Thursday, October 07, 2010


We went to Penang & Langkawi in August.

And on a Sunday, my bro who is working at Penang brought us "Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan".

He said there's a place, only the locals know, and served the nicest steamed fish he ever tasted. Before that, we went Kek Lok Si, I've been to Kek Lok Si already, but my poor hubby never been to Penang yet.

This place my bro is raving about is NOT on the island, you have to cross the bridge and go over to mainland. Is it still call Penang there? I am not very sure.AHAHA! How to call myself a Malaysian like this.

The thing is, my bro is not very familiar with the route. So he asked his friend to draw him a map.

The oat building on the map is actually a quaker oat's factory. You can't really see the quaker oat guy by the road, its actually behind a wheat/ flour mill. You will see him once you turn into the junction.

I don't think there's a clear signboard indicating where the restaurant is, but I remember a tiger's beer logo signboard and something something restaurant by the roadside, you just turn there. The restaurant is NOT by the roadside, you still need to drive through ppls' houses.

I remember asking my bro is he sure or not. Looks more like housing area then a place for restaurant ler.

AND BEHOLD! Look at the cars!

We quickly scanned for a table and quickly sit down.

Just look at the crowd! By the way, the ah pek looking guy in green shirt is my bro. :-D!!

We are quickly then served by a waiter. Bro being the one who had eaten there before made the order. I noticed on every tables, they all ordered basically the same thing.

Our beverage came almost immediately after our order. Its home made liang teh in recycled mineral water bottle. 'x'! i hope its clean. But at that moment, I didn't care much. All I see is ICE COLD DRINK in a VERY HOT WEATHER.

Food came very soon after that also. I was very surprised. Its like less than 10 min wait.

The steamed fish my bro kept raving about. They steam it just nice. The meat was soft and tender and juicy and very fresh. The gravy was just enough salty to complement the meat. Yums!

My bro calls this "kappa" I have no idea what's the real name is. I just eat them as long as its not too ugly. Not bad! Chewy and a bit "sweet" tasting. Yums!

Fried Chicks. My bro's gf favourite. But she didn't come with us. My bro's car can't fit all of us (there's 5 of us including my bro).AHAHA. But we saved 2 to "tapao" back for her. Some people over fried this kind of dish, but this one is just nice, still juicy and tender. YUMS!

Fried beehoon. They didn't even wait for me to take a photo of it first! cis! But I have to say, there's nothing special about this fried bee hoon. Almost tasteless to me. I think they only fried it with soy sauce. If you go there, I think you can just give this a pass. No need order 'x'


kyh said...

fried beehoon got what interesting to take leh? :P

yer u hv google adsense! damn mine was rejected! @!#$%&^%$ sure earning lots i think? am jealous! :)


Pink Cotton said...

hahaha...went there once...
i don think its worth driving all the winding road + paying rm7 toll to cross over to mainland to eat lo...

the fried chicks very geli le...i think they tasted sort of "milky" but my colleagues like them a lot too =_= u shud try the fried hei pia (prawn crackers) actually it looks a lot like our orh jien...kakaka

13th Panda said...

KYH: I dunno ler, long time didn't check! Last time I checked which was yearssss ago... and its not doing great, not even good..ROFL

PC: TASTED MILKY AH?HMM.. I think they tasted salty ler. HEI PIA?My bro didn't order that.