Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Of Kuching Fest and Movie Nite

Finally I get to watch Pirates of the Carribean Sea : Dead Man's Chest. :-) It was ok lo..but i think the 1st one is better..

Last night oink and I went to Kuching Fest. Every year I will go to the fest, even if not to eat, also can go jalan-jalan.


Took this photo with oink's hp

This is a new stall we found that we never saw previously. They sell "Or wah mee suah" for rm4 per bowl. Oink bought one to try. It tasted a bit spicy. In the whole bowl only 2 "Or" and Oink said the "Or" not so fresh.hmm, i only like "Or jian", i don't like "Or" in soup form.

Another photo with oink's hp

I bought californian maki here. I love californian maki. I don't dare buy the home made sushis on other stalls. I ever bought the home made ones, and it made me spend alot of time in the wc :-P I have sensitive stomach..HEEE

Beautiful Lily

We spotted a nice lily pond on our way back to the car. I love pretty flowers.


Oink korek to see if got gold not. HMM~no gold..LOL

*tired* short post..hehe...Good Night~


Ang Gu Gu said...

sob..i miss kuching festivals and food more pic ler.. =) cannot go...see also can..ahahah

Wilson said...

u r very creative -_-"

Pink Cotton said...

we really did take almost the same photo

hmm...weird..i think the oyster in my mee sua is fresh wo! i think they just restocked their oyster last nite..haahahah

13th Panda said...

ang gu gu: AHAHAH..i didn't manage to take any food photos that day. Nvm, i will go back again for nice food hunt...HEEE

wilson: TQ~~ I memang creative *nose high high* LOL

Red Sponge said...

Any other new stalls?

Winn said...

haha last pic very funny!!