Monday, December 31, 2007

My 2007

I think my 2007 is quite colourful, i had both bad and good times.

The Bad Times

(1) Had chicken pox! Imagine the horror and I was so worried it would leave scar on me and I would look ugly on my pre-wedding photo shoot. But 1 week later, when i am back for work, some ppl say I don't look like i had chicken pox. I guess thanks to the vit E oil?I healed pretty fast.

(2) fell sick a few times. ARGH. Hate being sick. Can't eat this, can't eat that. Good thing is I lose weight when i get sick.

(3) Had this weird "temperature-related-allery-thingy" which itches like what! And it happened weeks before my BIG DAY.

The G@.@D Times

(1) Went back to Belaga to visit grandma and relatives there. Had steambot CNY eve dinner with them and got attacked by swarm of flies. NO kidding! don't know where they came from, its abnormal. It was quite funny, relatives, young n old, swinging their arms for the flies to go away 'x'

(2) Had a nice birthday this year.

(3) Got married!

(4) Got a surprise from Oink on xmas eve.hee..

(5) Shopping! well, shopping therapy is good, they make u HAPPY! So i put it in this list. :p

my resolution for the new year?

(1) Have fun!

(2) learn 1/2 new skills

ok that's all for now, i havn't think of what are the rest


HAPPY NEW YEAR!Special Occasions

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas and Mango

My parents and us are "sharing custody " of Mango. They get to keep her for the week days, and we get to keep her during the weekends. HAHA!

Guess which one is mango's breakfast "cereal" and which one is our Milo cereal. HAHA. When we first had our Milo cereal, we think it really looked like mango's "cereal".

Mango in da house. She's wearing her hygenic pants. Having THE time of the year. Female dogs have it twice a year. I just don't have the heart to let her be neutered. I bet that it must be painful.



Have fun on Christmas Day! :D

Friday, December 14, 2007

3 Gluttons

Once upon a lunch time, Glutton Jaqq tagged along with Glutton Panda(the least glutton) and Glutton Oink to lunch.

Glutton Oink suggest we go to this new place, a new food court at 4 1/2 mile, which is called Food Avenue.

The place is clean, maybe because its still new. We noticed that there are no repeating stalls. Each is the only one there.

Well, after going through the stalls twice...ehehe

We made up our minds.

Jaqq and I decided to try on the yam rice. Never tried ma, so must try. Not bad. Rm1 each.

We had it with this pork-fishball-kiam cai soup. Rm4

And I ordered an extra plate of roasted pork to go down with the yam rice. EHeheh. yummy and crispy!Rm4

Oink ordered chicken chop. This one ok ok la. The fries are too salty. I tink its Rm8?

We ordered some fruits also. Can't have all meat and no vitamins right! Quite cheap. Rm1 for each type.

Our kiam cai soup was slow. So while Jaqq went back to remind the guy about our soup, she said she smelt something nice. And then she came back with a bag of steamed peanuts!!HAHA!

But not as gluttonous Oink. After the chicken chop, quarter plate of yam rice, roasted pork, fruits, peanuts, he still can eat!

He ordered a bowl of Spicy Noodles. And finished them!@@!

So the glutton award goes to ...... OINK!

I think we went back to work 2 kg heavier.

p/s: the photos quality are not very good because they are taken with my handphone.:-p

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A random post

I used to be very busy every weekend this year. There's always things to ponder. Things to plan. Things to complete. Most of these things are for the wedding. It crosses my mind once that what will happen after the wedding. Maybe I shall be bored?Since nothing much left to do. But now that I am married, its not boring at all lo.

How to be bored when you have to do housework?ROFL.I miss my mama, although she always nag me, she is always good at household chores. She can nag while do work 'x'. Multi -tasking.

Before married, everyday i get to eat home cooked breakfast. But now..... LOL. At least we made our own breakfast 3 times a week. I had to bargain this with Mr Oink. Since Mr Oink previously had his breakfast everyday outside. I told him its not really healthy to always eat out. So we made deal to at least have 3 home-cooked breakfast every week lo. Be it bread, eggs, porridge, or even oat (yucks, but i bought one small packet, its good for health ma 'x'.. must try), still better than everyday eat kolo mee/ laksa/ cha kueh tiaw outside.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I'm Back!! a mrs now. Still not very use to this new status.


anyway..I'm blogging from a laptop, which has no photoshop lo, real pain in the a$$ to edit the photos. I had to replace my watermark with a simple text.

I bet you guys saw a few day time photos from here & here

I shall put up some of the reception's photos.

The Hall

The Cake..nice rite?but its fake!only a slice was genuine cake for us to feed each other.

The point on the arch

The glass cylinder with 3 roses and floating candles, i kinda like these, only thing is its too short, and someone accidentally kicked it, so we had to move it away after the grand entrance.

The main table centerpiece, with rose petals n floating candles in the middle.

Musical performances by Kenwy Music School

The flowers on the flower stands.

Last but not least, a photo of us...

from the back!


Jgn Marah..

Saturday, November 03, 2007

The sequel to my Worst Nightmare


why always like this.

First this.
And its very itchy lo! Far worse than the chicken pox. The first sign of these patches came up around 3 today. I thought I had eaten something and caused this, but it just got worse and worse, I had to see the doctor. He said i might be allergic to the temperature. Either coldness/ hot.

I never heard of that lo. I feel like a freak lo. Never heard got ppl allergic to the temperature one ler. He said worst case will stay for weeks worrrr. And my wedding is weeks from now. *GASP* OH WHY?WHY?why i always have these kind of itchiness condition?? always during bad timing. *GROANNNN*

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What I have been up to lately


I know i have been in-active here lately. Heeee. But i got good reason for that. Which I will tell you guys at the end of this post. So make sure you read on, and don't cheat by scrolling down first!!

Cosway was having this clearance sale on their old redemption goods. Those that were not redeemed. Thanks for Jaqq's info, I get to buy this big bag for only rm25! Although its not really leather, but it really does look like one. Hiak!

And then my bro's fren came over to Kuching, and I had agreed to bring them to Bako National Park. Bako's water was very nice years ago, but now, its not as blue as before anymore.

These are very easy to be spotted at the Park.

I didn't get tp see this during my last visit. I think its a wild boar. But i remembered the wild boar i saw at other places was darker ler.*shrug*

My bro and his gang. I am not inside though. Cos I was holding the camera.

Jaqq gave me this a few months back. I looked at it and feel a bit long didn't do cross sticth liao ler. nevetheless, I decided to give it a try.

TAAADAAAA!! nice mar? I pricked my fingers a few times when I started this project, now that its done, I am very happy lo

HAHAH! ONE problem though 'x' , I lost the strap, so i went to buy another one, and its too long, and I tink i arranged the strap wrong. 'x'. JAQQ, HELP ME 'x'!!

last Friday, they had Parkson day. And I splurged a little bit at kanebo counter, and got a organiser (highly recommeded by Jackie) as a free gift for my 'genorousity' *ahem*.

Before that, my dressing table looks like this. Ya ya ya, i'm a bit messy 'x'. I don't relly have time to tidy them. Sometimes feel a bit ashamed lo..AHAHA

Now with the organiser, hmm, still not enough for all my stuff ler. I think I need another 1/2 lo!'x'!!!

A closer look at the organiser. ok la, at least now my dressing table is neater, but I predict it will get back to its original state soon 'x'

Ok, bye..that's all for today.

hmm?oh ya! i forgot about telling you the main reason why I am busy.

That's because..






and oh ya, i will be taking 'leave' from blogging a while. I will be back after the wedding K?or if I can find time to blog.

Cya around.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


I got my internet connection early this week, but hor, was attacked by virus and spywares and ppl wanting to hijack my pc! I needed to format the pc lo. :-(

ok, back to main topic!

Yup! It's moi birthday last Saturday. And it was a bday-raya celebration for me. But the actual celebration started a few days earlier ...

Last Tuesday, went to Asian Recipe with the gals. A new restaurant behind Choice Premier. Although the name has an "Asian" to it, but most of the dishes are thai food leh.. The waitresses are friendly, but they are slow..real slow at serving out the dishes we ordered. My pandan chicken was almost raw as a matter of fact, and when i told them about it, I thought I am getting a new plate of pandan chicken, but instead was served back with the very same piece of chicken, now stir-fried and sliced =.='''. For more details on what happened, pls visit here.

But I like this vietnamese spring roll though ^.^

Our mango fish has a crab part in it. EEEWWW. If I didn't say its actually a mango fish dish, you would thought the fish was actually a piece of a crab don't u?HAHAA

The next night, I celebrated birthday in advance with Oink's family at The Heritage. Oink's Bro In Law is having his birthday 1 day earlier than me. So they celebrated our birthday in advanced. Each of us got a cake. And i got a chocolate cake. Mwhehe

Then on Thursday night, Eva treated me to dinner at Elephant. Eva is a very sweet girl, very pretty also. I remembered during high school, she would call me at 12am, to wish me Happy Birthday. ^.^

Ok, Friday night is rest night. Let my stomach rest. HAHA..

The next morning, I had a craving for “生煎包” :-p (dunno how to translate-fried bun?). Its a Shanghai Dish. There used to be a bunch of Shanghainese that opened a kopitiam here at King Centre Area called 上海人家, but they close shop suddenly. And I was a bit sad at that time, thinking i can't have 生煎包 anymore. But I got lucky one day, i found out one of the sifu stayed behind, and open up his own stall, selling 生煎包, sesame bun and 汤包. I only have eyes for 生煎包. HAHA

You eat them with these sauces. One is black vinegar, the other is spicy oil. I prefer to have mine with the vinegar. A little dip, makes it taste better. MMM~

This always happens! i always drop one of the 生煎包. What a waste lor... Oink on the other hand, keep squirting the juice inside everywhere when he took his first bite, once only missed me by inches!@@! 生煎包 actually has minced pork meat inside. And when u take a bite, you will notice the gravy inside. Very very yummy lo. I am not putting any photo up on the inside of the 生煎包, because, the only way to look inside, is for me to bite it first. Someone hor, will scold me if i put such photo, she will think its jijik lo :-p

OK!Its present time! *HAPPY*

Very nice wrapping, i like it alot. ^.^

eh????Diskette box? *fishy*

hhmm~~*rub chin*

Keke, now i have a new phone. A pink phone! I asked Oink, why pink?He said, because its a girl's color. HAHA, i think its nice lo, and its thoughtful of him to include in the protective cover as well. And the ring tone was a "Happy Birthday Song" sang by none other than Oink himself. HAHAA...very funny lo..but i changed the ring tone to another song already, as Oink was getting shy when the ring tone rang a few times in the public..HAHAHA..!

I like the key pad most! The numbers and keys are in pink color and looks really really nice when its dark.

Its time to say goodbye to my old phone lo. I used it since 2002. It has been a good 5 yrs. The crack was caused by me when i accidentally sat on.'x' Me and my big bum.

I had dinner with my family on my birthday. HEHE!

Due to all these dinners, i have gained weight! *.*

Starting this Sunday, i shall start exercising and also watch my diet. Till then, I can still enjoy some sinful food.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Last Saturday, Jaqq and Jee brought us to Batu Kawa to have breakfast. What is famous at Batu Kawa? Their meatballs of course. Frankly speaking, I had never been there for their meatball, as i can find stalls putting up signs saying their fishball tauhu soup has Batu Kawa's famous meatballs. So why go so far when u can have them at nearby stalls right?

BUT! once i was there, i found out their meatballs looks different. Most of the shops at Batu Kawa sells meatballs.

Meat ball soup + a mee kosong to go with

A closer look at the meat ball soup

This is what Jaqq had, Meat balls with Kueh Tiaw

That day, Oink suddenly surprised me with orange roses. I think its quite pretty.

Lets have a closer look at it. Pretty hor?

Come a wee bit closer...