Saturday, November 28, 2009


2 years ago. This date. We got married. :)

I got a big surprise in the morning.

Oink got someone sent this to me at the office. Its such a big surprise. So sweet of him. Actually I didn't think its from him at first. Cos you know, after we got married, I never got any flowers from him anymore. :D This is the first after we got married. Such a lovely surprise.

But I can recognize this handwriting anywhere! AHAHA! So we got a date to go Magenta, 7.30pm. Feels like we are back to our dating time. Ahhh, this warm and fuzzy feeling.

Getting ready. My eye makeup. Nah...give you my panda eyes to see. And got some fine lines as bonus. SIGH..getting old already.

Anyway, after doing my hair, which I did lousily still (so no pictures of my hair), it was late. Already after 7.30pm. AHAHAHA.

For starter, we had pumpkin soup. I LOVE PUMPKIN SOUP! But this one not creamy enough. But still good. I just wish it could be creamier. The portion is enough for 2 person.

My nice Oreo Smoothie. SINFUL!

Oink's Mocha Smoothie.

My main course : Wild Mushroom Sirloin. YUMS!

Oink's Main Course : Lamb Shank. Yums too! But most places also got Lamb Shank. 'x'

Our dessert. Creme Brulee. This is the worst Creme Brulee I ever had. Luckily its FOC.

After dinner, we went to the movies. I get to pick.*GRIN*

NEW MOON! I finished reading all the books. I've watched Twilight like a million times. I love it so much lo. Edward is soooo handsome. But don't know why I think he is no longer that dashing in New Moon. Hmm...much paler...Jacob on the other such a nice bod..:D~~~

Oink keep asking me questions while we are watching the movie, because he didn't watch the first installment. And he there keep saying "why so loso? All talk, no action." AHAHAH..but I am very grateful that he willing to watch this movie with me. He queued up with the many people during lunch hour just to buy us the tickets.

Edward asked Bella "Will you marry me?" at the end of the movie. And I heard a girl at the next row squealed and clapped. AHAHAHA.

I saw this on the bed. HHMM. Since when Oink know how to buy such gift? All these while, most of the gifts I got from him are gadgets.AHAHAH. No photo of what's inside. Nothing naughty. Its something pink and sweet. That's all you needed to know. 'x'

Sunday, November 22, 2009


I saw this new shop opened quite long ago and keep telling Oink we should go one day.

Then, one night, we just did.

sorry for the blur photos, the visit was unplanned. The photos ware took with a handphone. :-p

My hot "tong sui". I know got fig, got pear and something else inside. Not bad.

Oink peach mango thingy. Not bad. But nothing to shout about.

AH! I would want to try this on my next visit.
No. 14.

eee, who wants dumpings? 'x'

We ordered something to go with our desserts. Chicken fried with LOTS OF BLACK PEPPER. The taste was not bad at all.....for the first few mins. After that our tongue was numb, and I could feel my lips swelling. Natural way to get Angelina Jolie's lips?AHAHA


Sunday, November 08, 2009


Its SUNDAY. 11.55pm!! FREAKING 11.55pm.



good news is I can go home soon. >< TIRED!