Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Silly Me!

Last night i was talking on the phone with Oink for 11 mins 49 secs. I was very tired and sleepy, yet, i got a lot to tell him. When i finally ended the call, to my horror, my credit balance left rm1.85 only!

Cannot be! I remember I got rm43.80 yesterday ler.

So i was very shocked, I called Digi Helpline.

This is how it went....

Digi guy : hello, this is xxxx (can't remember, sleepy)..how can i help u?

me : May i know how much is the call rate per minute.

Digi guy: May i know you name miss?

me : xxxxxxxx.

Digi guy : ok, can i call u miss xxxxx?

me: ok.

Digi guy : What's ur phone no. miss xxxxx?

me: 016-xxxxxxx

Digi guy : ok, miss xxx. Our call rate per minute, nationwide is 48 sen.

me: cannot be, i made a call for like 11 minutes, and my credit drop from rm30++ to rm1.85 only! Its like rm2 per minute!

Digi guy :{shocked} Really? What time did you make the call miss xxxxx?

me: 10.52pm.

Digi guy: miss xxx, our server is having maintenance now. We only have your records till 9pm. Can you call back tomorrow morning? You just need to remember the number you called to, and the time. We will check for you. If your credit really got deducted unaccordingly, we will give you refund.

me: ok.

Digi guy : ok, thank you for your feedback ...bla bla bla..(can't remember, not important anyway :-D)

me: thanks.

I then exchanged a few sms with Oink. Made a reminder with my HP to remind myself to call back Digi helpline. Then I was so sleepy, i slept with my HP. LOL

Ok, this morning after i woke up, i saw the reminder i made.

Then it strikes me.

I didn't reload these few days. Where did i get the rm43.80? Previously i was left with -0 credit. LOL!

Well, after thinking for a while, i remembered Oink credit transfered to me rm5. LOL!

My credit balance was actually rm4.38 not rm43.80!


Silly me. If it wasn't me being silly and blur, i could have more beauty sleep last night. LOL!


Simple American said...

I thought I was the only one that did that sort of thing. haha

Sleep more tonight then. :P

Pink Cotton said...

hmmmmmmm so much for calling urself ms xxx...at the end u still spill it out urself leh~

i think u really need sleep!..haha

zeroimpact said...

I think you need more rest and sleep

13th Panda said...

SA: LOL! then we gang! Yup, i shall sleep earlier tonight.

pink cotton: I've changed it liao. CHAM..so clumsy

zeroimpact: hehe

papercrazy said...

hahahah....I presumed u did not call back digi helpline the next day?

I did a blunder too in KL. I called a certain fixed line number and can't get through (message "number not allowed" kept on appearing) so in my haste, I called digi helpline and complained...Only after I put down the call and they promised to look into it, I realised that the number was busy all this while thus the no-through call....

But then, it was not my fault. The message was misleading...LOL

or2ng3s said...

wahahahahaha... !!!!!

Kenny Ng said...

LOL... blur like sotong la u.

Winn said...

welcome to melayang layang club

13th Panda said...

papercrazy : YA!u are rite!I didn't call back..malulah..HAHAHA..HEY!i ever had such situation too! but i didn't call Digi la..i knew that sometime digi's message a bit misleading

Oren:Bok lok khi!

kenny: :-( sobb

winn: HAHAHA!Melayang-layang club!