Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mum

It was my mum's birthday last Sunday. :->

And we bought her a cake and Bro sang her birthday song. We had a great laugh and had fun. We are not the lovey dovey type of family who expresses affection openly. So its good that we have such moments. :-)

When I was in Primary School, I had an BM (Malay Language) Oral Test, the examiner showed me a picture similar to this one here..

Oink took this with his HP when he found this nest.

And I remembered how i talked about mother's love. How the mother bird protects the chicks, how she feeds them avday, and not leaving them, till the wings hardened, and the baby birds are able to fly on their own.

Well, luckily i got an A for my BM.LOL!

That day i went to Padungan to buy something. Before that, we need to find a place to have breakfast. That is when i saw a shop called Ah Meng Cafe. Mum used to bring me and bro there to have the porridge. When we got older, we didn't want to follow Mum anymore. HMM~

I am delighted that the porridge stall is still there. Although its not the best tasting porridge in town. But it meant a lot to me. It made me recall memories. :-)

Happy Birthday, Mum.


Sin Ling said...

Happy Birthday aunty, *give aunty a kiss*. My BM got A1 also, hehe. Wah, so small know about mother bird feed the young liao, so touch, the food no need to be delicious but the sweet memory is the best. agree? :D

zeroimpact said...

Happy birthday to your mum
I know the feeling as I too had a time which I did not want to go out with my parents
But then now I almost go out with my mum every weekend to buy groceries or just stay at home with them

Simple American said...

Porridge is no nice.

So glad my missus is not a typical hands off Chinese.

or2ng3s said...

happy birthday to auntie! altho the porridge is not the most delicious one, nevertheless having it at a cold mrng like now is nice...=)

panda, i think we used to be those lil birds too with mama n papa feed us. As we grow, our 'wing' harden, and tend to 'fly' and explore and not following mama n papa. lol... but i like morning breakfast with them! =)

13th Panda said...

sin ling : ya! :-)

zeroimpact: That's very good of u! :-)

simple american: LOL!

Oren: YEAH! But i usually wakes up later than them, so only can enjoy lunch/ dinner 2gether..LOL

Redsponge said...

wah...happy belated birthday to auntie lor.

hmm...i dun like porridge. papa always bring us for the beef noodle at yue ying cafe opposite Miramar last time. Now the cafe is moved to somewhere else.


Kenny Ng said...

Happy belated Birthday to 13th Panda's mama...

Pink Cotton said...

wah sniff sniff

very nice post!!

bravo bravo..i also give you an A!

kekekeke come we no more follow our parents as much as last time??haahah

i guess our 'winsg hardened' liao lor :)

13th Panda said...

red sponge : I like porridge ler. My brkfast every wk, sure got porridge (home cooked)

kenny ng: Thank you (help my mama say)!

pink cotton :wah!thank you for ur A!LOL! Ya, i gues our wings really got 'hardened' liao