Thursday, July 18, 2013

Chickens and Eagles

Just weeks ago, our company attended a seminar with a renowned speaker who came to motivate us.

I went expecting to feel sleepy, but he is an interesting man. And funny too.  I need to leave half way though, to pick up Tomato.

My colleague didn't attend. So when we met, I shared with him some of the things I find interesting and still remember. One of it is the speaker say we should be an eagle, not a chicken. Chicken always do what others do, while eagle soar successfully high in the sky, preying alone, working independently.

So after that, we keep metaphorically relate our situation to the topic.

We talked about how we are chickens, everyday do same thing, and get chicken feed as salary  'x'!! AHAHAHAHAHA

Then we talked about a project where some staff will be required to be attached to the site, far away from home and family. And I commended how pitiful it will be. He said, chickens are meant to be slaughtered when needed. AHHAHAHAAHAHAH

And then, I mentioned how guys in IT field have thinner hair 'x' He said, its ok, since chickens need to have all their feathers plucked before being slaughtered anyway. 'x'!!! AHAHAHAHHAH

Got once, he suddenly appear without me realising and I was slightly shocked. So I scolded him, don't walk so silently like a cat, he said where got? I walk like a chicken. AHHHHHHHHHHH But then chicken is not quiet ler, they keep kok kok kok  kok kok kok...AHHAHAHAHH

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Some of the things Tomato use

I wanted to share some of the things that Tomato is using now.

Bath items:

- Pureen 2-in-1 baby shampoo when bath at my nanny's at mum's place. Gaia body wash and shampoo when bathing at home. I love the smell of Pureen's blackcurrant and Plum. At the same time I love Gaia just because its organic 'x'..AHAHA.. Pureen is available at all supermarket. While Gaia was brought back by MIL from her Aus trip. But I think it can be purchased online too. You just have to google.

After bath:

- will rub her chest and upper back with 21st Century's children's vapor rub to prevent cold. We sleep in an air-conditioned room on most night. Available in pharmacies, Watson, Guardian,  Mummycare, Poppies, not sure of others) . So far, I find it cheapest at Poppies.

- then rub her tummy and lower back with 如意oil. Available at most shops.

- then apply moogoo's skin udder cream  on her limbs, emphasizing on her legs as my friend told me kid's legs get drier as they grow. So I suppose prevention is better than cure? I love the idea behind this product, go read the history and I guarantee you will LOL. And the ingredients are natural and I love the fact its not greasy. LOVE IT!I sometime use it on self too. You can buy it online if you are from Malaysia here.  I got this online for RM39.90.

- As for diapers, she use PetPet during the day (cos she poo quite frequent, not LS type, but soft stools) and Mamypoko for the night. And as claimed by the advert, Mamypoko sure last for whole night. Its more expensive but definitely worth it.

For rashes, insect bites, cuts ...

-  Lucas papaw for rashes, bites and minor cuts.  Love this product.  If you apply this on the area a mozzie bit soon enough, the swelling and redness will heal after half an hour! When Tomato has a more serious rash on her bum bum, I use this too. Heal very fast! Avaialble at Poppies or you can source it online, of if you are going to Australia, grab some back!

- Drapolene cream as prevention. After Lucas pawpaw heals Tomato's nappy rash, I will use this as a protective barrier. I don't use this much though. Only when necessary.  Available at most supermarket and pharmacies. And again, cheapest I find is at Poppies.

Insect Repellants

We used a few. Patches, spray-type, balm type. And the best I think is this one : Badger's  Anti- Bug balm Twist-Up Stick. Bought it from My nanny's house is infested with mosquitoes during rainy days. I think its because she has a lot of plants. :-s Spray and patches don't work as well. This balm is also not 100%, but I see its works much better than the rest. Plus the twist up design makes it easier to apply. Another plus is its organic. Safe for babies :))

Oral Care

- There's this chinese herb powder thingy where you can buy from chinese herb stores. At least this is what other mothers I know is also using. I don't know the exact names, but the chinese herb seller will know what you want when you ask for it. You are to wrap a pc of sterilised bandage ( I use snowflake brand 3x10'' if I am not mistaken as it is the perfect size and I am lazy to cut myself into pcs if I buy the rolled ones 'X') . Plan to change to use a proper toothbrush when she grows more teeth. At this point, she still only have 2.