Saturday, July 29, 2006

New Toys

McD is holding a clearance sale, rm3 for 2 toys. So i bought 1 for me and 1 for Mango.

A bear's paw

EE!its dirtied!

There's a toy eagle inside the box. But got ink on its head ler...these ppl didn't QC their merchandise. Oh well, its RM1.50 niah..

Or2ng3s came to visit my cube while on her way to WC, and we played with the eagle a while. The eagle's wings has wire inside, so you can twist and bend it. Or2ng3s then place the eagle on my Sarawak's almanac.. Seems like the eagle is peeking like that.hehe

When redsponge came, the eagle became like this:









The eagle lost its grip when it saw redsponge coming. :-p no lar, actually, i was moving it and the grip got loose.:-p

Mango's toy

Mango wagged her tail happily when i showed her her new toy. I named the toy Big Brother. Look how mango sniff to check out big brother. Big brother squeaks (sounds like fart actually) when u squeeze the fat tummy. hehe.

3 minutes later....









Poor Big Brother

Mango enjoyed torturing Big Brother. Soon it is soaked wet with Mango's saliva..LOL.

NAUGHTY NAUGHTY Mango *geleng kepala*

TGIF! We have 2 hrs lunch brk on fridays!

SO....... oink and i decided that we can cook for today's lunch. HEHE

Instant Sauce Mix

I had always cooked CREAM pasta...but this time we are a bit lazy. So I bought instant sauce mix..hehe.

Our simple ingredients...minced beef and diced onions.

JENG JENG JENG..the end result

Looks nice or not?LOL! we actually prefered the cream pasta. I let Mango test a bit, she don't like it. She used to lick till finish if i give her the cream pasta i cooked. I guess she don't like the tomato taste.

After lunch, we went to town to kill off my tazmania.

Bye bye Taz.

I had to cancel off my cartoon character credit card before its anniversary. I don't want to pay rm130 for the annual fee. I seldom use it anyway. I find it inconvenient to pay the bills. And i always forget to pay the bill..:-p so bye bye taz..

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

PS: I love you

I bought a book at KLIA before flying to bangkok. I thought it might keep me occupied during the long hrs of flights. I don't really enjoy flights, so any flights is consider long to me. :-p I hate airplane food, I can't bear the smell. And i always need candy in my mouth while the plane is landing.:-p

Anyway, back to the book. Its a really good book. It made me cry and laughed and think about r/s thingy. I lent the book to or2ng3s and it made her cry and laughed too.

We both found a phrase that is funnily true:

"..Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity.."


P/s: Or2nges and I are peace lovers! :-p

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

22/07/06 (Saturday), weather : sunny

Dear blog,

After breakfast, Oink and I went to pay Bulat (redsponge's nephew) a visit around 9.40am. I smsed redsponge before going..but there was no reply. Then when we arrived, i called her, she did not pick it up. Then we saw redsponge's mum sweeping. Her mum told us she is still sleeping...LOL!@@! At first I told auntie nvm la..since redsponge is still sleeping, we don't want to kacau her also.But aunty said “NVM NVM, come in...its late also liao..she should not be sleeping”..LOL..then she told us “She always sleep till late2 on non working days”..LOL...rupa-rupanya I am not the only one that sleeps till late late on Sundays..:-p Bulat is very adorable lo...and he was excited to see a pretty gal like me..*MUAHAHAHA*


We went to KENWY MUSIC HOUSE's musicals at night. Got some free tickets. I thought He Khang Wei, the founder of KENWY MUSIC HOUSE is, u know, someone old..BUT NOOOOO..he looks really young to me...@@ in fact he looked like a japanese guy to me! Lets do a brief intro on He Khang Wei, i believe Kenwy is his english name? I heard frm the MC that he studied music at Beijing, China. Had a PUO SHI (MASTERS DEGREE i presume?) in music, majoring in “YANG QIN ( dunno wat's the english name)”. He won a lot of competitions, but i can't remember them exactly:-P. If u think the whole night is abt traditional musical instruments, u r wrong..they have live band! And they also invited dancing troupe and little cute kids to sing. It was a nice evening. I especially like the combination of live band with traditional musical instruments. Sorry about the blur photos. :-p I have picked the clearer ones to show it here.

Peter Pan dance.

Hmmm, peter pan got boobs..LOL. And the blue one is Tinkerbell with Captain Hook sitting on the ground.

Cute fei chai!

I think the boy's costume is funny.

I like this girl

No. I'm not a lesbo. Its that i think she can sing very well. I liked her performance.

I can't remember his name, but if u want to listen to him sing, you can go to lake park. He will sing for rm1 per song requested. For 1st drink ordered is rm5 each, subsequent drinks will be at normal price.

Mr. He Khang Wei

He is singing an Italian Song, Caro Mio Bien. Not bad at all!

Mr He playing "Yang Qin"

I think this should be the highlight of the night. Its very nice oh! Him playing the "yang qin" with some live band music as background. REALLY REALLY NICE! I can't take my eyes off him. LOL...oppss :-p.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Babaganoush, Pending

We went there for a friend's birthday for lunch last Friday. When i was telling Or2ng3s that i'll be going there, she asked me what food they serve? I told her they serve Baba Nyonya food. Actually i'm not too sure..LOL!! they have chinese, indian, a bit malay all in one. We had butter prawn, stir fried vege, ginger venison, Sea Cucumber Soup and A very Special dish which i would like to intro it here.


This is the nicest dish i had for that Friday's lunch. Its their specialty, its half vege, half tofu. The taste?YUMMY!

*The close up photo of the tofu is taken away cos redsponge said i should cut it instead of biting it. Sekian :-p*

Friday, July 21, 2006

I've Been Cloth Tagged by PINK COTTON

This pink cotton very mahuan pandai lah..starting her own personalised tag. I can't take photo of what i'm wearing just now. So i waited when i am inside the car during lunch time. :-p

Actually Pink Cotton already saw what i'm wearing in office leiii...but nvm la..since i've been tagged. I shall begin frm top to bottom...HEEEE

My stripey shirt, I didn't iron them..lazy..HAHAHA..but doesn't look wrinkly hor? I bought it at Jaya Jusco, Melaka. They say Kuching will have Jaya Jusco too soon?Don't know true or not.

My watch. I just simply want to show off my LOVELY watch.I like it very much, but some ppl said its too big for my LADYLIKE, DELICATE, SMALL hand *ahem* But then i still love it! I bought it at Midvalley. HEHE.

Stripey grey folded skirt. I actually ironed this skirt, but red sponge doubted it. HMMPPH. I bought this at Bangkok.

My Vincci. Its very comfortable. I like it very much. I bought it somewhere in KL. Can't remember which mall liao..:-p Should be the mall beside The Summit Hotel.


now i'm going to tag some guys..hehe..

1. Santa Louis

2. Wilson Chin


Thursday, July 20, 2006

NgiuKee, Saberkas

Last nite, Oink (my bf) and I went to Saberkas to look for Oink's sis birthday present. It was quite late at that time, and we were rushing from one place another, trying to find a suitable gift for her. While on the way on the quest of finding the suitable gift, i found something that i wanted to buy at NgiuKee, Ladies/ Baby Department and asked Oink to hold on to it, while i continue to help look for the gift. As we can't find any nice gift for her at that dept, i suggested to Oink that we go to other shops in Saberkas to find one. I asked to move quick before the shops close. We move up the escalators for 2 levels until Oink exclaimed “AI SI!” Then i stopped and turned around, he held up my twin pack bottles of Johnson Milk Bath and said “We forgot to pay for these!” OMG! come we can simply walk out from the Ladies Dept, without being stop? *Ahem* As both of us are GOOD, RESPONSIBLE people, we laughed all the way back to the Ladies Department of NgiuKee and made the payment. We relate the whole incident to the cashier and she was shocked too....I think they should buy those equipment thingy like what Crown Plaza and Watsons have, where it will beep if any unpaid item pass through it.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tu Kau (means erm pig dog)

I'm not trying to be rude here. But i think its a proper name for the animal we saw at Pratunam Street, Bangkok.

The Tu Kau

When i first saw it, i purely thinks its just a VERY FAT LAZY dog, who is SOOOOO fat that it cannot walk..thus the long nails. So i took a photo of it, so that the girls can have a look at it too. When i first show it to Fel, she asked me "Is that a pig or a dog?" I gave her a puzzled look and replied "Of course its a dog la.." Then she said "Are you sure?how come the body like that?Like pig's body? I think its a crossbreed eh?" Then both of us studied the photo...HMM...a pig and a dog xxxxx ? eee..gilik *shudder*

Monday, July 17, 2006

Our 1st Anniversary Together

Its been a year. My bf brought me to the beach early in the morning after breakfast. There's a very pleasant surprise waiting for me there. I was indeed very surprised. But I can't reveal it here .YET. HAHA

Its a nice sunny morning

HMM~i like my butt..LOL

He gave me this really really nice bouquet of pink roses. 12 of them..each representing a mth we have been together. I love the rhino..its cute! It even have nostrils for me to poke!:-p

Later in the evening , we went to have Italian Buffet Dinner at Restaurant Beccari. My bf have booked a table there and had especially requested to have our table candle-lit.

My bf lost his hp a few weeks ago. So I decided what better to give as anniversary gift, other than a brand new HP! I remembered him talking about this model last year. So i bought him one.

The front view

The rear view. Nice eh?

I wanted to surprise him with the HP. SO this is what I did. When we were on the road, i asked him to put his belongings into my bag (wallet, HP and keys). Earlier on i had set the HP to ring at 7.30pm. So when it was nearly 730..i told him i wanted some pasta and asked him to go get me one. I tried to take out his sim card from the HP(he's using his dad's 33xx nokia HP for the time being since he lost his HP), but no matter how i tried..i can't open the cover. I am getting very nervous at this point...its almost 730pm. Then i thought of since the HP will only work with SIM card in..i shall use my own SIM card..for 5 mins..i had to pretend talking to him..while my hands goes to work under the table.It was hard i tell u. But i finally manage to put my SIM card in. SO i slip the HP into the HP bag he's using, and put it on the table when he was not looking. 7.28, i gave him a card i have prepared earlier. After that at 730 the HP rang...i aksed him to pick it up..then he open the HP bag..he thought i asked him to help asnwer MY HP (we are using same HP bag) when he saw the HP he @@ (eyes opened very wide) and "EEEE?" I simply said "It's for u..U like it?" He was still @@ asked me when did i buy it? He had a very surprised expression...i should have shoot it with my camera but i want to enjoy every moment..LOL was a memorable day. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY OINK!
BBQ Chicken Wing

My bf bought these BBQ Chicken wings frm Food Garden. I used to love them very much...they tasted great once...but now don't know why I don't think it is as good as before. Hmm~
14/07/06's Lunch

Fel, Or2ng3s, my bf and I went to The Servant for lunch. The smiley face tasted like "NUO MI JI" except that it is vegetarian food.


Thursday, July 13, 2006


I came up with this last nite. What do u tink?i will upload this as my profile photo.KEKE

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I don't know about u guys, but i notice that as we grew older, our relationships with close friends seem to grow more and more distant. Our closest friends, are those who stay close to us, for example our collegues, our neighbours etc. As for me, my friends who i used to go out with, gossip with, talk my heart out with, have either worked far frm kuching, studying far from Kuching, married, bz dating or bz with work. I missed them all. I missed my yam cha nites. I missed watching movies with friends instead of with boy friend only. And it doesn't help that my streamyx is not up yet..with the dial up line..its a bit painful to chat over the slooowww made me lazy to online.


But i'm happy that i get to meet one of my close friends who is back to kuching for work for a few days. We went out during the weekend. And manage to gossip a lot too..i know its not good to gossip, but it is wat us girls do..hehe...we LOVE to gossip. We gossiped about our high schools frens, an area of topic i have not gossiped for a long long time. But i'm also sad for her as she just broke up a r/s. If you are reading this, you know who you are lo. I hope you won't be so sad, there's still a lot of fishes in the sea. And may be the fish that broke off with u is not meant to be with you. You deserved a better fish! OK? ..*pat pat*

Friday, July 07, 2006

My Bf lost his HP

my bf lost his HP 2 days ago (05/07/06). We were supose to go watch movie that nite. So as soon as its 530. We both leave frm office. But it was raining heavily that time, so he went to pick up the car 1st. But somehow along the way..he must have dropped th HP and SOME @*&^@#*%@*%$@ BASTARD took it. We frantically searched the office and the road for the hp. Thinking its impossible that someone can pick it up so soon. We tried calling my bf's hp. It was engaged at first..but after a few times, someone actually picking it up...but there's no voice, only sounds of the rain and some cracking sound....We knew at that time, the HP is a goner...we will never see it again...soon the phone cant be called at all. I just wished the BASTARD will return my HP sock..I bought a pair of them for me n my bf at I shall never see it again..SOOOBB

I hope the bastard walk also drop money, gamble lose money, walk will step on shid, bla bla bla...I hope my bf's stolen k700i get disfuntional soon and the bastard wont be able to use it!WAHAHAHA(EVIL LAUGHTER)

By the way, if there's any chance, if u guys see the HP sock (as posted below), pls tell me where it is, or return it to me?

I miss the other HP dreaming also think of it..wonder how is the fate now..

Monday, July 03, 2006


Some ppl asked me abt DISINILAND's whereabout. So i will put up the map here. :-)

Saturday, July 01, 2006

I got an email in Friendster.....

actually there's 2 from the same person.

Notice the title is "repeated"?there's actually an email with the same email but different title sent earlier to my frienster inbox.

So I kepoh kepoh, go view the guy's profile.

MY GOD!44 yrs old liao...I mean i don't mind the age la.. but but i tink he sud find someone more mature lo

But since he say become friends only.Should be ok kua?who knows i got ppl to intro him ler? but i wonder his profile is liable or not?2 masters degrees wor!n he says he has been to 60 countries all over the world...HMM

SO anyone interested?pls leave ur comment here and i'll show u to his friendster's network.LOL
I'm back!!

I'm back to Kuching last Tuesday. I had a great time at Thailand. I won't elaborate/ talk much on my trip as other bloggers have already talked about their experinces at Thailand. I tried alot of new stuff there, i went parasailing ( i looked like a toad being airlifted), played on a jet ski, touch the paw of a tiger cub, lifted up by 2 elephants, had thai massage, took photo with a very beautiful ah gua...etc etc...watched men show(LOL)..