Monday, August 07, 2006

Meet Tristan :-)

This is the 1st time a close friend of mine became a mummy. *excited*

Meet little TRISTAN CHAI!

He is so tiny!

In this photo, Tristan was a little more than one week old. The proud mummy gave birth to little Tristan through C-section last Saturday. Well done to Tristan's mummy! He looked sooo tiny and sooo fragile..

sleeping peacefully zzzz

He was sleeping through all the time while I was paying them a visit.Sayang~ Tristan didn't have chance to see lenglui (that's me!) He kept pouting his tiny lips..SO cute! Maybe he is dreaming about nipple his milk bottle.:-p

Beware to Stanley!He is triple u! WHY?because he is TRIple STANley.. HAHAHHA..ok..that's not funny..rather lame actually..

Anyway, lets welcome Tristan to our world.HEEE


Red Sponge said...

wah baby!!!! 'x'

13thpanda, act QUICK!!

Wilson said...

awwww~~~cute little baby

tonight u must *cough* "work hard" wif ur bf liao. :P

13th Panda said...

redsponge : *AHEM* u 1st! We must owes let the elder 1st!LOL..kidding

wilson: =.=" not married yet..cannot start "working" LOL

Chen said...

ini wilson so naughty..
i must piak him when I see him in the future, hahaha..

13th Panda said...


Pink Cotton said...

aiyerrr so cuute

cannot determine look like who..hmmm
*rub chin*

13th Panda said...

pink cotton: not so fast eh?but i think the eye brow looks like the mum's

Anonymous said...

Tristan's Mummy : Hehehe, nice post. Who is Stanley ar?

yeah lor ... better "jia you". Not married oso nvm what. Modern girl ma ... lolz :P

13th Panda said...

Tristan's mummy: I don't know any Stanley..:-p. I'm a modern gal that still hold to that conservative thinking ma..LOL