Saturday, May 26, 2007

They're Here :-)


After like a week+ of waiting

They're here

*so happy*

*jumps in joy*

*was eagerly opening the package*

*so happy to see the content*

The clothes i bought online when i was confined at home due to Chicken Pox is here!

i LOOOVVEE the dress i bought..


(1) Dinner Wear

The site was saying its yellow, but its actually more to gold. I LOVE IT! Very satisfied! Both thumbs up.

(2) Office Wear

I like this one too, But there were some loose strings, i had to cut them off, and all the buttons were loose, i had to sew all the buttons on firmly :-|

(3) Casual Wear

This does not look much, but i love it bor. At 1st glance, its doesn't seem like what i usually wear. But hor, when i put it on, I simply love it!

mmmm, i am satisfied. Not bad, not bad at all.

FIY, I bought all these from Papergirlshop

If next time CNY lazy go out to buy new clothes, can just buy from them..HAHA!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Things to do when you are confined at home due to Chicken Pox

(1) Watch Anime/ Series/ Cartoon/ APA-APA Saje

I have finished watching Inuyasha liao. HAHA. At least it distracted me most of the time from the horrible itchiness.

(2) Online Surfing/ Shopping/ Play PC Game

I did my first online shopping the other day. I bought clothes online. Well, I need some pampering ok? Besides, I like what I see, so I buy. Muahaha. But i have to bid farewell to 100++ SGD, which is like RM200++. I saw another item i liked today, but i made some excuses to myself so that i won't spend more. MUST. STOP.LOOKING.AT.THE.NICE.CLOTHES.

(3) Jigsaw Puzzle

Mum and I did this, these few nights. 1000 pieces of them. Phew.

But it had a "flaw" in it. Can u spot it?


Here it is. A part of that piece is bitten off by Mango. Thus leaving a hole on it.

(4) Count the blisters u have on ur body (kidding!!)

I didn't count anyway. HEE.

(5) Torturing yourself by thinking of all the glorious food you can't have for one month

Oh, how i miss Taugeh Mee, Butter Prawn, Crab, Laksa..etc..but I just can't have them for one month. Well, to get my smooth skin back, it should be worth the wait.

After one month, I shall treat myself with all these glorious wonderful food.


Monday, May 14, 2007

Worst Nightmare

This is what i feared most. And its actually happening now. *SIGH*

Why didn't it happened when i was younger?When the effect won't be as serious?

Ladies and gentleman, I am now down with Chicken Pox (T.T)

i feel so bloody ugly now. And the blisters are so damn itchy. Hard to stop myself from scratching it. URGH. I don't want any permanent scar.

AIZ, so depressing.SO itchy.

I was given 5 days leave from work by the doctor.

Meanwhile, the man, is suffering from a minor bone fracture. He had it while playing Basketball.

Coincidentally, he too, is confined for 5 days.

How "SUEI" (unlucky) lah both of us.

OH! I really hope there wont be any big ugly scar on me.

uhuk uhuk

Friday, May 11, 2007


I think my body is punishing me. :-( For watching Inuyasha till late at night these few days. I am down with slight fever. Body feels a bit aching. And my tastebud went nuts. All the food i tasted was bland, n the pizza hut spicy wing i tasted was salty instead. hmm, u guys probably feel like scolding me liao, cos I am sick, still went to pizza hut eat. Well, i didn't feel like eating porridge ma. :-p

oh, i better rest more now. I still want to taste good food ler. I hate being sick.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

What do u see?

hi, i've been idle in this blog for quite a while. HEE

So i have dropped by to say hi :-)

Been busy lately, watching Inuyasha

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

WE are PRO!
When we asked the lady about the tandem bike, she gave us a are-u-sure look.

"U expert kah?" the lady asked

"Why?very difficult to ride ah?"

lady pouts and say "ya" softly.

I was a bit ciken-ing out from the idea, but THE man say lets give it a try. He said "Never try never know mah"..LOL

He got on it first. I was still a bit scared. Keep telling him to make sure its stable.

When i was ready, i got on it, make sure i had a firm grip.




and off we go, a bit shaky at 1st, but it went on smoothly afterwards.


If the lady says only experts can ride it, we are like super PRO ok?LOL

and we rode like 6kms!

We made quite an attraction at Sematan Town. Hmm~ i guess the tandem bike is a rare scene. We got ppl asking us is it difficult to ride it. And kampung kids that yelled "LUMBA(race)!LUMBA!"

legs was sore, but it was a satisfying experience.

I will always remember this...