Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Little Miss Naughty

Didn't have a nice z last night. Tomato kept waking me up. She was coughing and kept tossing and turning.

So I was praying and hoping that she will be a good girl while I am driving her to the nanny.

She was surprisingly quiet. I didn't turn back to check on her as I was driving. As long as she's not shouting and fussing then it should be ok.

I wanted to stop by my parent's place for a while, and as we were nearly there, she started to whine. Still, I didn't turn back. I concentrated on driving. Attempt to soothe her by talking to her.

When we finally arrived. I stopped the engine and turned back to look at her. She was covered with white stuff. And as I look harder. They are pieces of torn tissue papers.-___________________-. She must have got her hand on the pack of tissue paper I left behind. Pulled out the tissues from the packet, tore it up to pieces and I believed she also ate some. -_________________-

So THAT'S why she's so quiet. She was UP TO SOMETHING. And she whined after she got BORED with it. :D

She's so cute, I love this little miss naughty so much.


tweeps said...

Hello, I have been reading your blog for a while. I realized that I have a problem quite similar to yours, in that I binge (on food) when something is bugging me. I wish I can get rid of this harmful practice. But at times when I'm really stressed out, I'll eat extremely monstrous proportions of especially meats. I think the complex sugar breakdown from digesting meats and the carbo give a sort of temporary relief. I wish I didn't have this habit, but I do. I remember you wrote that you used to binge a lot at your old workplace where you weren't exactly 100% happy and also at some random occasions. I feel terribly guilty after binging. I do not know many people that binge though, but I have known people that release it in ways like speeding, drinking, smoking, quarreling, physical fights and you name it. Binging is actually more of internal as opposed to external, in its more like expressing it inwards, a bit like self-torturing, some people inflict injuries to self to feel some release of stress. But binging is also about the sugar and such that gives some highs to the brain. Anyway, totally unrelated, but I had just had a horrible binge session and I feel extremely awful now. Physically, its the bloat and the sense of throwing up and a really bloated stomach, still high gear in digestion process. Not surprising, the waistline will skyrocket and who knows what long term effects it can have. Emotionally, it distracts (not really soothe) the stress for a little while, at least until the next emotional downfall comes.

tweeps said...

I really want to get rid of binging. But I never succeeded it. It's becoming problematic.