Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm not a boy

From time to time, people will ask me how is my Mango.

Then got one time, long time ago, I can't remember how was the actual dialogue, my friend misunderstood that Mango is a HE. O.O! I asked her what made her think so. She said your Mango behaviour not gentle-like, tomboy-ish! Oh My! So it made me Mango indeed not that lady-like.

She is not friendly. Absolutely hate strangers. And she bites! And she can bark non-stop for at least 2 hours if she found there's a stranger in the house. I don't know what happened. she was so friendly when she was a puppy. I think the next door's fierce dog was a bad influence to her.

Go away before I bite you!

But if you open your heart, and slowly try to be friend with her. She will gradually and happily accept you. Once she's familiar with you, she will be happy to see you around. :-)

Thursday, October 07, 2010


We went to Penang & Langkawi in August.

And on a Sunday, my bro who is working at Penang brought us "Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan".

He said there's a place, only the locals know, and served the nicest steamed fish he ever tasted. Before that, we went Kek Lok Si, I've been to Kek Lok Si already, but my poor hubby never been to Penang yet.

This place my bro is raving about is NOT on the island, you have to cross the bridge and go over to mainland. Is it still call Penang there? I am not very sure.AHAHA! How to call myself a Malaysian like this.

The thing is, my bro is not very familiar with the route. So he asked his friend to draw him a map.

The oat building on the map is actually a quaker oat's factory. You can't really see the quaker oat guy by the road, its actually behind a wheat/ flour mill. You will see him once you turn into the junction.

I don't think there's a clear signboard indicating where the restaurant is, but I remember a tiger's beer logo signboard and something something restaurant by the roadside, you just turn there. The restaurant is NOT by the roadside, you still need to drive through ppls' houses.

I remember asking my bro is he sure or not. Looks more like housing area then a place for restaurant ler.

AND BEHOLD! Look at the cars!

We quickly scanned for a table and quickly sit down.

Just look at the crowd! By the way, the ah pek looking guy in green shirt is my bro. :-D!!

We are quickly then served by a waiter. Bro being the one who had eaten there before made the order. I noticed on every tables, they all ordered basically the same thing.

Our beverage came almost immediately after our order. Its home made liang teh in recycled mineral water bottle. 'x'! i hope its clean. But at that moment, I didn't care much. All I see is ICE COLD DRINK in a VERY HOT WEATHER.

Food came very soon after that also. I was very surprised. Its like less than 10 min wait.

The steamed fish my bro kept raving about. They steam it just nice. The meat was soft and tender and juicy and very fresh. The gravy was just enough salty to complement the meat. Yums!

My bro calls this "kappa" I have no idea what's the real name is. I just eat them as long as its not too ugly. Not bad! Chewy and a bit "sweet" tasting. Yums!

Fried Chicks. My bro's gf favourite. But she didn't come with us. My bro's car can't fit all of us (there's 5 of us including my bro).AHAHA. But we saved 2 to "tapao" back for her. Some people over fried this kind of dish, but this one is just nice, still juicy and tender. YUMS!

Fried beehoon. They didn't even wait for me to take a photo of it first! cis! But I have to say, there's nothing special about this fried bee hoon. Almost tasteless to me. I think they only fried it with soy sauce. If you go there, I think you can just give this a pass. No need order 'x'


Once a upon a time (actually just last friday), 3 stooges ladies (Selina, My sis-in-law, and I) took a flight to KL for 3d2n short trip. It was a last minute decision, and we wanted to do some shopping & relaxing. I was just happy to get out of work. It was kinda rush, although its a 3 days 2 nights trip, we actually only have a total of 2 days and 2 nights time to spend, which also includes sleeping time, eating, showers, etc, minus all those, we are left with only 20+ hours.

We stayed at Cititel Midvalley, joined the single beds together and shared. We saw a brochure on cititel's Japanese buffet, and was intrigued by the photo used and MAN! HOW WE got CHEATED! Our plan initially was like this, day 1: BB area, day 2:wan utama and ikano, day 3: Midvalley (so that we won't need to rush). BUT! because of this buffet, we had to change our plan to put BB area on the last day. Its not WORTH the RM60 LORRRR! The sashimi was ok. The almost-non-existent sushi was a disaster, dry, and almost tasteless. The tempura was soggy and super oily. Almost all the meat was cooked in the teriyaki sauce. Like this also called Japanese buffet? Was totally disappointed. Did a little shopping at Midvalley, and Bel(my SIL) paid for 2 pairs of earrings I picked as my Birthday present..KEKEKE..damn happy!

The next day, after a heavy breakfast at Cititel. We left for Wan Utama. We arrived at 11am. Then shopped and shopped and had a late lunch around 3pm at Nandos. Just imagine! Shopped till no proper lunch. AAHAHAHHA. Then we left for Ikano at around 6pm. Didn't dinner, and left Ikano at 10pm! ELEVEN HOURS OF WALKING! We were all groaning and whining about how painful our feet were and yet we can still walk and check out shops. :-D!! We had late dinner at Secret Recipe in Midvalley, only to be served by a grumpy waiter.

The last day, was the most hectic! We went to BB and didn't manage to get anything much, I at least got a pair of shoes. Then we had to rush back to get our luggage, and ALMOST didn't make it to the airport on time. Imagine that!

While waiting in the boarding hall, I still manage to grab a pair of heels at Carlo Rino! AHAHA!

So for this trip, I manage to grab 3 dresses for myself, 4 pairs of shoes, 1 hair band, 2 earrings (bday presents from Bel), 3 t-shirts (1 for Oink, 1 for bro in law, 1 for myself), 2 bags ( 1 for mum) , 3 tops ( 1 for MIL, 1 for cousin), a nice top for Oink, and some stuff from Ikea.I think that should be all. 'x'

P/S No photos. None of us brings a camera. :-p Where got time to camwhore?