Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

去年的今天, 我结婚了。时间过得真快。一瞬间,一年就这样过去了。

结婚后,刚开始时,有点不习惯。我还记得婚后第二天,回家拿东西时,我哭了。很奇怪,结婚当天我又没有哭。朋友还说我好像很紧张要嫁出去的样子。哈哈!我kinteo 吗。。。

结婚后,最不习惯没有吃到妈妈每天作的早点。过年时,也不习惯没和爸妈一起过。他们好像知道女儿嫁了,就是别人的了。过十五晚时,也到我叔叔哪里去。有时觉得他们好像好寂寞。弟弟又不在古晋。还好明年过年,弟弟有回来过。最惨的是结婚后我便胖了点。呜。。。 呜。。。 呜。。。


今晚,我和oink不去吃烛光晚餐。我跟他说总是吃,我要减肥!不要吃那么 heavy 的。所以今晚我们去唱k。哈哈!然后呢,去看戏。不错吧?


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Short-lived Happiness

The lower fuel price made me happy for a night..

its so happen that our dear gov lowers the fuel price for RM2 per litre.

its so happen that my wukui is thirsty..throat starts to feel dry liao

its so happen that I OT till quite late, near 7pm

its so happen that nearby got a SHELL station

so I go pump petrol..RM50 as usual.

WAH! First time see the fuel Indication is FULL. HAPPY.

usually Rm50 gives me 5 bars only.

For the whole route back, I didn't dare to step on the pedal too hard. Hoping that by the time I reach home, it will still be in the FULL state so I can take a photo. I think the cars behind me sure @(*#^#^@$#*&$@#*@# - ing me lo..

luckily wukui very guai, I manage to take this photo. HEEE

But so sad, the next morning, 1 bar gone, and the next next morning, another bar gone.

Got so fast ma? Or is it because I pump petrol at night, its cooler, so the petrol is like "denser"?

and the next morning, its get hotter, some of it may have evaporated, turns to GAS?ROFLL..

I don't know...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

WANTED : A surprise to the bride

Remember on my previous post, I talked about Leslie's surprise?

But first, must tell a bit story which leads to this surprise.

Leslie has been worried about the wedding games at the bride's house. He wanted to play the bride's party back as well.

And the only part that he can work at is when giving ang pau to open the door/ barrier/ whatever it is. And he thought of putting ALL COINS (rm99.90) into one red packet.

Then it suddenly struck me, why not not her a BIG CHEQUE, like those cheque given out when people won something. Instead of using RM, why not use own currency? can be romantic also ma..

He was excited about it, and that very night, he designed the cheque. And shall I say, its not bad at all! In fact its very very nice. He did more than I expected.

Come and see..

Not bad right?

ROFL, he said want to take photo like going into jail.

I made them take this photo :D . Practice first ma... Lets have a mock cheque presentation first.

Really funny.

Well, now that he's finally married. I wish them both happy forever and quick quick produce add-ons to the family. :D!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Lazy-lah to blog

Jin pai seh (hokkien). lately lazy bo eng to blog.

Everyday sure got something on. Something to occupy my time with.


watching Taiwan Series study my jlpt lvl 3 (WHICH I THINK I WILL FAIL..SIGH..I am doomed)

play pc game ok~~ I study while play..THE GRAMMAR PART so hard..SIGH..

House work

Shopping 'x' ehehe..we girls like to shop mah

I took some photos but don't have the mood to blog about it.

And tomorrow, my buddy Leslie are finally tying the knot. And i will be busy for the whole day tomorrow. It shall be fun! I am joining him as one of his "troop" to the bride's house and we prepared a surprise. Mwhehe..I can't wait!

Maybe i shall post about the surprise and the wedding after tomorrow.