Friday, July 21, 2006

I've Been Cloth Tagged by PINK COTTON

This pink cotton very mahuan pandai lah..starting her own personalised tag. I can't take photo of what i'm wearing just now. So i waited when i am inside the car during lunch time. :-p

Actually Pink Cotton already saw what i'm wearing in office leiii...but nvm la..since i've been tagged. I shall begin frm top to bottom...HEEEE

My stripey shirt, I didn't iron them..lazy..HAHAHA..but doesn't look wrinkly hor? I bought it at Jaya Jusco, Melaka. They say Kuching will have Jaya Jusco too soon?Don't know true or not.

My watch. I just simply want to show off my LOVELY watch.I like it very much, but some ppl said its too big for my LADYLIKE, DELICATE, SMALL hand *ahem* But then i still love it! I bought it at Midvalley. HEHE.

Stripey grey folded skirt. I actually ironed this skirt, but red sponge doubted it. HMMPPH. I bought this at Bangkok.

My Vincci. Its very comfortable. I like it very much. I bought it somewhere in KL. Can't remember which mall liao..:-p Should be the mall beside The Summit Hotel.


now i'm going to tag some guys..hehe..

1. Santa Louis

2. Wilson Chin



Red Sponge said...

kekekeke I like ur watch too, is unique ma...tsk tsk tsk...I think you should chia me many compliments for you already...'x'

Selba said...

Ooohhh.. I thought the clothes tag should be our pyjamas, no? If not, then I guess my clothes tag already done yesterday... hehehe..

Oh yes, definitely, a really nice watch!! I like it.... :)

Winn said...

i love fossil too!!! i have one which i bought it like 5 yrs back, still looking great working fine:) and i like big big watch too..coz har i have big wrist and i never lady=like thus i canot wear small small tiny watch...hahah

Chen said...

i don't wear watch :D
my handphone is my watch & my alarm clock :)

Pink Cotton said...


i love ur skirt le!

13th Panda said...

Wah..alot ppl like my watch..means i made teh right choice loh..*HAPPY*

carcar said...

hey you must be a very petite ger i presume. i like your watch too! i am wearing a pretty big watch, but i like.

guess wat, like your stripe shirt + skirt too!

hmmm, great sense taste alike?


hello :) 1st time here

13th Panda said...

hello!welcome carcar!

*blush* a lot ppl love my watch *happy + proud*...heee

carcar said...

yeah, i found out a lot of blogger like your watch, and most blogger here are so familiar... so i felt at home :)

13th Panda said...

carcar: i'm glad to hear that :-)