Sunday, March 21, 2010

Laksa @ Li Yuan Cafe, Jalan Song

We first tried this place out of curiosity. Bored of the usual breakfast places. We decided to try this place.

They have only 2 stalls. Laksa & Kolo Mee. For the first visit, we tried the Laksa. It's quite good. Back then, you can count the customers with your fingers. We went back a few times after that. Since its very near to our house. And now, for most of the time we were there, its almost full. Once Oink tried the kolo mee. Nothing special. We don't think its good also.

Sorry, we don't have the photo for the Laksa. AHAHAH. Always realize we forgot to take the photo half way into eating.:-p

Li Yuan Cafe is at one of the small shops behind Precint 88.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

If there's a will, there's a way

I don't brush Mango's teeth. Instead I buy her Pedigree Dental Stix from time to time, which claims to prevent tartar buildup.

Mango loves her Dental Stix. If she sees me going into the store room, she will follow me and hoping I will give her one.

So that weekend, the packet of Dental Stix was in a big plastic bag beside her cage. She manage to catch the scent. And this SNEAKY PUG!She actually manage to get it out of the big plastic bag. There was 3 good stix left it the packet. And the opening was secured with a rubber band. I don't know how she did it, she manage to remove the rubber band and get her prize.

By the time Oink found out, one and a half of the 3 stix were already gone. Needless for me to say that Oink gave her a good scolding after that, topped with some butt slapping. Calling her a thief.

He then close the door to the room to prevent her from doing it again. Now...This happened in the morning.

Later in the afternoon, I actually opened to door to get something, and left the door open. I went to the kitchen and when I came out, this is what I saw (thank god camera was nearby).

WHAT THE!! ROFL! OOPS SHE DID IT AGAIN! All 3 stix gone in a day! Oink was furious, again calling her a thief, slapping Mango's butt butt and you know what? She acted like she didn't give a damn, happily chewing her Stix. But when she finished her Stix, Oink was still yelling at her, and what do you know?She came to me for refuge. Hoping I will protect her from Oink. HAHA! Who says pug is the stupidest breed of canine?! My Mango is so bright OK?! AHAHHA.. I told Oink, Mango was not stealing, the Stix are meant for her anyway. At least she put some effort to get what she wants. RIGHT??

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Cheezy Station & Young Su's Ice Cream

I've heard of this place from Selina before. So we decided to try. If you know where Jln Song's Young Su's Ice Cream is, this shop is behind/ next to Young Su (depends on which direction you come from).

At first we sit inside. Got aircon ma.

While waiting for our order, I studied menu and spotted this typo. HAHA. Soon enough, we can smell the food they are preparing. Its a small place, the kitchen hood doesn't help much. I don't really like the oily smell. So we moved outside.

Our drinks. I ordered Mineral Water (RM1.2) which turns out to be drinking water, and was given a glass with ice and a slice of lemon. Oink had tea (RM2).

Parmesan Chicken. (RM10++). First bite was not bad. The chips were too oily for me. But I didn't really like it after having a few more bites. Its deep fried, heaty and oily.

Calzone Kiev (RM10++). I like this wayyyy more than the Parmesan Chicken. Look at the size of it compared to Oink's big hand.

If I ever visit here again. I might order this again. It tasted just nice.

After stuffing ourselves with all the food. We moved next door to Young Su's Ice Cream.

This is my first time here. I always wonder what kind of Ice Creams they sell here.

Unfortunately I was too too full.

I would love to try the Yoghurt Ice Cream next time.

And its very very affordable!

I flipped through the menu. The most expensive thing i saw was Korean Ginseng Tea pricing at RM6.5.

We ordered Chocolate Ice Cream blended if I'm not mistaken (RM6)to share.

Its not very sweet. But its refreshing enough.I think this is a good place to hang out with friends.

You can see Young Su if you come from Jalan Urat Mata.

If you come from Jalan Song, Young Su is actually behind Precinct 88, if you are not sure what is Precinct 88, look for Starbucks.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Another Mango Bath Story

Well, I still can't resist. I blog about her bath before. But she's so cute ler..I can't resist to blog about it again. HEEEEEE...

That's her..tired of waiting and decided to sit in the pail.

But once the bucket is full of water, she don't want to sit anymore and stood on her hind legs. LOL!

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