Friday, October 05, 2012

full turns..well, almost!

If you've read about Tomato's half turns. This post is about Tomato's progress. I was at the dressing table, making myself presentable. Yes presentable, as there's less time now to spend making myself look pretty. Presentable is suffice for now. I can hear her using some energy (egh egh sound), and from the reflection on the mirror, she was busy doing her half turns.

After I am done, I went over to her. And was really surprised to see she manage to do a full turn!Please allow me to *sniff* again. And she is trying hard to turn back so that she can lie on her back. Why I say its almost a full turn is because...although she manage to turn, her arm still got in the way. She was turning to her right, and her right arm got stuck underneath her. I was so overwhelmed by the whole thing, I forgot to take a photo. *deep regrets*

I made a mental note that she manage to do full back to front turn at 4 mths and 8 days old.

When I sent her to the nanny. Nanny shared to me how she turn yesterday. O.O!!! So she did it at her place first! OH MANNNNN~~~ So its 4 mths 1 week old.

By the way, she can do her front to back turns since about 2 weeks ago, when we let her have some tummy time.

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