Saturday, November 03, 2007

The sequel to my Worst Nightmare


why always like this.

First this.
And its very itchy lo! Far worse than the chicken pox. The first sign of these patches came up around 3 today. I thought I had eaten something and caused this, but it just got worse and worse, I had to see the doctor. He said i might be allergic to the temperature. Either coldness/ hot.

I never heard of that lo. I feel like a freak lo. Never heard got ppl allergic to the temperature one ler. He said worst case will stay for weeks worrrr. And my wedding is weeks from now. *GASP* OH WHY?WHY?why i always have these kind of itchiness condition?? always during bad timing. *GROANNNN*


Laura Hii said...

oo i also got that kind of problem from time to time. I had that since when i was teenager.

what the doctor said is true. my case is when my body temperature is "cold" it will got that "spots" Can u imaging when is winter (@_@')

if u got this problem better avoid to eat any seafoods, eggs and mango.

at australia i also went to see western Dr. and u know what?? it didnt help much bcoz i know more than THEM (>_<) I asked them what kind of disease and causes?

They dont even know and just told me avoid eat seafood & mango. unless i see specialist.

when i back to SArikei. i went to see chinese Dr. that told me, one of the causes is my blood is not clean /too much toxic and avoid "wind" (like using fan) that why in chinese ppl called that " Fung moh"

and at the moment, I also under prescription for 3 months trial. So, i havent got any spot and I avoid eat eggs, and seafood. If this medication work on me, I will continued take it for few months again and stop and see how`s it go.

mostly i heard chinese medicine can cure this problem , maybe u try to see them for advices or see more DR. to get second opinion. \

hope this will help. Good luck!

13th Panda said...

WAH!thanks Laura! I never knew got ppl like me also. For me, this is the 1st time i got this. SADDD..haha

I still had seafood after that. Hmm, mayb i should stop any seafood consumption until I am healed.

Blood too much toxic ah?*rub chin* I am scared ler. Maybe I should watch what I eat. Take some supplement or something. Hmm~

Selba said...

Oh no... that's bad, hopefully you'll get well very soon especially on your big day. Take care!

lex said...

that looks like fung gave me goosebumps cos i used to have that everytime i ate prawns. those swellings went frm whole body to scalp, to throat, to inside of my ears. there's a jab for this. ask yr doc. have u tried calomine lotion?

Winn said...

aiks....go see doctor and avoid seafood!!! take care ya

kyh said...

me oso got that kinda prob sometimes!! last time both my palms r filled with all these patches! geli leh.... and very very itchy. the more u scratch, the more it pops out! but who can resist the urge to scratch?? arghhhhh!

Simple American said...

I have had that before too. Stay cool girl. Cool baths! Stay away from your finace' so you heart beat does not overly pitter patter. :P

Will pray for your comfort.

miracle8 said...

THis is "lang mok" in hakka. And its usually flares up when you feel cold. My mom has it too. Just wear long sleeved shirts when you're in air-conditioned rooms and the rash will subside.
Tiger balm helps too.

13th Panda said...

selba: hee, its gone after 3 days, now I try to avoid being too cold/ too hot, cos still dunno wic caused it

lex:no lo, the doc said no need to do anything, he just gave me pills for the itchiness =.="

winn: I still got curi eat a bit seafood, a bittt only 'x'

kyh:*nod nod nod* v irritating lo!

simple american: wah, seem that alot ppl had this before ler..haha, how come i never hear about it b4. Thanks SA, i am well now.Need to take care till my big day

miracle8: thanks for the info.^.^

kyh said...

hey happy marriage ya! stay happily ever after! :)