Thursday, December 16, 2010

A friend lost

Just soon after lunch yesterday, a close friend of mine suddenly message me. She said just now someone claiming to be X's wife called her and told her X has passed away and now X's body is at GH. O.O! I was shocked, I still asked her are you sure? How sure are you??!!She then said she has a briefing to attend and ask me to investigate the matter. I called another friend and she seemed shocked too and asked me not to simply scare her. But because she works in the hospital, she can get info easier than me. After waiting for my hp to make any sound anxiously while hopping the news is untrue, my friend called me back, to confirm the news. Its so sudden! I cannot believe it! I just saw him 2 wks ago! At another friend's wedding! This can't be true! He just got married one year ago! Still so young! Life is soo... fragile :(


Anonymous said...

May I ask, did he die of some sickness or just gone without any reasons (like naturally)? :X

13th Panda said...

He had an accident :(