Monday, August 14, 2006

Its About MY Saturday again..*Hiaks*

I woke up early on Saturday. Need to prepare brkfast for Mango. AND, I'm going to do my Blood and Urine test today *SCARED* .... Have I told u guys HOW much i fear pain?

I planned to go months ago, but was overcome by fear. HMM, but lately heard a few cases of my friends, who are about my age, diagnosed with something scary. So I braved myself and made the BIG DECISION.

My wonderful bud, oren , gave me a PATHLAB voucher worth rm100 months ago for premium package when she heard that i wanted to go for blood test. How nice of her *BLOW KISS AT OREN* OH YA, from now on, ur nick in my blog will be OREN..LOL..cute ler~:-p At first I thought i have lost the voucher, but after plenty of digging in my room :-p, I've found it!

I kept telling Oink i am very scared when we arrived at Pathlab (Jln Song). He said he will accompany me and do the tests as well..*GRIN* ok, that makes me calm down a bit. So after a few minutes of mental preparation in the car, we walked into Pathlab. While I was registering, the staff there keep promoting "Platinum Package" which comprises of 48 tests and free cancer tests and other free tests for 4 persons. Oink was attracted and decided to buy the whole package (RM720, original price was 1000++) -.-"

After registration, we were given a small bottle each for our urine sample. Pls note that I NEVER took urine test before this.

BLADDDY small ler

I took the photo in the toilet. Wondering how to pee into it. You know la, guys have "pipe" bo, they can aim "accurately" but how can us girls, pee in it, without wetting our hand?@@ You know wat I mean?

OK. *AHEM* After my one time experience, i decide to give a very useful tip here on how girls can pee into it without wetting our own hands.


I washed my hands clean after that 'x'

After that it was time to FEEL PAIN *KIN TEO* I'm scared of injection.

But instead of injection. I got INJECTIONSSS. *SSSOOOBB**

There was 3 staff at the lab. The 1st one poked me, and complained that my blood vessel was too small. And very little blood was drawn the 1st time. Then another one came and poked me again on the left hand, no blood came out. She said i was too nervous, causing the blood vessel to "collapse" hmm~~*rub chin* I was asked to rest a while to calm myself. After that the 3rd staff (the ONLY one with the lab uniform) came to poke me on the right. This time blood flow smoothly. I can hear blood being sucked out even though I close my eyes with my left hand. :-p

my poor poor hands

After that we went to Hartz Chicken Buffet at Sarawak Plaza. KEKE

My fav in Hartz : Hot Wings

You have to order for this dish. They don't usually serve it unless you order for it. YUMMMY! 3.5 stars for it. HOT AND SOUR to my liking. Redsponge, i think this is too hot for you. :-p

Till next post, adieu~


Zara's Mama said...

After a while.. you'll get used to it.. I mean the needle and peeing into a bottle. :P

Pink Cotton said...


so xpensive!!!!LOL

13th Panda said...

zara's mum: boohoohoo..i hope no more next time..but then prevention is better then cure..

pink cotton: the one oink bought is a package for 4 person ma

Selba said...

eh.. why do you need blood and urine test?
what did your friends diagnosed? oh oh.. something scary? *wondering*

13th Panda said...

selba: no apparent reason, just normal checkup, prevention better than cure ma. My friend ah? got tumour lo..but not dangerous type.

Red Sponge said...

tsk tsk tsk...poor 13th panda. *pat pat*

You really brave girl la!!! 'x'!!

I dun dare go for one yet!

Wilson said...

howly fug, 3 times kena poked...hurt ler.

13th Panda said...

redsponge : Thanks :-)

Wilson : ya, it hurts..but i feel proud of myself..i braved myself for the tests. :-p

Chen said...

The urine bottle consider big liao.. I have seen even smaller urine bottle :)
The correct way to collect urine sample is to collect the mid stream urine - only to collect the urine half way after urinate, not the initial portion of urine (cos of high chance of contamination if u collect urine during this period)

needle prick ah? soon u will get used to it :P I don't really recommend people to go for cancer test screening cos this test is not very specific and there are chances of false negative or borderline results which causes unneccesarry fear and more unnecessary invasive procedures.. Unless one has signs and symptoms, then only go for the cancer test screening :) If not, just go ahead with the normal blood test screening is sufficient liao..

13th Panda said...

chen: I got ask the staff ler..but she laughed at me borrr...SIEN...and hor i drank too much water..LOL