Thursday, August 31, 2006

How I spent my Merdeka Day

We start off the day by visiting the Salvation Army sales at Ban Hock Road. Bought 2 packets of soya milk, 2 burgers for brkfast, 2 bbq-ed lok lok, 2 drinks. Total charity:rm13.

Then, I followed Oink and gang to Lundu.

FOR lunch.

HAHAHHAHA. You guys might think us wuliao , go so far just for lunch. But I think its not such a bad idea. Its been awhile since I've last went to lundu. 7 of us (Vivian, Er Er, Helen, Tukia, Anthony, Oink and me) squeezed into Vivian's big car.

And approx. 1 hour 45 mins later we arrived at Lundu.


Our lunch

I can't eat the prawns though. I just had my left ear pierced AGAIN (3rd time) :-(

After lunch, we went down to the market. And we saw this.

You know wat are these?

NO?then scroll down to have a closer view.

See them now?

Here's a closeup view on this HIGH protein food. YES, some ppl do eat them. Oink said he tried them before! EEEK. Its 30 cent each.

You dare to eat this?

They told me there's a few way of eating it. One, is by pulling the head off and eat it raw. Another way is to fry them. *UWEK*

OK. Lets stop talking abt this.

Next we move outside the market to the durian stalls. HEHE.I love durian.

The durian shell.

We ate some durian on the spot. I never did this before. HMM~new experience.HAHA.

Then we left, for MORE shopping.

Keropok shopping!HAHAHA

Hmm~Can actually see tukia in this photo.

After all the shoppings, we head back to Kuching, but about 20 mins from departure, we smelled burnt plastic inside the car! They tried to find the source.

While BOH LIAO me took this photo.

Nice bor?I bought them at bangkok. :-p

After a few testing on the car to find out the source. The smell finally wore off. We guessed that some plastic might have gotten caught on the tyre.

We reached home around 4.30pm. Boy!I was sure sleepy.

But got dinner tonight. x.x

While at dinner, oink's sis and aunt say its ok for me to eat seafood as long as i put on antiseptic cream on my ear. YAY!*happy* I love seafood also.

GEEE,I ate alot today.

Burger.Durian. Fish. Meat. Bidin. Keropok Pisang. Fried mee. Sea Cucumber Soup. Fish again. Cheese squid. Prawn. Spinach.Fresh Cream Fruit Cake. Duck.

I'm getting FATTER. :-(


Monday, August 28, 2006


Today is a special day! FIRST! I want to wish happy birthday to PINK COTTON!

She changed alot from the first time i see her. From a grass she evolved to a beautiful flower. The 1st time i saw her, she always wear jeans and baby T niah. After she pak thor, she gradually change to a young pretty lady. She is still getting prettier and prettier. She used to be very cholo, likes to punch ppl in the tummy. Now so different, I see her getting more feminine, more patient. She used to say tea drinking is for old people. But now I see her drink green tea liao.HAHAHA.

Next!I want to wish happy belated birthday to Red Sponge.

I didn't have my streamyx then in May. So I usually blog from office. My company tracks internet usage, so i can't use it too long for personal use. So i compensate here.:-p I have to be fair ma. :-p

Froggie cake!

First thing i notice about red sponge is her BIG eyes...she got pretty big eyes. :-)


Its 13thpanda's FIRST birthday today! AWWWWW...*PROUD*

Before i had streamyx, i had only 400++ hits. Since i had streamyx installed late July.. .the hits increased a lot more to 1000++..HEE..quite proud la me. :-) but need to pay mthly fee :-(

I wish all August babies a happy birthday!
Merdeka Tag

I have been tagged. So far this is the most difficult tag i have come accross!@@! mind is super blank. *TAP FINGERS*

The only thing that comes across my mind is the tanggal 31 song..LOL

OK la..i cincai berpuisi..Kalau ada temapt ygsalah, minta beribu-ribu ampun ya. Sorry la, long time didn't touch BM campur BM and English.:-p

Tonight i am having headache,
because i saw red sponge's tag,
oh how oh my Oh Cake,
How should i complete this tag?

Now on the roads which is nearly black,
a lot of cars put on msia's flag,
Most of the roads in town are blocked,
Hai wa today late to work! {CIS}

Merdeka, merdeka happened a lot years back,
before I was even made,
but i am really really grateful that,
our country is a negara yang sudah MERDEKA! {ok..this does not exactly rhyme}





Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Ma, where do babies come from?

That was a question i asked my mum when i was a kid.

I asked her a few times, but she pretended not to listen to me. Then, one day she finally gave me an answer. The conversation went on something like this:

Ma : Babies form from the meat we eat everyday. {I WAS SHOCKED @@!}
me : then how come u know when the baby will be out?
Ma: eat enough meat then will have baby lo {DOUBLE SHOCK, i love to eat meat that time}
me: {opened mouth to ask more}
Ma: OK liao, "sei kia" don't need to ask so much {adults in my house always end sensititive conversation like this...-.-""}

For a few days after i know the "answer", i was afraid to eat meat.

But after that , the tempatation was too hard to resist for me, so i con't to feed myself fat with meat. :-D

Then u know who finally gave me the CORRECT answer? It was my best friend, she told me when i was 12. My reaction was YUCKS. YEWWWW. GROSSS.

Next time i have kids, i will just open up the bio book and explain to them. Better the truth than being mislead!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I've decided to write abt my June trip to bangkok and pattaya. I know its been months now, but i got nothing to write in my goes!

We landed in bangkok arnd 2.30 bkk time.Our flight was delayed :-( we were suppose to arrive earlier. Then we were welcomed by our tour guide. Then we are stuck in the jam while going to the hotel for like ONE HOUR. -.-"""" arrived at hotel at around 3.30, then our Tour Guide Ms. Liang asked us to get ready and go down at 5.30 to go for dinner.

Dinner (actually there's more dishes, but i can't tahan hunger liao)

Our 1st dinner in Bangkok. When the dishes came, we all are quite pleased that the dishes seem quite HO LIAO...but hor....the rest of the days we are served with similar dishes -.-" luckily we already nego with the tour agency that we would prefer lunch n brkfast to be provided by them only.

Messy cables

The thing that we noticed while stuck in traffic jam. MESSY MESSY CABLES. *geleng kepala* so dangerous.

We went to SUAM LOM night bazaar after dinner.

wonderful lighthings

OH!!they are so pretty la...I wanted to buy them, but i don't know how to bring them back and where to put them. Probably next time, when i have a house to deco..HHEEEHEEE

I didn't spend much that night. I only bought 2 items for myself:

I dunno wat u call this

Price: 50 baht

I only wore it that time niah when taking photo of it..:-p wat a waste of money :-p

bracelet with butterflies

Price: 90 baht

I loveee butterflies. .isn't it pretty?:-)

Then we headed back to hotel to zzz.

stay tuned for DAY @ : BKK to PATTAYA

Sunday, August 20, 2006


WOKE UP by mango before 7am. grrrr...these few days when she is out frm her "bedroom" she will come knock at my door and make whining noises until i get up and let her in, let her lick, let her naughtily bite my hand.-.-""""

Oink came over at 8am to help prepare our breakfast. HEEE

This is what we had:


We boiled the cheese hot dog cos I think its healthier that way, and the meat will be more moist, instead of dry when u fry/ bake it. Our breakfast was very filling, we didn't even need to have lunch.

Oh!By the way, my blood and urine tests came out ok!:-)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

HAZE HAZE go away

Its not so pleasant to wake up in the morning nowadays. The moment u step out of ur bedroom, you wanted to take a deep breath of the morning cool air, instead, you breathe in sm0ke..EEEEKK...and its so hot nowadays. I guess air con/ air cooler is selling like hot cakes now. *hmmm*

This photo was taken days the haze is far more worse. It makes my throat sore, my eyes dry and my nose block. HMM~i guess clinics are having a better business also.

LETS DO THE RAIN DANCE to make it rain!! kidding....i don't think any one of us knows how. I tink the gov sud send someone to do cloud seeding so that it will rain ler... *SIGH* always wait till very serious then will take action..*geleng kepala*


LETS change topic..HAHA ... (i dunno how to continue the haze topic :-p)

I bought this on saturday! It has MY COLOR : GOLD. Actually my favourite color is white. But i just love this gold. Oink named it magic purse. Actually i forgot the name for it. But its very useful.

1. open the purse and put money inside.

2. Close it. ( The gold pattern is nice right?)

3. Open it up again from the other side.

WAAALAA! The ringgit note is secured.

It even has a slot for you to put in a card.

Very useful if i don't want to bring my bulky purse out. I can use this when i go to aerobics/ yoga. GOOD.

till next post, adieu~

Monday, August 14, 2006

Its About MY Saturday again..*Hiaks*

I woke up early on Saturday. Need to prepare brkfast for Mango. AND, I'm going to do my Blood and Urine test today *SCARED* .... Have I told u guys HOW much i fear pain?

I planned to go months ago, but was overcome by fear. HMM, but lately heard a few cases of my friends, who are about my age, diagnosed with something scary. So I braved myself and made the BIG DECISION.

My wonderful bud, oren , gave me a PATHLAB voucher worth rm100 months ago for premium package when she heard that i wanted to go for blood test. How nice of her *BLOW KISS AT OREN* OH YA, from now on, ur nick in my blog will be OREN..LOL..cute ler~:-p At first I thought i have lost the voucher, but after plenty of digging in my room :-p, I've found it!

I kept telling Oink i am very scared when we arrived at Pathlab (Jln Song). He said he will accompany me and do the tests as well..*GRIN* ok, that makes me calm down a bit. So after a few minutes of mental preparation in the car, we walked into Pathlab. While I was registering, the staff there keep promoting "Platinum Package" which comprises of 48 tests and free cancer tests and other free tests for 4 persons. Oink was attracted and decided to buy the whole package (RM720, original price was 1000++) -.-"

After registration, we were given a small bottle each for our urine sample. Pls note that I NEVER took urine test before this.

BLADDDY small ler

I took the photo in the toilet. Wondering how to pee into it. You know la, guys have "pipe" bo, they can aim "accurately" but how can us girls, pee in it, without wetting our hand?@@ You know wat I mean?

OK. *AHEM* After my one time experience, i decide to give a very useful tip here on how girls can pee into it without wetting our own hands.


I washed my hands clean after that 'x'

After that it was time to FEEL PAIN *KIN TEO* I'm scared of injection.

But instead of injection. I got INJECTIONSSS. *SSSOOOBB**

There was 3 staff at the lab. The 1st one poked me, and complained that my blood vessel was too small. And very little blood was drawn the 1st time. Then another one came and poked me again on the left hand, no blood came out. She said i was too nervous, causing the blood vessel to "collapse" hmm~~*rub chin* I was asked to rest a while to calm myself. After that the 3rd staff (the ONLY one with the lab uniform) came to poke me on the right. This time blood flow smoothly. I can hear blood being sucked out even though I close my eyes with my left hand. :-p

my poor poor hands

After that we went to Hartz Chicken Buffet at Sarawak Plaza. KEKE

My fav in Hartz : Hot Wings

You have to order for this dish. They don't usually serve it unless you order for it. YUMMMY! 3.5 stars for it. HOT AND SOUR to my liking. Redsponge, i think this is too hot for you. :-p

Till next post, adieu~

Friday, August 11, 2006


Simple entry abt food i had these 2 days.

=================10 Aug 2006==================

Last night, went out to have dinner with oink, Jackie, Jee and Hui Ling. I tapao-ed some food for my dad and fried a plate of vege for him. And of course i prepared mango's dinner before i left for dinner. HEHE

we went to this restaurant:

The name card

We ordered the Fried "Emperor's Mee", bidin, oat coated prawns, crispy ("cui pi") tauhu and onion chicken. The fried mee is nice...i recommend it. The rest are so so only, but still not bad. But they are not that special for me to take photo of it.

Half way through, Oink ordered another dish...a dish that deserves to appear in my blog. One of my favourites!

*drum rolls*


Orh Jian!

YUM YUM YUM!I give it FIVE MARVELLOUS STAR!WHY? because it was really crispy!And the whole thing was cut like pizza so we dun need to tear it ourselves. Each of us had 2 yummy pieces:-D! And there's generous amount of "Orh" (as compare to other places where i had them)

========================11 Aug 2006 =======================

Today i'm really lazy to cook. So i smsed dad that we'll go out for a simple dinner tonight.

Nothing new. We went to Hong Kong Noodle House at Padungan.

We ordered belacan kangkung, sauced chicken rice (dad's), and char siew pork rice (mine).

Oily Belacan kangkung (eeeek!)

 time I won't order this at HKNH.Its too oily and its too salty. The best belacan kangkung i ever had was at Sri Aman's market. It was hot enough, very kick.

Char Siew Pork Rice

I won't post my dad's sauced Chicken Rice here, cos the photo i took of it was blur. I didn't have another chance to re-take as my camera ran out of battery. :-p

HMMM~~sinful week i must be more rajin for aerobics. Hopefully my work won't be as busy next week. I've already missed aerobics and yoga for this week. :-(

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


The part time housewife (my mum) is away travelling for week until this sunday. So as the only daughter in the house, i had to take over her honourable duties. My job starts today, right after i got off frm work. My duties(for today):

  • cooked rice
  • cooked some dishes
  • made mango's meal..she's a picky eater..i had to pujuk her eat -oo-
  • mango puked, i moped the floor
  • washed plates, wok and other kitchen utensilssss
  • after that, clearing up the table
  • made mango's "bed"
TIRED! I MISS MUM ALREADY!If she's here, i won't be so tired :-p

I can mango miss her.She usually eats at 6.30pm. But she lied there like waiting for someone. But in the end, she succumb to her hunger and ate also..LOL

My eye lids feels so heavy now...don't know wat i typed got typo not.need sleep. gd 9.zzz.tomorrow need to wake up early to prepare brfkast for the 3 of us.


Monday, August 07, 2006

Mango VS Miao Miao

NO NO mango didn't have a fight with a cat...

We were bringing Mango to Taman Sahabat yesterday. Was happily strolling, i was making sure that Mango won't get to bite anyone..luckily she's a toy breed, more easy to control. WHEN.SUDDENLY.FROM MY LEFT SIDE.....

I heard a little kid's voice saying "eee, ni kan!Miao Miao ah!"(mandarin) which translates to "EEE!Look!A miao miao!" V.V'' The kid's dad quick2 replied "bu shi lah, na ke na li shi miao miao?" (mandarin) "no lah, that's not a miao miao" while laughing. The kid said "bu shi meh?" (mandarin) "Not meh?"... I didn't stay longer to continue listening..we quick2 walk away..

I keep grumbling to Oink. Why ppl keep thinking mango is a cat? This is not the 1st time she was mistaken for a cat. Once i carried Mango to a park for a walk, my neighbour asked me am I bring my cat for a walk? -.-""""" then i replied "erm erm, yup bringing my DOG for a walk"..

CIS. I don't hate cats. I ever have them as pets..but poor mango, ppl keep thinking she's a cat.

You say la?Which part of my mango that looks like a cat?

my mango greets me every morning and everyday after i come back frm work.
my mango makes me smile and laugh
my mango's sooo adorable
my mango can eat durian, vege, mild spicy food

Anyhow, still my Mango is the best !keke

mini bikes

Anyway, we spotted some ppl playing mini bikes. I wonder where they bought them?And how much is it? hmm~*rub chin*

but its sure is funny watching an adult riding on a tiny bike. :-p

Stay tuned till next time...adieu~
Meet Tristan :-)

This is the 1st time a close friend of mine became a mummy. *excited*

Meet little TRISTAN CHAI!

He is so tiny!

In this photo, Tristan was a little more than one week old. The proud mummy gave birth to little Tristan through C-section last Saturday. Well done to Tristan's mummy! He looked sooo tiny and sooo fragile..

sleeping peacefully zzzz

He was sleeping through all the time while I was paying them a visit.Sayang~ Tristan didn't have chance to see lenglui (that's me!) He kept pouting his tiny lips..SO cute! Maybe he is dreaming about nipple his milk bottle.:-p

Beware to Stanley!He is triple u! WHY?because he is TRIple STANley.. HAHAHHA..ok..that's not funny..rather lame actually..

Anyway, lets welcome Tristan to our world.HEEE

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Of Kuching Fest and Movie Nite

Finally I get to watch Pirates of the Carribean Sea : Dead Man's Chest. :-) It was ok lo..but i think the 1st one is better..

Last night oink and I went to Kuching Fest. Every year I will go to the fest, even if not to eat, also can go jalan-jalan.


Took this photo with oink's hp

This is a new stall we found that we never saw previously. They sell "Or wah mee suah" for rm4 per bowl. Oink bought one to try. It tasted a bit spicy. In the whole bowl only 2 "Or" and Oink said the "Or" not so fresh.hmm, i only like "Or jian", i don't like "Or" in soup form.

Another photo with oink's hp

I bought californian maki here. I love californian maki. I don't dare buy the home made sushis on other stalls. I ever bought the home made ones, and it made me spend alot of time in the wc :-P I have sensitive stomach..HEEE

Beautiful Lily

We spotted a nice lily pond on our way back to the car. I love pretty flowers.


Oink korek to see if got gold not. HMM~no gold..LOL

*tired* short post..hehe...Good Night~

I was superman for 3 secs in Sunday. I was playing chase with mango and didn't notice that the floor is wet. So i slipped, "flew" on air for 3 secs, and landed HARD on my right knee OUCH.. It was kind of weird while i "flew", its like it happened in slow motion..i was thinking "CHAM, this time sure hurts, must make sure not to hurt my butt like i always did when falling" then before i knew it, BOOOMMM, landed on right knee...boohoohoohoo...SO PAINFUL stopped chasing after me, a bit scared when i screamed. BUt she got tried to console me when i wailed, licking me.

I'm kind of bz this week. Need to finish up drama series on DVD Need to finish my job by this week. :-(( Had lots of meetings. Need to do lots of changes. *sigh*

If i'm free tonight, mayb i'll post about of my outing last night.HEEE..cya