Tuesday, July 25, 2006

22/07/06 (Saturday), weather : sunny

Dear blog,

After breakfast, Oink and I went to pay Bulat (redsponge's nephew) a visit around 9.40am. I smsed redsponge before going..but there was no reply. Then when we arrived, i called her, she did not pick it up. Then we saw redsponge's mum sweeping. Her mum told us she is still sleeping...LOL!@@! At first I told auntie nvm la..since redsponge is still sleeping, we don't want to kacau her also.But aunty said “NVM NVM, come in...its late also liao..she should not be sleeping”..LOL..then she told us “She always sleep till late2 on non working days”..LOL...rupa-rupanya I am not the only one that sleeps till late late on Sundays..:-p Bulat is very adorable lo...and he was excited to see a pretty gal like me..*MUAHAHAHA*


We went to KENWY MUSIC HOUSE's musicals at night. Got some free tickets. I thought He Khang Wei, the founder of KENWY MUSIC HOUSE is, u know, someone old..BUT NOOOOO..he looks really young to me...@@ in fact he looked like a japanese guy to me! Lets do a brief intro on He Khang Wei, i believe Kenwy is his english name? I heard frm the MC that he studied music at Beijing, China. Had a PUO SHI (MASTERS DEGREE i presume?) in music, majoring in “YANG QIN ( dunno wat's the english name)”. He won a lot of competitions, but i can't remember them exactly:-P. If u think the whole night is abt traditional musical instruments, u r wrong..they have live band! And they also invited dancing troupe and little cute kids to sing. It was a nice evening. I especially like the combination of live band with traditional musical instruments. Sorry about the blur photos. :-p I have picked the clearer ones to show it here.

Peter Pan dance.

Hmmm, peter pan got boobs..LOL. And the blue one is Tinkerbell with Captain Hook sitting on the ground.

Cute fei chai!

I think the boy's costume is funny.

I like this girl

No. I'm not a lesbo. Its that i think she can sing very well. I liked her performance.

I can't remember his name, but if u want to listen to him sing, you can go to lake park. He will sing for rm1 per song requested. For 1st drink ordered is rm5 each, subsequent drinks will be at normal price.

Mr. He Khang Wei

He is singing an Italian Song, Caro Mio Bien. Not bad at all!

Mr He playing "Yang Qin"

I think this should be the highlight of the night. Its very nice oh! Him playing the "yang qin" with some live band music as background. REALLY REALLY NICE! I can't take my eyes off him. LOL...oppss :-p.


Red Sponge said...

kekekeke...u wake up early ler...

kenwy = kang wei? 'x'

Btw, bo shi should be doctorate liao! KENG ah!

13th Panda said...

AH?ya kah?paiseh ..my chinese very lauya ma

Pink Cotton said...

redsponge sleep late!..nyie nyie nyie pu pu ..so siao lee err!

hey! i know CARO MIO BIEN..is this correct???

cos BRIDE 18;s husbnad sang it!! so nice ^_^

Pink Cotton said...

oh btw...red sponge..13thpanda like to visit ppl early in the mornig de la...

once she also visit me early2..but luckily i woke up liao..only hvn take bath n brush teeth..when i got her call...she ask me wake up boi?? i said yes yes yes

and immediately jumped into the bathroom..wahahah

13th Panda said...

HAR?really?i didn't go notice wor...eh..its a nice song ler

guan lai u oso like 2 sleep late2..but at least u r better la..cos reply my sms