Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mum

It was my mum's birthday last Sunday. :->

And we bought her a cake and Bro sang her birthday song. We had a great laugh and had fun. We are not the lovey dovey type of family who expresses affection openly. So its good that we have such moments. :-)

When I was in Primary School, I had an BM (Malay Language) Oral Test, the examiner showed me a picture similar to this one here..

Oink took this with his HP when he found this nest.

And I remembered how i talked about mother's love. How the mother bird protects the chicks, how she feeds them avday, and not leaving them, till the wings hardened, and the baby birds are able to fly on their own.

Well, luckily i got an A for my BM.LOL!

That day i went to Padungan to buy something. Before that, we need to find a place to have breakfast. That is when i saw a shop called Ah Meng Cafe. Mum used to bring me and bro there to have the porridge. When we got older, we didn't want to follow Mum anymore. HMM~

I am delighted that the porridge stall is still there. Although its not the best tasting porridge in town. But it meant a lot to me. It made me recall memories. :-)

Happy Birthday, Mum.

Sunday, January 28, 2007


After KL, we went to Genting. My parents were there. So we "tumpang" them. *GRIN* It was really really windy and foggy when we went up with cable cars. And when we were there, they are not selling the outdoor theme park tickets anymore due to the weather. :-(

So we are stuck in the indoor theme park. With like thousands of other people. Oh yeah. -.-"

We bought the indoor package tickets. And i regretted it!! For each of the game, we had to queue up to ONE HOUR ++!

I was enthusiastic in the beginning. But got tired from all the q-ing soon after that. SIGH.

Handsome ma our gondolier?LOL. After q-ing like forever, we manage to get a taste on wats its like to be in Venice. Except that this is not venice! And the gondolier is mannequin! And in Venice, I don't think people queue up for an hour for a ride.

Just to play a few games takes around half day.-.-" And the games were, hmm, not as exciting as I thought. WHY? WHY the bad weather?! I am sure the outdoor park will be more exciting! But too bad we are only staying in genting for one day only.

We headed to Snow World after that. Or should I say, its more like a giant fridge. At one point, I thought it was snowing and ran up to the "snow", only to get my hair full of BUBBLES! YES!THEY ARE not real snow flakes! Oh, i am disappointed. Oink laughed at my hair though.CIS. Oh well, this is Malaysia anyway. I can't expect much. But now i know how terrifying it is to be so cold. We are entitled to 30/40 mins in the "fridge", but like 20 mins after being in there, it felt like torture. But we didn't want to waste our Rm17. So we moved around to find a warmer spot.LOL. And a warning to anyone who wanted to try Snow World, pls go on the earlier sessions, BECAUSE... the jackets and gloves are very smelly, after being worn so many times. URGH.

We saw something that made me miss mango during our trip. Its a weird looking fish which resembles Mango.

We went to the casino, but didn't have any luck :-(

And the weather is so cold during the night. Didn't have a nice sleep.

It was quite clear and not so foggy when we went back. CIS. NVM then, i shall come back when the it is not School Holiday.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Trip -pt 2

I know its a bit too late to post something about christmas *GRIN*

please forgive me ya. HEE

somemore my bro is back..and he monopolises my pc.-.-"

Below are some nice xmas scenes i saw..

Pretty Blue xmas

I think this was at The Curve.

House of Bread :-P

This was at Midvalley?I think..

My lunch at Nandos.

I had hot chicken, I think Extra Hot tasted better. hmm. I had messy hair that day, because i didn't dry it properly before i sleep the previous night. I was tired from all the walking ma.

My supper@ Secret Recipe

It was really yummy. MMM. Kuching is going to have its very own Secret Recipe soon. YAY! (^.^)v

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

December Trip-KL

When we checked in, it like almost 1pm already. -.-" Then we took lunch at Sushi King.

Then 1st thing we did was find pudu station and buy bus ticket to JHR. I thought the station was at Pudu, so took LRT, but eh?EMPTY der???!Nothing there, asked the information counter, found out that we should drop at Plaza Rakyat. The station is nearby. So we found the ticket counters, which is like wet market but MUCH MCUH NOISIER. -.-"

That took us almost 1 hrs ++. The quick2 go to kelana jaya station to take free shuttle to Sunway Pyramid. We reached Sunway like around 4.30pm. *SIGH* Half day of shopping gone!

Worse than that, I stained my pants and sprained my left leg's muscle. Talk about painful walking down stairs. OUCH! I had to wear Oink's CNY shirt that he bought at Sunway to cover the stain on my pants. By then, half of my shopping mood was gone already. And wearing a guy's(XL) shirt while shopping makes me feels awkward. But surprisingly, i looked good in it. And whenever i step into shops, i get more attention.:-) My shopping mood soared frm then onwards.

But Oink killed the mood at 8.30, saying that we should be heading back. AWW. But true also la, Sunway is quite far from our hotel. Should head back already.

But I manage to grab this before going back. KEKE.

Something nice from Bread Story

Nice box hor? too bad i had to throw it away when i packed. No place for it. >:-D

Inside is...


I've been wanting to try green tea cake for a long2 time now. Its not too sweet. I like sweet stuff, but this cake is just nice. A small piece like this (smaller than the normal piece we can buy) costs RM5. But its worth trying.

:-) till next time, adieu~
My Boss My Hero

AHEM!Mind you! I am not saying my OWN boss is my hero.

Its a japanese series i watched recently.

Bro dwnloaded the series into my pc (new HDD with lotsa space :-D ).

Once i start watching it, I'm hooked!

Its super funny, sweet, and touching.

It comprises of 10 episodes. It took me around 2 days to watch cos i had to work. So i watched till after 1am 2 days in a row. :-p came to office with super panda eyes. But i have no regrets, since its a gd series. It made me laugh, and got a scene almost made me cry. Thumbs and toes up from me!

Ok, a brief intro on the series.

Its about a feared yakuza (mafia?samseng? Dunno the right term) young master, Sakaki Makio (27 yrs old), who wanted to be the next gang leader. The gang leader is his own father. But he is too stupid (can't think for more than 90 secs), and the father made him go back to high school study. If he graduates, he'll be the next boss, if not, the seat will be given to his younger bro, who has an iq of 180, but cannot exercise for more than 90 secs. So he had no choice but to go back to High School and pretend to be a 17 years old.

You have to watch for urself! Its highly recommended by me.

I am going to burn it into DVD so i can watch it again in the future.

BTW, the main actor looked a bit like Jerry Yan, but with much much better acting skills.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


I got my HDD liao! BUT....i don't have photoshop's installer.*scratch head* * sigh*

I shall get it installed soon, so that i can edit my photos.

Today's entry is for those who don't spend much time in the nature much.

Ok!First question for the day.

What color does green chilli matured to before it becomes ripe red?

Give u 5 seconds.






Answer: Purple


OK..lets move to another section -> Tree Guess.

Its simple. You try to guess what is the tree in the photo shown. Answers will be revealed this Sunday, in my comments.

(1) This one should be easy.





:-) Gd luck!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Return of Oink

Oink is back! He brought me...

My favourite!

Too bad there's no wasabi :-(

And the wasabi I kept in bridge already expired!LOL!!Threw it away liao. So i ate them with the soy sauce provided. If got wasabi, it will be perfect. :-(

While Oink was away. I went out with a friend of mine. We went to Daydream.

We ordered Sotong Ring, which is recommended by the waitress.

We were a bit surprised when the finger food was delivered to us.


Didn't look like the usual Sotong Ring we had ler..its doesn't even have the shape of a ring!

hmm, maybe it would taste good, like what the waitress said.

:-( no ler..not nice was crispy outside, but inside it was squishy and oily, and the sotong was not nice one. Inside was only a piece of sotong.


Never again shall i eat Sotong Ring there again.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Silly Me!

Last night i was talking on the phone with Oink for 11 mins 49 secs. I was very tired and sleepy, yet, i got a lot to tell him. When i finally ended the call, to my horror, my credit balance left rm1.85 only!

Cannot be! I remember I got rm43.80 yesterday ler.

So i was very shocked, I called Digi Helpline.

This is how it went....

Digi guy : hello, this is xxxx (can't remember, sleepy) can i help u?

me : May i know how much is the call rate per minute.

Digi guy: May i know you name miss?

me : xxxxxxxx.

Digi guy : ok, can i call u miss xxxxx?

me: ok.

Digi guy : What's ur phone no. miss xxxxx?

me: 016-xxxxxxx

Digi guy : ok, miss xxx. Our call rate per minute, nationwide is 48 sen.

me: cannot be, i made a call for like 11 minutes, and my credit drop from rm30++ to rm1.85 only! Its like rm2 per minute!

Digi guy :{shocked} Really? What time did you make the call miss xxxxx?

me: 10.52pm.

Digi guy: miss xxx, our server is having maintenance now. We only have your records till 9pm. Can you call back tomorrow morning? You just need to remember the number you called to, and the time. We will check for you. If your credit really got deducted unaccordingly, we will give you refund.

me: ok.

Digi guy : ok, thank you for your feedback ...bla bla bla..(can't remember, not important anyway :-D)

me: thanks.

I then exchanged a few sms with Oink. Made a reminder with my HP to remind myself to call back Digi helpline. Then I was so sleepy, i slept with my HP. LOL

Ok, this morning after i woke up, i saw the reminder i made.

Then it strikes me.

I didn't reload these few days. Where did i get the rm43.80? Previously i was left with -0 credit. LOL!

Well, after thinking for a while, i remembered Oink credit transfered to me rm5. LOL!

My credit balance was actually rm4.38 not rm43.80!


Silly me. If it wasn't me being silly and blur, i could have more beauty sleep last night. LOL!

Sunday, January 07, 2007


Oink will be only be back to Kuching on next Saturday. *SIGH*

Good news is i have time to blog more often!

Bad news is i havn't gotten my hdd, wic means my posts will either be completely words/ with 1/ 2 photos only.LOL!

I have been thinking about something for quite a long time now.Since Mango had her first heat.

Should i spay her?

What if she wanted to have little babies? I mean doggie have feelings too.

Well, it is true that neutered pets are more obedient. But I like my Mango to be active.

It made me think of those neutered male dogs, aren't they like eunuchs now?:-D!

But friends keep telling me i should spay Mango. Telling me real scary stories that happened to their pets because they didn't spay them.

Hmm, what should I do?

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

HDD almost full

I got lots to tell. But my Hdd is getting full. And I need to wait a while before i can get my new HDD. HEE

I need my photos to blog. WHY?Cos i ain't good at words. If got photos, at least i can tell a bit on it. :-D!

If the photo is 1/2 mayb i can blog about it la..but i wanna blog abit about my trip.EHEHE..

Monday, January 01, 2007


After a very filling dinner, we didn't know what to do. We don't want to go to smoky areas. I don't like. So, we 'lepak' at Parkson till 10 something and felt it was boring. If its at KL/ SG, 'lepak-ing' at the mall will be more fun. So we thought why not go to the movies?

But we are worried what if there's no tickets? No parking space?What if there's no nice movie?

But we went anyway.

We remembered there was a movie. Night at the Muzium.

So we q up. And only 1st 3 rows are available. *shrugged* We bought the middle seats at the 3rd row.

It turned out the better than we thought it would be. It was HILARIOUS. We kept laughing. The whole room was filled with laughters. WOW.I always think its rude to laugh out so loud when watching movie. But everyone was laughing, so why bother?

Check this movie out. Its worthed. It has Owen Wilson and Robbie Williams in it too!


Panda needs sleep now.

Its 01 Jan, 2007 now. I need to get use to use 2007 instead of 2006. :-D