Monday, June 10, 2013

I know how they feel now

Hi blog. Its been a while. I have not abandon you. I just have to neglect you for a while. I am busy. Both work and life.

Recently, we brought Tomato on a short trip to Singapore. Why Singapore you say? Because its a safe and modern country. And the flight to there is short, just a bit more than 1 hour from Kuching.

I was really nervous before the trip. How would Tomato behave? Would she scream and shout? What if she poop in flight? I don't know if I can change her in that tiny bathroom. I prayed hard she will sleep then I can enjoy the flight a bit.

ALAS! That didn't happen. She was super-hyper. Her mischievous mode was on FULL mode. My mum had to support her body while she's busy "walking" up and down the boarding hall. When its time to check in, she was all hyper and wanted to stand up on the seat. And guess what?she stood up, and pulled the front seat's passenger's hair. OMG. 'x' Then there's this game she like to play with me, she like to point at my mouth, and I will pretend to bite her. But I was so nervous at that time, I bit her for real, and she cried real loud 'x' I know, my bad but no one's perfect ok. She was restless the whole flight, bored because she is not allowed to move much. End up we manage to keep her at one place by using FOOD 'x' YUP, I took out her snack from the bag, and she happily munched away. I should do that earlier. GRR.

If you think that was a bad, the flight back was even worse. 'x' Our flight was scheduled at 5+pm. She is tired as she didn't get her afternoon nap.  So she was being really fussy. She kept crying  and her lung performance was really great. The guy in front of us, kept throwing me disgusted look.  OMG! Now I know how those parents with crying babies felt when people threw them the look. I carried her up and down, I look to my husband for help (he was assigned to sit a few rows behind us), but he was ASLEEP *grumble* I had no idea what to do any more, end up I thought of making her some milk. She drank it and fell asleep. *GROANNNN* should do that earlier! And she get to sleep 15 mins before we arrived at Kuching. Yup, for the whole 1 hour+ flight, she cried 70% of it, and only manage to get her to sleep for the LAST 15 mins. *pulls hair* actually, there's no need for me to pull hair, my hair was already messy from all that 'x' 

That night, after tucking her in back at home, and everything, I plonked down on bed, and zoned out. Exhausted!

I hope our next trip will be better. At least I know what to expect and what to do next time.

I've learnt :

(1) When out on trips away from home, make sure your kid is well rested. If not, all you will get is a CRANKY kid 'x' - means cannot go out explore too long.

(2) Give milk before naps.

(3) Make sure snacks are easily accessible. 

OR :

(4) Wait till your kid is older to enjoy trips better. Go on a couple's trip instead. It will be better. Trust me for  you and for the kid. You come back rejuvenated (not to mention days of good night sleep 'x') and your kid enjoys back at home, pampered by grandparents and not get cranky and tired from trips. So its a win-win situation.

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