Thursday, October 18, 2012

Crazy weekend...


I turned 30 last Saturday. We are required to clear our leave so I took an off day for Friday.

Before I went on leave. I was thinking Friday is my last day as 29. I should do something CRAZY. BUT WHAT? Kuching is not a very happening place. I googled. And the results I got was EAT KOLO MEE -____-, go to bako (done that  a few times)..go to the beach (done that many times too).. and the only thing I didn't get to do yet is to see the rafflesia(hmmm), but not very interested to do that now, and also not sure it is blooming now or not.

Disappointed with google, I turn to my dear husband Oink for suggestion. And he suggestion was JIAK KAU PUI PUI (in hokkien means - stuff yourself fat) -_____________________________- I told him, that is not crazy..that is a stupid idea. ROFL.

Then I turn to BFF, she suggested I go manicure and pedicure. At least her idea is better than binging. I made an effort to share to Oink how BFF has better ideas than he did 'x' BUT, I didn't feel like going for a mani pedi too...

The night before Friday. Hmm, may be the crazy thing I should do is SHOP and spend THOUSANDS. He went O.O!! AHAHA And I initially planned to have a ktv session but ended up cancelling it cos I'm too tired. WHAT?Not easy ok to be a mommy. By 11 already kaput on most days.

Friday came, we went to try this new Laksa place my SIL recommended, which I will blog later. Then we went home, watched 2 movies and went out for a late lunch. Wanted to go to my fav ayam bakar place, but already close shop! Damn soi betul. So we went to THE SPRING mall and ate KFC LOLLLL!.  My intention was to buy things for myself, but still I ended at places like Poppies, and Parkson (kids section) 'x'  Anyway, I went to Padini last. And saw some leggings. I tried them on, and I love it. I did try some tops, but I don't like the colours and how it looked on my post-baby body 'x'

black, light grey and red leggings : Total damage = RM108. The black and red ones are of thick material, and on promotion 2@rm69. The grey one is soft and of lighter material. Oink was surprised at my choice of red leggings. I said CRAZY things remember? So this is my crazy decision. Some more red colour nice what 'x' Saving the red one for CNY 2013.

Went home soon after that cos its time to pick up Tomato from the nanny's. Family dinner at night to celebrate birthday earlier with the family. Really Jiak Kau Pui Pui!

The next day, on my actual birthday. After brunch, Oink and I went to Blonde Salon at 101 to have our hair trimmed. I had hair treatment too.  I am a bit sick of my hair now. But I want to grow it longer first before doing anything major. Then just beside this Salon, there's a small boutique called E-LANE (if I am not mistaken). I am glad I went to check it out. I like the selections there. But I only see tops and dresses.  The owner Elaine ( if I am not mistaken) said bottoms are harder to sell..:D

And of course, I shopped there! 5 tops! Total damage = RM230. There's a further 20% discount for Blonde Salon's customers.

Casual tops. Love them both. Uneven hem tops are IN now. I don't usually get brown cos it doesn't really flatter my skin tone and I think its dull. But this brown tee looks good on me.

Working tops. I found that yam colour (as described by Elaine) really matches my skin tone. Love it. The white and black top are on 50% discount.

We went dinner without Tomato to The Japanese Buffet at Riverside Majestic Cafe that night. Date night, just the two of us. Like old days. :D

Also took a few family photos that day with the help of Mr . Self  Timer. Wanted to take some outdoor photos but it rained! BAH!

Sunday I didn't do anything crazy except doing loads of laundry 'x' And some tidying up here and there.

So there, my weekend, I didn't spent thousands like I claimed I would, and its more of a jiak-kau-pui-pui  celebration.

Guess I am not born to be wiiillldddd~~~oh well!


Anonymous said...

does turning 30 felt scary to you? any experience of some sort of midlife crisis? hmm, i'm also about your age, i hate to think about turning 30, probably because i feel like there's not much achievements in my life so far, feel like i'm such a loser.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you're familiar with this 90s TV show, Ally McBeal. I used to be quite engrossed with this show's character, who is rather insecure in various parts of her life, and was also afraid of things like turning 30.

13thpanda said...

When I was 26, I thought turning 30 IS scary. But now that I am 30. It felt like nothing. In fact, I felt wiser. No one is a loser, small achievements can also be considered as an achievement. For example. Thought of colouring your hair, but afraid of the outcome, and yet decided to do it anyway, also is an achievement what!You finally got BRAVE enough to do it. You don't have to be famous or well known to feel that you actually have achieved something right?

Yeah, I loved Ally McBeal too. Like her, I also feel insecure at times, even now. But life goes on, might as well try to make the most of everyday. Carpe the diem!