Sunday, January 28, 2007


After KL, we went to Genting. My parents were there. So we "tumpang" them. *GRIN* It was really really windy and foggy when we went up with cable cars. And when we were there, they are not selling the outdoor theme park tickets anymore due to the weather. :-(

So we are stuck in the indoor theme park. With like thousands of other people. Oh yeah. -.-"

We bought the indoor package tickets. And i regretted it!! For each of the game, we had to queue up to ONE HOUR ++!

I was enthusiastic in the beginning. But got tired from all the q-ing soon after that. SIGH.

Handsome ma our gondolier?LOL. After q-ing like forever, we manage to get a taste on wats its like to be in Venice. Except that this is not venice! And the gondolier is mannequin! And in Venice, I don't think people queue up for an hour for a ride.

Just to play a few games takes around half day.-.-" And the games were, hmm, not as exciting as I thought. WHY? WHY the bad weather?! I am sure the outdoor park will be more exciting! But too bad we are only staying in genting for one day only.

We headed to Snow World after that. Or should I say, its more like a giant fridge. At one point, I thought it was snowing and ran up to the "snow", only to get my hair full of BUBBLES! YES!THEY ARE not real snow flakes! Oh, i am disappointed. Oink laughed at my hair though.CIS. Oh well, this is Malaysia anyway. I can't expect much. But now i know how terrifying it is to be so cold. We are entitled to 30/40 mins in the "fridge", but like 20 mins after being in there, it felt like torture. But we didn't want to waste our Rm17. So we moved around to find a warmer spot.LOL. And a warning to anyone who wanted to try Snow World, pls go on the earlier sessions, BECAUSE... the jackets and gloves are very smelly, after being worn so many times. URGH.

We saw something that made me miss mango during our trip. Its a weird looking fish which resembles Mango.

We went to the casino, but didn't have any luck :-(

And the weather is so cold during the night. Didn't have a nice sleep.

It was quite clear and not so foggy when we went back. CIS. NVM then, i shall come back when the it is not School Holiday.


zeroimpact said...

Yes, when the weather is not good then it's no fun
The snow house is really a fridge and the last time I went in there I took off the jacket and gloves
If you really want to go and try the rides then the best would be not during holidays or school holidays
However we are always human, if no people to push and yell with, then the fun is not really there
Don't you agree

Selba said...

I would like to visit Genting! Ok, next time when I visit Malaysia :)

What 1 hour queue for each game??? aiyooooo..... that long???

VampireM said...

:p i just came back from there.
was so foggy and cold... 14DegC, but shiok...
lost $ there :(

13th Panda said...

zeroimpact: I agree la, but hor, after q-ing so long, legs oso sore, no energy to push n yell liao..LOL

selba: Its visit Msia 2007!COME COME COME..don't come during school holidays ya..:-p

vampirem: *pat pat* You are not th eonly one SIGH

Simple American said...

You had a Murphy's Law day huh. Poor thing.

So was that a dog fish? :P

Winn said...


i like the breeze there. got go coffee bean ar?

or2ng3s said...

panda! i thought u dun wan return liao. =) next time we go together liao, sure lotsa fun!

13th Panda said...

Simple American: Ya, a bit. But then, at least i enjoyed the cable car ride. Although its scary..LOL..I don't know wat fish is that, but it really did rmeind me of Mango..LOL

winn: No ah...I don't drink coffee..HEHE..

Oren: I think2, must give it another chance time we go when its warmer and not foggy..LOL

Redsponge said...

giggle! been to this casino a few time, but hor have never win any $ le!!! khik!

13th Panda said...

redsponge : my dad won rm250 on 1st try on something like toto..CIS