrive, the friendly staff gave us some mini-bun-thingy. There are 2 types, poppy seed and wholemeal.

I chose poppy seeds. Oink took the whole meal one. This little bun looks small but tasted great! but we don't dare to eat too much, afraid that we won't have enough space left for the main course.

Oink's drink. Mocha something. Forgive me for I can't remember. :-p

I remembered mine! Ginger-ale.

I ordered lobster bisque as appetizer. Oink didn't order any.

But the staff are so thoughtful, they divided it into 2 shares.Again, yums!

Ok, this is what Oink had for his main course. Lamb something 'x' Again I can't remember. AHAHAH! Done medium. Tasted OMG-ly yummylicious. Tender! Juicy! Flavourful!

And this is mine. Fillet Mignon. Can only remember own order 'x'. For the first few bites, I think Oink's lamb tasted better. But as I continued eating mine, the meat gets tastier and tastier. YUMMS! Oh! have i told you that their mashed potato was the BEST i ever tasted? Simply creamy! I love how it melts in your mouth.

No dessert after that, too full already 'x'

The total bill came up to RM180+, can't remember exacty how much. But its soo worthed. Great food, great ambience, great service. Waayyy better than Jambu. Will definitely go again.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A friend lost

Just soon after lunch yesterday, a close friend of mine suddenly message me. She said just now someone claiming to be X's wife called her and told her X has passed away and now X's body is at GH. O.O! I was shocked, I still asked her are you sure? How sure are you??!!She then said she has a briefing to attend and ask me to investigate the matter. I called another friend and she seemed shocked too and asked me not to simply scare her. But because she works in the hospital, she can get info easier than me. After waiting for my hp to make any sound anxiously while hopping the news is untrue, my friend called me back, to confirm the news. Its so sudden! I cannot believe it! I just saw him 2 wks ago! At another friend's wedding! This can't be true! He just got married one year ago! Still so young! Life is soo... fragile :(

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Up Mango Up

Mango willing to do anything for food.Well, almost everything I think.

When you have a piece of food on your hand, you can do this.

When she sees the food, she will automatically be in her "stay" mode. But as you can see in the photo, she can't resist the temptation, eyes on the food already, ready to grab it.

Oink lift up his hand while saying "UP" and Mango trying to balance on her hind feet so that she can reach the Jackfruit.

Bravo to Mango!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Shortest ever in 10 years!

I think long and hard before I made this decision. The last time I took this step, it was when I was 15 I think. And I really regret it. But recently, I have an urge to do it again.

I wanted to change my hair style! I grew really bored of it. I wanted to do something. I don't want to rebond anymore!But at the same time, I am scared. What if whatever I did, doesn't suit me, and I'm stuck with it for a few mths?HOW?

I google for blogs of where people in Kuching do their hair, and came across this :
Essensuals by Toni & Guy

And I like what they did for the bloggers like Rose & Anna. And the best thing is, its at Jln Song, damn near my house. No need to go far far.

But yet, I still feel like a chicken, so I dragged Oink to go with me.

I always wear my hair long. And this time, I m ready for changes.

I am surprised that my hairstylist talks in a british accent. When I looked up, eh, 'ANG MOH' ! So the others told me he is here as an exchanged stylist kind of thing for 3 mths. And he will go back to UK by the end of Nov. So lucky me i guess? Dave the ang moh hairstylist took a look at my long wavy hair, and gave me two options. One is to keep the length, but he will take the weight away, and the other is to cut it shorter. After thinking for a while, I told him I wanted to try the short one.

When he chopped off my hair, surprisingly I didn't feel anything at all. After he is done. I told them I wanted to try colour my hair. Another first for me. I never coloured my hair whole. I did highlights before and that's it. That's when Jacqueline came in. She is the stylist for hair colour. She suggested that for a first timer like me, I should go for the deep brown colour range.

She looked at my hair and ask me am I sure I never dyed my hair black?To give you an idea how black my hair is, I put a photo here, this is the photo before I cut & colour my hair.

She joked that my hair is the virgin hair. 'x'

Well, because my hair is so black, she suggested that I choose the lightest shade for the range of deep brown I chose.

And the end result is....

Nice?I know its not very short, but it is indeed the shortest in 10 yrs! And the colour don't look much here, but it looks different under the sun.

But overall, I am really happy with my decision. And the best thing?I don't need to rebond it, it looks better wavy and messy.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm not a boy

From time to time, people will ask me how is my Mango.

Then got one time, long time ago, I can't remember how was the actual dialogue, my friend misunderstood that Mango is a HE. O.O! I asked her what made her think so. She said your Mango behaviour not gentle-like, tomboy-ish! Oh My! So it made me Mango indeed not that lady-like.

She is not friendly. Absolutely hate strangers. And she bites! And she can bark non-stop for at least 2 hours if she found there's a stranger in the house. I don't know what happened. she was so friendly when she was a puppy. I think the next door's fierce dog was a bad influence to her.

Go away before I bite you!

But if you open your heart, and slowly try to be friend with her. She will gradually and happily accept you. Once she's familiar with you, she will be happy to see you around. :-)

Thursday, October 07, 2010


We went to Penang & Langkawi in August.

And on a Sunday, my bro who is working at Penang brought us "Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan".

He said there's a place, only the locals know, and served the nicest steamed fish he ever tasted. Before that, we went Kek Lok Si, I've been to Kek Lok Si already, but my poor hubby never been to Penang yet.

This place my bro is raving about is NOT on the island, you have to cross the bridge and go over to mainland. Is it still call Penang there? I am not very sure.AHAHA! How to call myself a Malaysian like this.

The thing is, my bro is not very familiar with the route. So he asked his friend to draw him a map.

The oat building on the map is actually a quaker oat's factory. You can't really see the quaker oat guy by the road, its actually behind a wheat/ flour mill. You will see him once you turn into the junction.

I don't think there's a clear signboard indicating where the restaurant is, but I remember a tiger's beer logo signboard and something something restaurant by the roadside, you just turn there. The restaurant is NOT by the roadside, you still need to drive through ppls' houses.

I remember asking my bro is he sure or not. Looks more like housing area then a place for restaurant ler.

AND BEHOLD! Look at the cars!

We quickly scanned for a table and quickly sit down.

Just look at the crowd! By the way, the ah pek looking guy in green shirt is my bro. :-D!!

We are quickly then served by a waiter. Bro being the one who had eaten there before made the order. I noticed on every tables, they all ordered basically the same thing.

Our beverage came almost immediately after our order. Its home made liang teh in recycled mineral water bottle. 'x'! i hope its clean. But at that moment, I didn't care much. All I see is ICE COLD DRINK in a VERY HOT WEATHER.

Food came very soon after that also. I was very surprised. Its like less than 10 min wait.

The steamed fish my bro kept raving about. They steam it just nice. The meat was soft and tender and juicy and very fresh. The gravy was just enough salty to complement the meat. Yums!

My bro calls this "kappa" I have no idea what's the real name is. I just eat them as long as its not too ugly. Not bad! Chewy and a bit "sweet" tasting. Yums!

Fried Chicks. My bro's gf favourite. But she didn't come with us. My bro's car can't fit all of us (there's 5 of us including my bro).AHAHA. But we saved 2 to "tapao" back for her. Some people over fried this kind of dish, but this one is just nice, still juicy and tender. YUMS!

Fried beehoon. They didn't even wait for me to take a photo of it first! cis! But I have to say, there's nothing special about this fried bee hoon. Almost tasteless to me. I think they only fried it with soy sauce. If you go there, I think you can just give this a pass. No need order 'x'


Once a upon a time (actually just last friday), 3 stooges ladies (Selina, My sis-in-law, and I) took a flight to KL for 3d2n short trip. It was a last minute decision, and we wanted to do some shopping & relaxing. I was just happy to get out of work. It was kinda rush, although its a 3 days 2 nights trip, we actually only have a total of 2 days and 2 nights time to spend, which also includes sleeping time, eating, showers, etc, minus all those, we are left with only 20+ hours.

We stayed at Cititel Midvalley, joined the single beds together and shared. We saw a brochure on cititel's Japanese buffet, and was intrigued by the photo used and MAN! HOW WE got CHEATED! Our plan initially was like this, day 1: BB area, day 2:wan utama and ikano, day 3: Midvalley (so that we won't need to rush). BUT! because of this buffet, we had to change our plan to put BB area on the last day. Its not WORTH the RM60 LORRRR! The sashimi was ok. The almost-non-existent sushi was a disaster, dry, and almost tasteless. The tempura was soggy and super oily. Almost all the meat was cooked in the teriyaki sauce. Like this also called Japanese buffet? Was totally disappointed. Did a little shopping at Midvalley, and Bel(my SIL) paid for 2 pairs of earrings I picked as my Birthday present..KEKEKE..damn happy!

The next day, after a heavy breakfast at Cititel. We left for Wan Utama. We arrived at 11am. Then shopped and shopped and had a late lunch around 3pm at Nandos. Just imagine! Shopped till no proper lunch. AAHAHAHHA. Then we left for Ikano at around 6pm. Didn't dinner, and left Ikano at 10pm! ELEVEN HOURS OF WALKING! We were all groaning and whining about how painful our feet were and yet we can still walk and check out shops. :-D!! We had late dinner at Secret Recipe in Midvalley, only to be served by a grumpy waiter.

The last day, was the most hectic! We went to BB and didn't manage to get anything much, I at least got a pair of shoes. Then we had to rush back to get our luggage, and ALMOST didn't make it to the airport on time. Imagine that!

While waiting in the boarding hall, I still manage to grab a pair of heels at Carlo Rino! AHAHA!

So for this trip, I manage to grab 3 dresses for myself, 4 pairs of shoes, 1 hair band, 2 earrings (bday presents from Bel), 3 t-shirts (1 for Oink, 1 for bro in law, 1 for myself), 2 bags ( 1 for mum) , 3 tops ( 1 for MIL, 1 for cousin), a nice top for Oink, and some stuff from Ikea.I think that should be all. 'x'

P/S No photos. None of us brings a camera. :-p Where got time to camwhore?

Monday, September 06, 2010

Oink's surprise

When I ask my dear husband to choose a smartphone for his birthday. He stubbornly declined the offer. Mentioned the current one he's using is still good.

Then I don't know what to give him!

Then its a coincidence that he is going to Penang for work and might be there for his birthday. I checked the airtix, its so $$, I'd rather use that money to buy something nice for him.

Then he told me, he will be back on the night of his birthday. The idea didn't come to me then.

It was on Merdeka day, when I was taking a shower that the idea of throwing him a surprise hit me. He left for penang that night. I can only start preparation after he leaves.

His birthday is on the 2nd of Sept. I only have 1 and a half day to prepare. I messaged my Sis In Law about the plan. The plan is, I will sms Oink telling him I can't pick him up from airport. Then my father in law will have to go pick him. My bro in law should follow him so that he can use his hp to give us the cue when they are near the house.

I borrowed a birthday banner from Selina. It was done by Oink last year (I think) for her friend's 50th birthday.

I had to do something to cover the "50" so this is what I did.

My patchwork.AHAHAH! I only have one night ok. Oink don't want ppl to know how "old" is he, that's why the 2nd digit is pixelated 'x'

I ordered pizza and chicken wings from
Frienz and Family. Picked up the cake from Sharon from Appetit. Cut some kiwis, prepare salad. And after that, I wait for the family members to come. Oink is scheduled to arrive around 8.30 pm. I keep sms-ing the family asking them when are they coming. AHAHAH.

Selina came around 8pm, bringing Nasi Lemak and the condiments and also very nice home cooked chicken curry. She also brought watermelon.

Well, the rest came 1 min after Oink sms me telling me he arrived. Then panic came. SIL keep calling her husband asking where are they now while the rest straining to hear what he says. AHAHAH.

We got a few false alarms, cos SIL keep saying " You guys are here already?!!" and we thought its true, so we keep running up n down from the living room to the kitchen. And we kept peeping through the window. It was nerve wrecking I tell you! I had aircon on, but I keep sweating!

I manage to instruct the people to hide their shoes, in which they just left them under my car.ROFL. I locked the main gate.But , amidst the chaos, I forgot to lock the door's grille (which made Oink very suspicious).AHAHAH. I only got to lock the door only. So when the real cue came, I switched off all the lights,then we all ran into the kitchen, leaving only Oink's brother behind with the camera.

Selina and mom in law quick quick lighted the candles. Then we waited behind the door. I can still remember Isaac's excited face.I whispered to him, asking him later must sing the birthday song loud loud ok? He cheekily smiled and nodded. AHAHHA. I think the little guy is having fun too.

We heard the main gate got un-locked. *heart thumping*

We heard the door got un-locked. *palm sweating*

*Door creaks open*


Oink face was like this :-O!!

then its like this :-D!!!!


And then we presented him with the cake, well, not really a typical birthday cake, but a mille crepe. A very nice mille crepe.*thumbs up*

And then we MAKAN!

Later that night, when everybody has gone home, we talked about my almost fool-proof plan. He said, he got really suspicious when the bro in law followed my father in law to airport to pick him up. But that time he's not very sure yet. And when he came home, to find the main gate locked, but the door grille's wide open, he got really suspicious. Remember I told him I won't be in? It's impossible to him that I went out and didn't lock the grille. So he is very sure that I am home. And he noticed the lights off. So he thought I must be inside trying to surprise him or something. What he didn't expect was instead of only me, the whole family was there to surprise him. Well, at least there's still some element of surprise.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Little things that cheer you up

It was just 2 days ago when my mum said chirpily that she saw Bro and I in facebook over dinner. She was commenting the profile photo we used. At that moment, I had no idea she created an account for herself.

Well you see, my parents are not that tech savvy. It was just months ago when dad asked for my blog's address. And when he saw my blog, he said all I see is Mango's photos. AHAHAHHA!

And imagine how delighted I was when I saw an email of a friend request from my mom this morning! :-D!!

And she used the photo I took of her and dad when we went to HCM. AHAHAH! Of course the first thing I wrote on her wall is "hi MA!:-D"

well, I see that now she has only 4 friends, including me and Bro, but never mind, I will recommend her our cousins for her to add, and she haven't add Oink!

Way to go ma! She should teach dad to facebook also!

Friday, July 09, 2010

How's the Weather?

I keep an umbrella in my car. Almost everday, I will bring it out, just in case it rains. And the security guard will comment " Ah moi! Tak hujan, tak payah bawa payung"

So I started to get lazy. Some days, I don't bring it down with me. And sometime these somedays RAINED!

Like yesterday, I was lazy, i left my umbrella in the car. Thinking I won't be so unlucky kuaaa. And when its time to go home, it rained! Heavily!

So this morning, before i stepped out of the car, I hesistated, taking a moment to think whether should I bring the umbrella down with me. Then I thought won't be so coincidental kuaaa, unlucky for 2 straight days?

And what do you know?AGAIN! It happened to me again.GRRR. Remind me not to play mahjong, may be I won't win!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Some goodbyes are for ever

July began badly for me.

- 30th June -

My relatives were coming down from Sarikei, to send a daughter off to nursing training. We were supposed to have dinner that night at a restaurant. But by noon, my dad suddenly sms me and say something like this " Change of plan. Don't go to xxx restaurant. Eat at {housing area}. Will tell you later"

The whole SMS sounded so fishy. But I didn't press for WHY? Knowing how stubborn my dad can be. I was hoping he will tell me whatever it is when he is ready. I assume it should be something to do with the Sarikei relatives.

Around 5, dad SMS me again, he said my Grandma is very sick. He will go to Belaga, mum will go up from Sibu (she's having a course there). I was shocked! I quickly packed up and get ready to go home. I sms dad to ask how bad is it while waiting for the green light. He said "They wait time". THOSE THREE words made me stunned.Before I knew it, tears wet my cheeks.

- 1st July -

Boarded a flight to Bintulu at 11.35am. I sms dad asking where is he now, cos he was following Sarikei's relative's car to come up to Bintulu. But he didn't reply. I guess may be there's no reception or what.

Arrived Bintulu around 1pm cos the flight delayed abit.Then's when i got the dreadful SMS, telling me Grandma passed away, at 10.30am. 10.30 am! 10.30 am!
10.30 am! I I cried at the airport. I didn't get to say goodbye! Same goes to my mum! My poor poor mother! She was going up straight to Belaga from Sibu, she took a 5++am ride and scheduled to arrived arnd 8 hours later. She only knew about my Grandma's passing when she reached the Jetty.

Someone from Belaga picked us up from airport around 2, and it took us 4 hours to reach Belaga. Yes, no matter what transport u take, it will take almost a day to reach Belaga. Me and Oink are among those who lived outside Belaga to arrived early. But not early enough to meet my Grandma one last time. (T.T) I thought Grandma will get better, I didn't go thinking I will lose Grandma, I went thinking may be there'll be a miracle. Dad arrived with the Sarikei relatives around midnight. Eldest Uncle arrived around that time, poor Uncle, he also didn't get to say goodbye, I can never forget the scene. I was burning "paper money" (its a custom to do that in a chinese funeral) near Grandma's body, and eldest uncle walked right in, dropped his bag to the floor and cried while walking towards Grandma's body. Its a heart breaking scene, I fought hard to keep myself calm, as I need to keep burning the 'paper money', I was told to keep the fire burning.

Mum told us that she didn't sleep well for 2 nights. The first night, she dreamed Grandma passed away. The 2nd night, she dreamed she helped Grandma apply powder on her face. And true enough, the next day after the 2nd night, she really left us. Mum was told that Grandma asked for her when she was still conscious. :((((( But in the end she can't wait BOOHOOHOO

- 2nd July -

Its the day to prepare Grandma's body and move her into the coffin. Mum was told her zodiac sign clashes with Grandma, so she's forbidden to touch Grandma's body, she was only allowed to look at the process. Its the first time I get to see Grandma after her passing. She looked calm and at peace.

-3rd July -

Funeral day. We followed the lorry carrying Grandma's body on foot. Some of the aunties nearby came to help and each of them supported my mum and her sisters. Mum was crying non-stop. It really breaks my heart to see her that way. She kept calling my Grandma not to go. I followed her closely, ready to help in case she needed me. When I put my arms around her, she held my hand, and said "GRANDMA will never come back anymore" in hokkien and wailed. My heart broken into a million pieces seeing her like that. She must be very very sad to miss the chance to see Grandma one last time. The last time she saw her was Gawai this year, which I really regret cos I didn't follow. I should have followed! But its to late to regret now right? IF ONLY...sigh..

So people! If you are living away from your family, DO come back and see them often.

My grandma was such a giving person, gentle and humble. She liked to chit chat, even though my Hokkien is broken, she beared with me, and just listened to whatever I was talking about even though she might not understand. She liked to sit at the bench after meals and loved her Min Nan Yu Taiwanese soap operas. Oh, I will miss her so so much! *sobs*

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Busy Month

I'll be back after all the madness!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Illness episode

Its weird & interesting how a simple sore throat was ALWAYS later followed by a string of sickness. Its like they come in a package. A family of sickness.

I always dread April- June as its the hottest here in Kuching. And I have been avoiding 'heaty' food as long as I can. I have done well in that in April. And I try to drink more water. But oh, how can I turn away from Made-In-China-Luncheon-meat? How can I say no to BBQ invites? And finally, my throat protested after I had Ayam Penyet for lunch with my colleagues. The Ayam Penyet was good though. That very night, I started to feel pain even when swallowing my own saliva.

I told Redsponge about this, and she said soon will be followed by cough and phlegm, in which they really came true. *ROAR*

Then Selina said, for her case, its usually followed by flu. WHICH came true also! *ROARS* Gawai holidays, and my nose was so runny, its like water running from water tap 'x' No Kidding!

So now, here I am, coughing, troubled with phlegm and nose is block . HATE!

Monday, May 17, 2010

New Kitchen

Well, its not that new actually. Been using for more than a month already. My original kitchen was really small, and on the right side of the house. Can hardly cook in it.

Last yr, around Dec ( yes i know, very late already) the extension work started from the study room. And it didn't finalise even until CNY. So after CNY, the workers came to do the final touches.

When everything was done, we looked into the design of the Kitchen. We were intro-ed by a fellow colleague to a contractor who can do the cabinets for us. We told the guy our idea. He told us, he can finish it in less than a month. And so he did. *thumbs up*

JENG JENG..come see..

This is before we "zhng" the place.

After looking around. We manage to get the perfect lighting at a very reasonable pricing @ 3rd mile and also bar stools from my friend @ Beetex.

The wall tiles may look plain white here. But up close, it looks like this.

Nice right? I like it alot.

Cantik! Alot ppl who saw the protruding beam on the roof say it spoiled the view. So I wanted to change this perspective, by adding a nice light, making it one of the centre of attention.

The island.

The hood and the hob. We bought Dragonfly hood after consulting friends of ours who had hood at home. And they all used Dragonfly. For the hob, we picked Zenne KGH201. And the hob is really powerful. You will know why if you read on.

Now our idea for the kitchen didn't just end here. There's a wall near between the windows and the door, which has uneven patches because the painting job was done when the cement is not thoroughly dried. So like the beam, I want to make the ugly duckling into a beautiful swan.

First, I took photo of the wall. Then I did this with photoshop.

I showed it to Oren and RedSponge and of course to Oink. And the comments i got was:

on design no. 1
oink: butterfly so big.
rs : very you.

on design no. 2
oink : the butterfly doesn't blend in with the rose.
rs : can paint my bedroom wall?

on design no. 3
oink : again, the butterflies doesn't seem to blend in.
rs : later at night, if you don't on light, you might be shocked to death, thinking whats that black thing on the wall. (-.-!!!)
rs : see, you even had the ridsect ready for the butterflies (CIS)
Oren : Your flower and butterflies cannot grow in your kitchen cos its hot. (WAT THE!! ROF)

on design no. 4
they all like it. So no. 4 it is.

First, we print the roses out using 2 A0 papers.

Then, oink cuts out the area where the wall will be painted.

Then the whole thing is paper taped to the wall. And Oink sponged on the color I picked on the cutout area. After that, the papers are removed, and Oink used a brush to smooth the edges and refine it.

Master at work 'x'

Master checking my design with the laptop to make sure the lines are correct.

and TADAA! The real thing!

Closer..looks pretty neat from afar.

BUT, if you move closer..

AHAHAHAH!! WHAT THE!! I asked the Master why the smudges, and the Master who drew it replied "AIYO! you don't understand, this is called art ma..有线条的美。"


Really happy with the kitchen. I said to Oink,"You know?The kitchen is the nicest part of the entire house" ROF.

And for the first ever dishes I cooked in the new kitchen were...

Burnt spam and belacan kangkong. AHAHAHAHHAHA! I bought the expensive Tulip brand spam and it tasted not even half as good as the one made in China. CIS.

I was not familiar with the cooking hob, and before I knew it, most of my spam slices got burnt 'x' REALLY POWERFUL. 'x'

and of course, from there, I got familiarized with my hob and can cook better dishes.

Some of the many breakfasts.

I invited family members to come for a "kitchen-warming" party on Labour Day. Where I will cook the dishes, and they will be my guinea pigs honored guests.

No.1 :
Salted Prawn. By the time all the guests arrived, it has turned soggy and the prawn soaked up a lot of the saltiness from the coarse salt.

no. 2 : Grilled Lamb Shoulders.

no. 3 : Simple Mix Vege

No. 4 : Steamed Fish

No. 5 : Stir- Fry "Q Cai"

no. 6 : Salad

No. 7 : Pork Leg Stew. The most popular dish for the night.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Money Bouquet

I made Rocher Bouquet for Selina's birthday last month. So for mother's day, I wanted to help Oink do something special for his mum, my mother in law.

So I made a money bouquet.

You will need $ of course. The more the bigger the bouquet. ROFL.

This is how one stalk will look like.

And this is Mango trying to sabotage it.CIS

This is how the final product looks like.

A closer look.What do you think? Good idea eh? Its easier to make this compared to the Rocher Bouquet. You can find out how to make a money bouquet here. A little tips though, try not to use a lot of our RM5 notes. Its more difficult to curl the corners compared to our normal paper notes.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

First Ever Handmade Ferrero Rocher Bouquet

Selina's Birthday is coming up. My SIL and I was discussing one day what to give her.

She suggested why not a Rocher Bouquet?

Now, I have never done ANY bouquet before.

It took me 1 night to think about how to do the "stalk" and "petals" AAHAHA

But finally I manage to complete all the stalks of Rochers in two nights.

This is how 18 stalks looked like before I wrap it. It may look simple, but its not as easy as you think. All the sewing and cutting and cello-taping.

Hmm, not very satisfied with my wrapping (the stalks are too short). But at least its nice and presentable. So here is my first ever hand made Ferrero Rocher bouquet.

Happy Birthday Selina!