Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Little Miss Naughty

Didn't have a nice z last night. Tomato kept waking me up. She was coughing and kept tossing and turning.

So I was praying and hoping that she will be a good girl while I am driving her to the nanny.

She was surprisingly quiet. I didn't turn back to check on her as I was driving. As long as she's not shouting and fussing then it should be ok.

I wanted to stop by my parent's place for a while, and as we were nearly there, she started to whine. Still, I didn't turn back. I concentrated on driving. Attempt to soothe her by talking to her.

When we finally arrived. I stopped the engine and turned back to look at her. She was covered with white stuff. And as I look harder. They are pieces of torn tissue papers.-___________________-. She must have got her hand on the pack of tissue paper I left behind. Pulled out the tissues from the packet, tore it up to pieces and I believed she also ate some. -_________________-

So THAT'S why she's so quiet. She was UP TO SOMETHING. And she whined after she got BORED with it. :D

She's so cute, I love this little miss naughty so much.