Friday, July 07, 2006

My Bf lost his HP

my bf lost his HP 2 days ago (05/07/06). We were supose to go watch movie that nite. So as soon as its 530. We both leave frm office. But it was raining heavily that time, so he went to pick up the car 1st. But somehow along the way..he must have dropped th HP and SOME @*&^@#*%@*%$@ BASTARD took it. We frantically searched the office and the road for the hp. Thinking its impossible that someone can pick it up so soon. We tried calling my bf's hp. It was engaged at first..but after a few times, someone actually picking it up...but there's no voice, only sounds of the rain and some cracking sound....We knew at that time, the HP is a goner...we will never see it again...soon the phone cant be called at all. I just wished the BASTARD will return my HP sock..I bought a pair of them for me n my bf at I shall never see it again..SOOOBB

I hope the bastard walk also drop money, gamble lose money, walk will step on shid, bla bla bla...I hope my bf's stolen k700i get disfuntional soon and the bastard wont be able to use it!WAHAHAHA(EVIL LAUGHTER)

By the way, if there's any chance, if u guys see the HP sock (as posted below), pls tell me where it is, or return it to me?

I miss the other HP dreaming also think of it..wonder how is the fate now..


Red Sponge said...

Hey! It is time to buy a new one! 'x'

13th Panda said...


Winn said...

yeah agree with red sponge. now he's got excuse to buy a new one :p

old one wont go, new one wont come :p

Chen said...

since the hp is gone liao, no point getting upset over it, cos u won't get it back again... Look at the brighter side loh.. Time to get a new one :D