Sunday, April 25, 2010

First Ever Handmade Ferrero Rocher Bouquet

Selina's Birthday is coming up. My SIL and I was discussing one day what to give her.

She suggested why not a Rocher Bouquet?

Now, I have never done ANY bouquet before.

It took me 1 night to think about how to do the "stalk" and "petals" AAHAHA

But finally I manage to complete all the stalks of Rochers in two nights.

This is how 18 stalks looked like before I wrap it. It may look simple, but its not as easy as you think. All the sewing and cutting and cello-taping.

Hmm, not very satisfied with my wrapping (the stalks are too short). But at least its nice and presentable. So here is my first ever hand made Ferrero Rocher bouquet.

Happy Birthday Selina!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

There's some SICK bastard(s) out there

My man was happy that I woke up earlier to make him a nice breakfast. We ate happily,heartily.

It was when he was opening the front gate that I heard him yell "F$$K!!"..followed by "不知道谁这样变态!"

Of course I was curious and ask him what happened from the front door. You see, recently we bought a kitchen hood for our new kitchen (will blog about it soon), and we didn't want to keep the big box that came with it. When we tidied and cleaned our new kitchen last weekend, arranging stuff into our new kitchen cabinet, we threw away some unwanted items which includes plastic containers (we had lots of them), expired goods, biscuits (that I don't want to eat anymore, so..into the box they go 'x'), and when I was making dinner, I threw garlic skins into the box 'x', and a broken light bulb.


There I was standing at the door, asking Oink what happened.I can't really hear clearly of what he said, he was outside. But I heard "Box....don't know who...and left the garbage..." But from where I was standing, I can see the broken light bulb lying on the road. So I thought,may be the garbage truck worker didn't lift the box properly, and the broken light bulb fell out of it or something.

I need to get to work by then, so I turn back to get my bag, my car key, got into the car, started the car, reverse. And that's when I saw the horrible horrible sight! The big box was gone alright. But the content (the rubbish) we put inside, are left strewn on the road! Someone SICK-TMD-ASSHOLE took the box, and left our rubbish right at where we left the box! Oh the rain soaked biscuits!The bottles of expired goods! All there! T-M-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looked like a mini dump site area! ARGGGHH..

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Its April Fool!

BUT I totally forgot to fool anybody!

I am just too demotivated at work this whole week that all I look forward to was lunch break and the time to go home. :D!!!

Anyway, although I was very demotivated, I managed to finish my targeted workload for the week. Am happy for that. But my most productive moment was when I was photoshopping a butterfly as wall decor for my new kitchen. I was damn excited when doing the editing work. How I wish I can have half the passion for my job. 'x'!