Thursday, August 31, 2006

How I spent my Merdeka Day

We start off the day by visiting the Salvation Army sales at Ban Hock Road. Bought 2 packets of soya milk, 2 burgers for brkfast, 2 bbq-ed lok lok, 2 drinks. Total charity:rm13.

Then, I followed Oink and gang to Lundu.

FOR lunch.

HAHAHHAHA. You guys might think us wuliao , go so far just for lunch. But I think its not such a bad idea. Its been awhile since I've last went to lundu. 7 of us (Vivian, Er Er, Helen, Tukia, Anthony, Oink and me) squeezed into Vivian's big car.

And approx. 1 hour 45 mins later we arrived at Lundu.


Our lunch

I can't eat the prawns though. I just had my left ear pierced AGAIN (3rd time) :-(

After lunch, we went down to the market. And we saw this.

You know wat are these?

NO?then scroll down to have a closer view.

See them now?

Here's a closeup view on this HIGH protein food. YES, some ppl do eat them. Oink said he tried them before! EEEK. Its 30 cent each.

You dare to eat this?

They told me there's a few way of eating it. One, is by pulling the head off and eat it raw. Another way is to fry them. *UWEK*

OK. Lets stop talking abt this.

Next we move outside the market to the durian stalls. HEHE.I love durian.

The durian shell.

We ate some durian on the spot. I never did this before. HMM~new experience.HAHA.

Then we left, for MORE shopping.

Keropok shopping!HAHAHA

Hmm~Can actually see tukia in this photo.

After all the shoppings, we head back to Kuching, but about 20 mins from departure, we smelled burnt plastic inside the car! They tried to find the source.

While BOH LIAO me took this photo.

Nice bor?I bought them at bangkok. :-p

After a few testing on the car to find out the source. The smell finally wore off. We guessed that some plastic might have gotten caught on the tyre.

We reached home around 4.30pm. Boy!I was sure sleepy.

But got dinner tonight. x.x

While at dinner, oink's sis and aunt say its ok for me to eat seafood as long as i put on antiseptic cream on my ear. YAY!*happy* I love seafood also.

GEEE,I ate alot today.

Burger.Durian. Fish. Meat. Bidin. Keropok Pisang. Fried mee. Sea Cucumber Soup. Fish again. Cheese squid. Prawn. Spinach.Fresh Cream Fruit Cake. Duck.

I'm getting FATTER. :-(



Red Sponge said...

Firstly, waiseh...7 of u squeezed into a BIG CAR? can kar? i mean some of u might be abit too HUGE 'x'

Secondly, worm...hee...saw it in Bangkok! 'x'!! I chose to try the grasshopper.

Thirdly, u n ur kasut! kekekekekeekeee...u memang wu liao!

Fourthly, eh..the chao ta be could be at the exhaust pipe (thanks vampirem giving me the right term *giggle*)

Finally, i guess that's all. HAHAHAHA

Red Sponge said...

ah..i mean there might be plastic bag or wat stuck ard the exhaust and get burnt.

cos...someone's car just kenak not too long ago.

13th Panda said...

NEH!the 2 guys sit at the back ler..LOL
but on the way back..i sat at the back with oink, 2gether with the durians and sayur.A bit "HIP" back there..too far for a/c. P/S: big car not a van ya..erm..its a ssyang yong something car?But its big lo.

Exhaust kah?dunno ler..we smell here and there, seem the source was frm the tyre ler. I chocked and coughed when i sniffed to hard.

VampireM said...

maybe braked too hard... the brake padding get toasted... like when i drove down genting, a lot of cars emit that foul odor...

zeroimpact said...

I doubt I can eat it raw... but what is the taste...

or2ng3s said...

hmm the worm i think sunday market also got kan?

btw panda, ur slippers/sandals looked nice ho, but ho ur feet... kekeke... lalalalalala..

13th Panda said...

vampirem: But the road was quite flat wor..nvm least i got back to kch safe!HAHAHA

zeroimpacy: They say its sweet ler. But i will never try it...too yucky..

Oren: U want me piak u??CIS

zeroimpact said...

Sweet ah...
I like sweet things

Pink Cotton said...

the worms!!..wat are those??
ewww fat fat.. 'x'
reminds me of lion king..the hakuna matata thingy and all :)

oh btw ..i wanto PP U


sekian 'x'

13th Panda said...

zero impact:@@!*SHOCKED!* means u dare to try them?

pink cotton: Its sago worms. The aunty was saying u can keep them as pets..but when there's no more sago for them to feed on, they will die, or eat their own kind to survive!EEEKK. I think i am fat ma...LOL

zeroimpact said...

I don't know...
Want to try...
May be fried one la not the crawling one

13th Panda said...

zeroimpact: @@REALLY?Mayb when u come to kuching, u can try the fried one :-)

Chen said...

i ate the worm before.. in the past.

During my last balik kampung trip, I tried to look for the sago worms again, but couldn't find :(
so sad ..

13th Panda said...

chen: now u know u can always find them at lundu..:-p