Monday, October 29, 2012

Drink milk

I've been training my dear Tomato to hold her own milk bottle since she's 4 mths old. UNDER Oink's or my supervision of course.

She seem to love it. And now, she can hold it without us supporting the bottle. But not for too long. Her little hands will wander off. LOL. But I'm already so proud of her.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Good night...

Found baby tomato sleeping like this one night on my in law's bed. :D

She must have woken up while sleeping. And as usual, once she woke up, she will try to turn to her right side. And while doing it, she must have fallen asleep again. LOL. CUTE MAX!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

No use crying over spilled milk


I spilled my milk. My precious breast milk. (T^T). I blamed myself for being careless. But what's done is done. BOOHOOHOO. Its a painful lesson.

I'm blogging this down as a reminder to self to be careful next time.

I manage to pump 7oz last night. Wanted to keep 4 oz frozen in the freezer for future use. Poured it into the milk bag, didn't seal it (BIG MISTAKE!), left the bottle still at the bag's opening (wanted to make sure most milk went into the bag - BIG MISTAKE #2! Then I opened the fridge door and I heard something dripping. Turned my head to see the bottle is weighing down the bag, and the milk is spilling onto the floor. I cried out loud enough to attract a curious Oink to the kitchen 'x'

PAINFUL LESSON! Only 1 oz left in the bag. No point to freeze it any more. HEARTACHE ahhhhh..


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Aunty Angela Sarawak Laksa @ Green Heights Mall

My SIL has been raving about a certain Aunty Angie's laksa at The Pan Tree @ Green Heights mall.

Having exhausted the ideas of where to have breakfast on my last day as 20 something , I decided we should go try it out.

We arrived to find the place quite deserted. 'X'. Were very sceptical  whether is it as nice as SIL claims to be. We went ahead and order the laksa anyway. Regular ones for each of us. RM 5 each. I think they are having promotion?The usual price should be RM6 for regular sized laksa?

Looks GOOD? First sip of the broth, Oink said its curry-ish. But after adding the limau juice in, it's GOOD. The prawns are FRESH. Beehoon and prawns are done to the right Q-ness. YUMSS

Oink was not very full after having the laksa. So he went ordering Chicken and Mushroom handmade noodle from the stall just opposite Aunty Angela's.

Doesn't look very interesting. RM 4 (also under promotion).  But it tasted GOOD. I like it. The Chicken and mushroom was tasty.

Food here IS pricier compared to kopitiams. But its clean and cooler and has less ppl (not good for their business but good news for us who don't like to fight for a table (and most of the time not clean) at popular kopitiams.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Crazy weekend...


I turned 30 last Saturday. We are required to clear our leave so I took an off day for Friday.

Before I went on leave. I was thinking Friday is my last day as 29. I should do something CRAZY. BUT WHAT? Kuching is not a very happening place. I googled. And the results I got was EAT KOLO MEE -____-, go to bako (done that  a few times)..go to the beach (done that many times too).. and the only thing I didn't get to do yet is to see the rafflesia(hmmm), but not very interested to do that now, and also not sure it is blooming now or not.

Disappointed with google, I turn to my dear husband Oink for suggestion. And he suggestion was JIAK KAU PUI PUI (in hokkien means - stuff yourself fat) -_____________________________- I told him, that is not crazy..that is a stupid idea. ROFL.

Then I turn to BFF, she suggested I go manicure and pedicure. At least her idea is better than binging. I made an effort to share to Oink how BFF has better ideas than he did 'x' BUT, I didn't feel like going for a mani pedi too...

The night before Friday. Hmm, may be the crazy thing I should do is SHOP and spend THOUSANDS. He went O.O!! AHAHA And I initially planned to have a ktv session but ended up cancelling it cos I'm too tired. WHAT?Not easy ok to be a mommy. By 11 already kaput on most days.

Friday came, we went to try this new Laksa place my SIL recommended, which I will blog later. Then we went home, watched 2 movies and went out for a late lunch. Wanted to go to my fav ayam bakar place, but already close shop! Damn soi betul. So we went to THE SPRING mall and ate KFC LOLLLL!.  My intention was to buy things for myself, but still I ended at places like Poppies, and Parkson (kids section) 'x'  Anyway, I went to Padini last. And saw some leggings. I tried them on, and I love it. I did try some tops, but I don't like the colours and how it looked on my post-baby body 'x'

black, light grey and red leggings : Total damage = RM108. The black and red ones are of thick material, and on promotion 2@rm69. The grey one is soft and of lighter material. Oink was surprised at my choice of red leggings. I said CRAZY things remember? So this is my crazy decision. Some more red colour nice what 'x' Saving the red one for CNY 2013.

Went home soon after that cos its time to pick up Tomato from the nanny's. Family dinner at night to celebrate birthday earlier with the family. Really Jiak Kau Pui Pui!

The next day, on my actual birthday. After brunch, Oink and I went to Blonde Salon at 101 to have our hair trimmed. I had hair treatment too.  I am a bit sick of my hair now. But I want to grow it longer first before doing anything major. Then just beside this Salon, there's a small boutique called E-LANE (if I am not mistaken). I am glad I went to check it out. I like the selections there. But I only see tops and dresses.  The owner Elaine ( if I am not mistaken) said bottoms are harder to sell..:D

And of course, I shopped there! 5 tops! Total damage = RM230. There's a further 20% discount for Blonde Salon's customers.

Casual tops. Love them both. Uneven hem tops are IN now. I don't usually get brown cos it doesn't really flatter my skin tone and I think its dull. But this brown tee looks good on me.

Working tops. I found that yam colour (as described by Elaine) really matches my skin tone. Love it. The white and black top are on 50% discount.

We went dinner without Tomato to The Japanese Buffet at Riverside Majestic Cafe that night. Date night, just the two of us. Like old days. :D

Also took a few family photos that day with the help of Mr . Self  Timer. Wanted to take some outdoor photos but it rained! BAH!

Sunday I didn't do anything crazy except doing loads of laundry 'x' And some tidying up here and there.

So there, my weekend, I didn't spent thousands like I claimed I would, and its more of a jiak-kau-pui-pui  celebration.

Guess I am not born to be wiiillldddd~~~oh well!

Friday, October 05, 2012

full turns..well, almost!

If you've read about Tomato's half turns. This post is about Tomato's progress. I was at the dressing table, making myself presentable. Yes presentable, as there's less time now to spend making myself look pretty. Presentable is suffice for now. I can hear her using some energy (egh egh sound), and from the reflection on the mirror, she was busy doing her half turns.

After I am done, I went over to her. And was really surprised to see she manage to do a full turn!Please allow me to *sniff* again. And she is trying hard to turn back so that she can lie on her back. Why I say its almost a full turn is because...although she manage to turn, her arm still got in the way. She was turning to her right, and her right arm got stuck underneath her. I was so overwhelmed by the whole thing, I forgot to take a photo. *deep regrets*

I made a mental note that she manage to do full back to front turn at 4 mths and 8 days old.

When I sent her to the nanny. Nanny shared to me how she turn yesterday. O.O!!! So she did it at her place first! OH MANNNNN~~~ So its 4 mths 1 week old.

By the way, she can do her front to back turns since about 2 weeks ago, when we let her have some tummy time.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Grow Baby Grow! ( 0-3 mths)

Tomato when she was born 
Weight : 2.98kg 
Height :48 cm 
Milk Intake : 1-1.5 ounces every 1.5- 2 hours

1 mths old 
Weight : 4.2kg 
Height :55cm 
Milk Intake : 2 oz every 1.5-2 hours

2 mths old 
Weight : 5.4kg 
Height :? (nurse didn't measure her) 
Milk Intake : 3 oz every 2-2.5 hours hours 

3 mths old 
Weight : 6kg 
Height :61cm
Milk Intake : 3.5 oz every 2.5-3 hours (started when she's a bit older than 3 mths old)

Notes :
- when she is younger around 1-2 mths of age, she cried more easily. As long as you carry her, she will stop.   This condition improves as she grew older. She is now adequately happy if she can see you nearby.

- Easy to feed her milk. After 3 mths old, its very difficult. Easily distracted.

- Seem to be able to recognise me and Oink and prefer us more than others.

- Doesn't poo everyday. Which I found out is normal for breastfed child. < 3 mths old, she only will poo when at home. After that, she usually poo at nanny's.LOL.