Sunday, January 07, 2007


Oink will be only be back to Kuching on next Saturday. *SIGH*

Good news is i have time to blog more often!

Bad news is i havn't gotten my hdd, wic means my posts will either be completely words/ with 1/ 2 photos only.LOL!

I have been thinking about something for quite a long time now.Since Mango had her first heat.

Should i spay her?

What if she wanted to have little babies? I mean doggie have feelings too.

Well, it is true that neutered pets are more obedient. But I like my Mango to be active.

It made me think of those neutered male dogs, aren't they like eunuchs now?:-D!

But friends keep telling me i should spay Mango. Telling me real scary stories that happened to their pets because they didn't spay them.

Hmm, what should I do?


YD said...

hehe, spayed dogs will get fatter. But un-spayed ones attract all the unwanted attention and future problems. What do you think?

zeroimpact said...

Not familiar with this at all
I'm sure you will make the right choice

papercrazy said...

There are pros and cons in this....

Un-neuetered pets will give you unnecessary sleepless nights during the mating season....You'll get barking and howling and what nots from the male dogs outside since they can 'smell' Mango lor....LOL

but of course, the procreation part should be taken into consideration too...:-)

VampireM said...

pure pug puppies would be a joy... :D
if u don keep them, you can give 'em away & make ppl happy, or can sell 'em for a good price...

in penang, pug puppies cost at least Rm500

Simple American said...

You wan puppies. Leave it be.

You dun. You still gotta Mango.

You da boss! ;)

13th Panda said...

yd : Wah!I can't imagine FAT mango getting even fatter. LOL. Mng always stays indoor. And so far i don't see any unwanted attention la..hmm~

zeroimpact: I hope so.

papercrazy: I always sleep like a pig. So far no howling la.LOL

vampirem:Oh!I can never sell my own puppies. I don't have the heart to do so.

SA: how hor?lemme think think think