Monday, May 14, 2007

Worst Nightmare

This is what i feared most. And its actually happening now. *SIGH*

Why didn't it happened when i was younger?When the effect won't be as serious?

Ladies and gentleman, I am now down with Chicken Pox (T.T)

i feel so bloody ugly now. And the blisters are so damn itchy. Hard to stop myself from scratching it. URGH. I don't want any permanent scar.

AIZ, so depressing.SO itchy.

I was given 5 days leave from work by the doctor.

Meanwhile, the man, is suffering from a minor bone fracture. He had it while playing Basketball.

Coincidentally, he too, is confined for 5 days.

How "SUEI" (unlucky) lah both of us.

OH! I really hope there wont be any big ugly scar on me.

uhuk uhuk


papercrazy said...

So sorry to hear that....No will go away in no time...remember, no dark dark food...

Din notice the spots lei :-)

a_mike said...

hey.. no worries.
just take care yaself well.
u'll b fine n look pweetie pweetie in no time soon. :)

get well soon!

Selba said...

Oh no.. :(

Well, look at the bright side, at least you are getting it now, better than if you get it when you are pregnant :D

Get well soon, ok!

ps: try not to scratch those itchy itchy one.

Redsponge said...

pat pat!

dun happy...

there sure got way to make u pretty pretty de!!!

somemore..maybe there is no scar at all! ^_^

Laura Hii said...

OMGGGGGGG....kolien. hope ur guys get well soon.

13th Panda said...

papercrazy : well, it was not so serious on the face lo, its hidden underneath my Big T..

a_mike: oh!i hope so. Thanks.

selba:When i went to the doctor to get my medical cert. He asked me "u pregnant?" =.=" is it more serious if u got it wen pregnant?

red sponge: uhuk uhuk, i wanna cry, but I told myself must b tough..

laura : i hope all gd luck awaits me after all the bad luck..aiz

or2ng3s said...

that's really a big coincidence! both of u off for 5 days... anyway, dun worry so much! u'll be fine. dun scratch, dun eat black darkie food then u'll be pretty. =)

dun sigh, then ur beans will guai guai go away.

Pink Cotton said...


so CUN!

i had mine when i was 1 yr old...cannot even rmbmr wat it feels like...


nyonyapenang said...

adoi...kesian lar....memang itchy gila ler.
got mine together-gether with my 2 anak.

you rest well ya.

13th Panda said...

Oren:I hope it will guai2 go away lo

pink cotton:its itchy!luckily u had it young

nyonya penang:i will, thanks

kyh said...

oh chicken pox suxxxxxxxxx

i still remember the torturing days even tho it's 10 yrs back!

3 months without seafood! cos they said can leave scars or wat...

13th Panda said...

KYH: I'm doomed!3 mths without seafood?!! my favourite ler..sigh, but for own beauty, better stay away avday eat pork niah, so sien oredi

StephenLim said...


opps.. it is chicken pox, scary especially when u hav this at this age. hope everything get recover asap ya!

i had a serious bone fractured during my basketball game too! but finally i able to get thru it and hope "your man" too! also get well soon ya :)

cheers & tight ur fingers ya!

Simple American said...

You'll be fine. Just don't scratch. Otherwise we have to put those mittens on your hands like they to do babies to keep them from scratching. :P