Wednesday, January 24, 2007

December Trip-KL

When we checked in, it like almost 1pm already. -.-" Then we took lunch at Sushi King.

Then 1st thing we did was find pudu station and buy bus ticket to JHR. I thought the station was at Pudu, so took LRT, but eh?EMPTY der???!Nothing there, asked the information counter, found out that we should drop at Plaza Rakyat. The station is nearby. So we found the ticket counters, which is like wet market but MUCH MCUH NOISIER. -.-"

That took us almost 1 hrs ++. The quick2 go to kelana jaya station to take free shuttle to Sunway Pyramid. We reached Sunway like around 4.30pm. *SIGH* Half day of shopping gone!

Worse than that, I stained my pants and sprained my left leg's muscle. Talk about painful walking down stairs. OUCH! I had to wear Oink's CNY shirt that he bought at Sunway to cover the stain on my pants. By then, half of my shopping mood was gone already. And wearing a guy's(XL) shirt while shopping makes me feels awkward. But surprisingly, i looked good in it. And whenever i step into shops, i get more attention.:-) My shopping mood soared frm then onwards.

But Oink killed the mood at 8.30, saying that we should be heading back. AWW. But true also la, Sunway is quite far from our hotel. Should head back already.

But I manage to grab this before going back. KEKE.

Something nice from Bread Story

Nice box hor? too bad i had to throw it away when i packed. No place for it. >:-D

Inside is...


I've been wanting to try green tea cake for a long2 time now. Its not too sweet. I like sweet stuff, but this cake is just nice. A small piece like this (smaller than the normal piece we can buy) costs RM5. But its worth trying.

:-) till next time, adieu~


Simple American said...

That cake looks so yummy. How come no picture in your Oink shirt?

13th Panda said...

SA : Cannot show my face ma..somemore the only photo i have in that shirt,was a photo of me standing in front of a giant xmas tree, i'm too small, cannot see already.:-p

Redsponge said...

wah active liao ooo ;p

13th Panda said...


zeroimpact said...

You were here?
Well, it's a nice bakery and I'm sure it tasted really nice too

Sin Ling said...

oh i think the green tea cake is nice, look tasty and attractive. Did you try the green tea ice cream?

13th Panda said...

zeroimpact: Yes i was!hehe.

sin ling: NO, i didn't. But i shall try it in august! :-)