Thursday, October 25, 2012

No use crying over spilled milk


I spilled my milk. My precious breast milk. (T^T). I blamed myself for being careless. But what's done is done. BOOHOOHOO. Its a painful lesson.

I'm blogging this down as a reminder to self to be careful next time.

I manage to pump 7oz last night. Wanted to keep 4 oz frozen in the freezer for future use. Poured it into the milk bag, didn't seal it (BIG MISTAKE!), left the bottle still at the bag's opening (wanted to make sure most milk went into the bag - BIG MISTAKE #2! Then I opened the fridge door and I heard something dripping. Turned my head to see the bottle is weighing down the bag, and the milk is spilling onto the floor. I cried out loud enough to attract a curious Oink to the kitchen 'x'

PAINFUL LESSON! Only 1 oz left in the bag. No point to freeze it any more. HEARTACHE ahhhhh..


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